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Wind energy, at what cost?

One Wisconsin group is trying to educate the public on the realities of wind energy. David Korinek with WINDCOWS (Wisconsin Independent Citizens Opposing Windturbine Sites) says they are not at all opposed to wind power. They are just looking for some responsible regulation and adequate setbacks from property lines.
11 Mar 2006

Wind farms need good regulations

If a NIMBY is someone who fights to protect health and safety, wind and property rights, property values, and tax dollars of the residence of this county, or if a NIMBY is someone concerned about the general welfare of neighbors, then yes, I am a NIMBY.
7 Mar 2006

Wind power problems? Just wave a few checks

A developer should show some degree of integrity and professionalism by educating the community. Show the community and citizens of the county its benefits and potential drawbacks. Waving checks to some, pitting neighbor against neighbor, sliding agendas through the back door sounds like bureaucratic bull we’re all fed up with.
21 Feb 2006

WE Energies Explains Windmill Farm Plan

Plans for a large windmill farm in Fond du Lac County drew mixed reviews. WE Energies says the $250 million project includes 88 wind turbines, each over 250 feet tall. The windmill farm would span hundreds of acres covering land in both the towns of Calumet and Marshfield, hovering over Highway 41, in the northeast corner of the county.
15 Feb 2006

Wind turbines threaten livelihoods

You people on the town board who have signed contracts with the wind company need to resign as your presence on the board is now a conflict of interest. You were elected to manage roads and provide services like garbage pickup, not going door-to-door selling for the wind company.
12 Feb 2006

Wind energy bad choice for Monroe County

In my opinion as a realtor and architect, the true asset in Monroe County is to develop a recreational industry. With its location close to Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, Wisconsin Dells, and the Mississippi River, and with the beautiful bluffs, ridges, and picturesque valleys inhabited by Amish settlements, this area has the potential to attract weekend tourists and vacationers, bringing business and employment to thousands of county residents and enterprises. This potential will be lost by the construction of wind turbines, which will pollute the landscape with towers and power lines.
16 Jan 2006
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