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EPA rules add expense

"We're trying to develop the technology. It is extremely expensive," said Tim Mallan, APCo manager of environmental affairs. Most of the rate hikes customers have seen in recent years resulted from the costs of federal mandates, APCo spokesman Todd Burns said. When new regulations make it more expensive to use carbon- rich coal, "that has an effect on rates," Burns said.
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Virginia next in line for wind farms?

Virginia officials asked the department to consider allowing turbines off its coast after receiving two unsolicited proposals last year. One of the interested parties is French company AREVA, which builds wind turbines in Germany and plans to build nuclear reactor parts in Virginia.
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Sierra Club supports wind farm; official resigns in protest

By a 4-2 vote Wednesday, the executive committee of the Sierra Club's Roanoke chapter voted to conditionally endorse a plan to build up to 18 turbines on Roanoke County's tallest mountain. Shortly afterward, Vice Chairwoman Holly Hartman resigned in protest, complaining that the group's leadership stifled dissenting opinions during four months of deliberation.
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Area wind farm would improve health, group says

Support from the coalition is contingent on the developers obtaining approval from regulatory agencies that include the Federal Aviation Administration and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. Some residents of Poor Mountain have voiced concerns.
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State holds hearings on offshore energy

Nearly everyone agrees that some form of offshore energy will help bring much needed jobs to Virginia. ...There is particular interest in energy off the coast of Virginia but environmentalists, and the U.S. Navy, have some concerns. The Navy is worried wind towers and oil rigs could interfere with radar facilities as well as training exercises.
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BP remains a player in Wise County wind project

Even while British Petroleum (BP) is up to its corporate neck in the oil-stained waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the company's wind energy wing continues to explore the prospects of building wind farms in Wise and Tazewell counties along with its partner, Virginia Dominion Power.
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BP remains a player in Wise County wind project

Even while British Petroleum (BP) is up to its corporate neck in the oil-stained waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the company’s wind energy wing continues to explore the prospects of building wind farms in Wise and Tazewell counties along with its partner, Virginia Dominion Power.
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Board rejects Appalachian bid on wind

Appalachian, a subsidiary of American Electric Power, had requested commission approval for contracts to purchase electricity generated by two separate wind farms -- Beech Ridge in West Virginia and Grand Ridge in Illinois. Appalachian relies primarily on coal-fired power plants to generate the electricity it sells.
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Wind power: High cost, little gain

On Jan. 27, county staff gave the Rockingham County Board of Supervisors a draft of a new zoning ordinance, which, if approved, would give a special use permit to two wind companies. The companies, Solaya Inc. out of Massachusetts and Dominion Utility out of Richmond, want to put large wind turbines on a private mountaintop near Criders. There are a number of problems with wind farms.
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Wind farm proposal discussed

The winds of change met voices of opposition Wednesday night, when Don Giecek, Invenergy's business development manager, pitched a plan for a wind farm to a crowd of 60 Bent Mountain-area residents at the local fire and rescue station. Invenergy wants to build 15 turbines on Poor Mountain and sell their power to Appalachian Power Co.
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Future of Tazewell wind farm looks bleak

A proposed wind farm project might be dead in Tazewell County. The future looks bleak for the project after the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 Tuesday to prohibit development of tall structures on the county's scenic ridgelines. "I think this proposed tall structure construction carries with it too much public controversy and too little public revenue," said Supervisor Mike Hymes, who cast the deciding vote on a divided board.
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County supervisors differ on turbines

County Supervisors Differ On Turbines The move to harness wind energy in Albemarle County hit a hurdle Wednesday night. County supervisors agreed to support wind turbines in theory but differed over the details. Turbine supporters say there's plenty to gain. It's not a point supervisors debated, instead they went back and forth over details on where exactly is the right spot to build them.
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‘Gone with the Windmills:' Tazewell County wrestles with wind power

The area is currently divided over a proposed wind energy project along East River Mountain in Tazewell County stretching from Bluefield to Springville. Not surprisingly, the project has strong sentiment on both sides. ...Because of its negatives wind power was not considered a serious method of producing electricity; fossil fuels are far superior ...[but given the] fear of global catastrophe, wind, solar and other green sources have gained an undeserved degree of credibility and importance.
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Get rational about Appalachian wind energy; The harm is greater than the good

It was only a few years ago that habitat loss was front and center among causes for concern about the future well-being of the American ecological landscape. Not much has changed to allay this concern; sprawling development continues, and the alteration and loss of natural habitat is largely unchecked. What has changed is the focus of many mainstream environmental organizations. Concerns about the projected future effects of climate change have taken precedence over the immediate and observable effects of habitat loss.
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Tilting at wind farms

The developers of a wind farm in Highland County will be required today to appear before the State Corporation Commission -- again. This time opponents claim that the wind mills, finally under construction, might be seen from the site of a Civil War skirmish. Even if the swooping blades are visible a mile or two away at Camp Allegheny, that isn't cause to halt the project. This objection has been raised before -- and addressed before.
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Windmills generate more questions

The boiling Tazewell County windmill controversy may turn into steam where it will either evaporate or become superheated. The Town of Bluefield, Va.'s tall structures ordinance would only affect those structures (including windmills) proposed to be erected within the area of the town's jurisdiction. There is another matter or two that needs to be given some thought. The town apparently has jurisdiction to the apex of the ridgeline but no jurisdiction south of that ridgeline in Tazewell County or Bland County.
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Inspector finds extensive deficiencies in wind plans

Protecting Laurel Fork and its watershed has been a top priority for landowners near where 19 towers are under construction on Allegheny Mountain. This week, that appears to be also true for the state's Department of Conservation and Recreation, which is assisting Highland officials in getting Highland New Wind Development to comply with Erosion and Sediment control regulations.
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Familiar territory in Tazewell: Board back to wind, air

Members of the Citizens for Environmental Independence urged the county Board of Supervisors to approve a large-scale wind turbine project for East River Mountain, and School Superintendent Dr. Brenda Lawson asked the board Tuesday for permission to use $1.4 million in remaining “soft cost funds” for meeting the remaining financial obligations for heating and air upgrades at five elementary schools.
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