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The Doctor Is In...

If your elected representatives decide to industrialize rural Vermont, that is fine and well - but it should be done with the same care and diligence that governs other sources of industrial noise. Airports no longer operate at night, and major highways that come close to where people live are built with sound barriers. Surely a tax-supported, lucrative business venture such as industrial wind can step up to the plate.
19 May 2010

Wind opponents want moratorium for health studies

Albany residents Shirley and Don Nelson would like the state to impose a moratorium on wind farm development until more studies are done on potential health problems. The Nelsons have been strong opponents to the proposed wind turbine farm in Lowell. The Nelsons live in Lowell on the eastern side of the mountain range.
13 May 2010

Wind turbines will harm health according to doctor

A doctor who has studied the health effects of a commercial wind power project in northern Maine brought his conclusion to the State House Friday morning, May 7. "There is absolutely no doubt that people living within 3,500 feet of a ridge line arrangement of 1.5 megawatts or larger turbines in a rural environment will suffer negative effects."
12 May 2010

Hospital hosts wind debate

The public got two very different views on the potential health risks posed by wind farms during a forum Thursday night at Rutland Regional Medical Center. About 100 people turned out for the forum, which was sponsored by the hospital and held in the CVPS/Leahy Community Health Education Center. Wind power has been a local point of contention.
7 May 2010

Physicians to discuss turbine health impacts

Opponents of large wind turbines claim living too close to the structures poses a number of potential health hazards. The industry's boosters have called such claims overblown and asserted that no good research supports them. Energize Vermont, a group created out of opposition to a proposed wind farm in Ira, organized the forum during which Dr. Michael Nissenbaum and Dr. Robert McCunney will discuss the claims.
5 May 2010

A sound policy for wind power in Vt.?

Whether they're called wind farms or industrial wind generating plants, these industrial developments have caused divisiveness and controversy in every community in Vermont where they have been proposed. Because electricity generation has special legal status for land use regulations, industrial wind projects are being sited in areas where other industrial developments would never be allowed.
25 Apr 2010

What happened in Lowell

What has happened is the color green. There have been some well intentioned folks that have had their vision clouded by money. Industrial wind is not about electricity. It is about power! The power of money! Green Mountain Power came to Lowell and conducted an expensive political campaign to get good people to say yes to allow GMP make money from destroying our ridge line by installing 440-foot monsters on our ridge line!
19 Apr 2010

Health effects must be studied

The intersection of health and renewable energy is a brand new area of medical inquiry that must be studied. To say that no further study of the issues is necessary as the AWEA-CANWEA authors did is shameful. The precautionary principle must be applied to projects that have the potential of worsening our lives. I and others will continue to work unceasingly on issues we believe in.
1 Feb 2010

Wind turbines indeed noisy

We drove right up to the turbines on a very wide access road. Those turbines were loud! I've heard industry experts claim that a turbine is no noisier than a refrigerator. It makes me want to shout, "You lie!" as is in vogue these days. I can tell you from first-hand experience, industrial wind turbines are loud, and when you line up a bunch of them in a row, they are very loud.
22 Jan 2010

Like Chinese water torture

There has been much discussion lately about industrial wind power on Vermont's mountains. The Lempster, N.H., turbine site is often used as an example of a typical wind tower site, especially after Green Mountain Power's Dec. 5 bus trip for Lowell residents. I am a Vermont resident, but I have an insider's perspective of the Lempster site. I own two pieces of land on Lempster Mountain, one of which has been in my family for over 70 years.
20 Jan 2010

Wind tower neighbor bought out for health reasons

Barbara Ashbee-Lormand traveled from central Ontario to central Vermont in late October to a discussion of an industrial wind turbine development proposed for the town of Ira, organized by Vermonters for a Clean Environment. She's a rare figure in the debate over the effects big wind towers have on people. She's one of only two homeowners that a major wind company, Canadian Hydro Developers, has conceded it bought out because of their complaints that the huge gadgets proved to be impossible to live with.
22 Dec 2009

The Lowell wind development

My husband and I spent the holiday weekend in the NEK. We love the unique beauty and serenity present only in the NEK. This is the year we planned to purchase our dream home in Albany to spend our retirement years living in this unspoiled part of the world. Sadly, our dreams were shattered. Shortly after finding our dream home, our realtor informed us about the proposed Lowell wind development on the Lowell ridge lines.
16 Dec 2009

A message from Mars Hill

There are 18 families who live under a mile and downwind of the Mars Hill wind project who have been negatively impacted by these massive turbines. We all want for people to understand what is at stake when turbines move into your community. The 28, GE 1.5 megawatt turbines here in Mars Hill have destroyed a way of life that many have cherished for generations. It is an industrial facility that covers over 3 miles. It has destroyed wildlife habitat, breathtaking views, and property values. It has forever scarred the mountain. It has disturbed streams, ponds and wetlands. Safety issues with ice throw, risks of fire and tower collapse are all things that neighbors have to consider.
5 Nov 2009

Wind towers discussed at West Rutland meeting

Two speakers said wind towers need to be a safe distance from homes and another said they do not need to be in Vermont during a forum Thursday. Vermonters for a Clean Environment organized the meeting at West Rutland Town Hall in light of the proposal of Vermont Community Wind Farm to build an 80-megawatt development in and around Ira. VCE executive director Annette Smith moderated the meeting.
23 Oct 2009

Windmills: an icon of good or evil?

Sitting shoulder to shoulder in the portrait room at the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center, community members listened intently to panelists before engaging in a somewhat heated debate about windmills and nature. Lights were dimmed as images emerged of Don Quixote's jousting windmills and of dead bats to illustrate the wind-energy debate. The presentation, titled "Windmills: Viewed through the lens of art, science, and animal impact" included panelists Patrick Marold, Thomas Tailer and Scott Darling in this culminating event of a three-part series, "The Energy Project Vermont," a partnership between ECHO and Burlington City Arts with the support of University of Vermont.
11 Oct 2009
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