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Wind developer loses battle

Encore pulled the application for the Grand View Farm turbine and announced it would no longer pursue a second turbine closer to the Canadian border. Encore then asked for a two-year extension of the commissioning milestone in hopes of reapplying for approval next year. The Public Service Board refused.
27 Jun 2012

Brock takes issue with Shumlin's renewable energy policies

"I'm concerned by the large amount of land that has to be bulldozed and opened up in order to get these towers up to the top of the mountains," Brock said. "People don't come to Vermont to look at wind towers with lights with noise and with all the associated issues that go along with them." Brock is also concerned about the economics of these projects.
1 Jun 2012

VEC CEO:Future big wind projects costly

The head of Vermont Electric Cooperative says the boom in U.S. discoveries of natural gas will keep electricity prices low and put the brakes on more large wind projects in the Northeast Kingdom. That's unless Vermont forces utilities to buy more renewable local electricity, says Dave Hallquist, VEC chief executive officer.
29 Dec 2011

Sheffield's gain is our loss

The townspeople of Sheffield are conducting meetings to decide what to do with the $500,000 annual windfall that First Wind will pay their town from revenues derived from the newly opened wind farm. That was the bribe from First Wind to kill opposition to 16 of their heavily subsidized, 400-foot-tall wind towers.
7 Nov 2011

Gorillas, Ghosts and Greed

If the merger is approved, GMP and its parent company, Montréal-based Gaz Métro, would control roughly 70 percent of the state's electric wholesale, retail and distribution markets. "No one is likely to examine it with the healthy skepticism and independence necessary in a deal of this significance to the state," Burak told Fair Game.
19 Oct 2011

Tilting at Turbines

"The governor is free to make deals," said Wright. "But his appointees also have an oath to protect the natural resources of the state." Wright said Vermont is destroying tens of thousands of years of geological history to make room for one short-term power project ...Where are the environmental groups, Wright asks. "Why aren't they acting with outrage that these mountains are being blasted away into rubble?"
27 Jul 2011
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