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Truck carrying explosives overturns in Sheffield

Sheffield-Wheelock Fire Chief Marc Brown examines a blasting company truck that slid-off New Duck Pond Road in Sheffield Monday while a passing highway department truck sands the slippery roadway. A truck carrying 18,000 pounds of explosive material went off New Duck Pond Road in Sheffield and rolled over Monday morning.
7 Dec 2010

Clarendon panel to join airport board

An airport zoning commission will be charged with the task of creating regulations to address safety issues surrounding the Rutland Southern Vermont Regional Airport. ...The decision to create the commission was sparked by Vermont Community Wind Farm's plans for an 80-megawatt industrial wind operation that would include installation of 40 wind turbines on ridgelines in Clarendon, Ira and other towns.
21 Dec 2009

Caution on wind turbines

A lot of publicity about wind farms has been reported lately but there has been a notable lack of publicity about continuing failures at Searsburg, as well as other areas throughout the country. ...It should be noted that their touted life expectancy is speculative and not substantiated since so very few [turbines] have been operating for even 10 years.
14 Apr 2009

Searsburg windmill collapses

There are 11 wind turbines at Green Mountain Power's Searsburg wind facility but recently one of them suffered a setback when its nacelle (or wind turbine gearbox) collapsed in high wind conditions. ...On Monday, September 15, a blade on turbine number 10 came in contact with the tower. The chain reaction caused it to buckle and it crashed to the ground, scattering debris several hundred feet from the structure. No individuals were hurt when the nacelle collapsed. However the nacelle leaked 40 gallons of hydraulic oil on the site.
23 Oct 2008

Strong wind destroys Searsburg wind turbine

A blade on one of the Searsburg wind power turbines flew off during a recent windstorm, hitting the tower the turbine sits on and destroying it. It is unclear when, or even if, the nonfunctioning turbine will be back to full capacity. It was one of 11 that make up the Searsburg project owned by Green Mountain Power. "We had some really strong winds coming through," said GMP spokeswoman Dorothy Schnure. "A blade failed and struck the tower."
15 Oct 2008
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