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Sheffield voter says: Big wind, a lot of hot air

There are 727 people here including children. Half of our people have not voted, and non-voting residents and property owners were not allowed to express their opinion in the polls. Just over 200 people voted. Nearly 100 said no. This multimillion-dollar corporation had to hire the services of a public relations firm from Burlington to force a message through that they failed to do on their own merits.
15 Dec 2005

A Good Move

The recent vote in Sheffield in favor of wind towers proves the point. While the majority of opinion across the NEK opposes the denigration of our ridge lines, individual towns, sensing a rescue from rising taxes, can be inveigled to accept wind farms that industrialize our ridge lines to the detriment of surrounding towns and citizens. It is highly unlikely, though, that the general population, given a chance to vote yes or no on dozens of the monster towers and fans, would approve of them.
15 Dec 2005

German Experiences with Wind Power

"In order to guarantee reliable electricity supplies when wind farms produce little or no power,e.g. during periods of calm or storm-related shutdowns, traditional power station capacities must be available as a reserve. This means that wind farms can only replace traditional power station capacities to a limited degree."
11 Dec 2005

Gold rush of wind won't pan out

Industrialized wind is the current "gold rush" for big energy, and like every gold rush, we'll be left with ghost towns, broken promises and tainted landscapes. Why would we rape our vistas, kill migrating birds, disrupt wildlife habitat, create visual and noise pollution, and destroy our children's heritage without investigating other options? Why are we ignoring conservation? The answer is simple: follow the money.
7 Dec 2005

Wind Power And The Public's Interest

Let's just change the names of where the wind power companies want to put their towers from East Haven Mountain, Hardscrabble Mountain, Granby Mountain, Libby Hill, Norris Mountain and the Lowell Mountain Range, to Burke Mountain, Jay Peak, Mount Mansfield, Camel's Hump, Killington Mountain and Mount Equinox. How much of a possibility of municipal approval of scores of 400-foot wind towers on those ridge lines do you think the wind power companies would get? We suspect they would have two chances - slim and none.
1 Dec 2005


Now, a sign in the center of Sheffield reads, "Real Vermonters Can't Be Bought." Perhaps the developers from Massachusetts had failed to realize this difference between the two states.
30 Nov 2005

Public disinformation

The process is under the control of the developers and, to a lesser extent, state bureaucrats. Developers, with big bucks, pull no stops to get what they want. Some state bureaucrats see only "more taxes," while others want to feed the unsatiable power desires of growing population bases, such as in Chittenden County. And few state officials care at all about "us poor, ignorant folks" in rural areas of Vermont.
30 Nov 2005

Need better answers

There are no answers about what happens when this project is at the end of its useful life and how it will be dismantled. If the answer "I don't know, but we will take care of it" was a home run, UPC would be batting 1,000.
30 Nov 2005

Pathetic solutions

The motivating force for wind development is simple! MONEY! The huge amounts of federal government incentives such as subsidies, accelerated depreciation and green energy credits add up to millions of dollars for the wind developer.
30 Nov 2005

Town to have its say on wind development

Whether the vote, which is nonbinding, has any influence on the proposed project is another question....The town selectboard has said it will respect the decision. The wind developer has made no such commitment. And the Public Service Board, which would ultimately approve or reject the project, is not bound by a town vote, although it could take it into consideration.
30 Nov 2005
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