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Obvious nonsense

Wind power does not respond to demand. It may or may not be there when needed.... We will therefore need as much other electricity sources with wind as we would without.... It is not just unnecessary but offensive to entertain industrial-scale development of the ridgelines, with strobe lights and noise and ecological degradation that far surpasses anything now on the mountains, for such obvious nonsense.
7 Jan 2006

Douglas opposes wind farm on Little Equinox

MANCHESTER - During his visit for the Northshire Day School ribbon cutting ceremony, Governor James Douglas said he does not support construction of the five-turbine commercial wind farm proposed at Little Equinox Mountain here in Manchester.
5 Jan 2006

Wind towers vs. birds and bats – information is controversial

My viewpoint was, and still is, that the huge towers (260 feet high), gigantic blades (add another 150 feet), blinking strobe lights, permanent removal of wind-hindering vegetation, and highly visible road and transmission infrastructures are totally inappropriate for wild, undeveloped, scenic and highly visible settings. And I said I thought that opponents should focus on those issues, as well as the small return in electricity for the massive public price paid, aesthetically and otherwise, and should perhaps stay away from the issue of bird mortality caused by the rapidly spinning blades. The jury is still out on that, I said, and conventional wisdom is that vastly more birds are killed by high-rise windows and free-running cats......Well, so much for conventional wisdom. Editor's Note This opinion piece was written in response to a letter received from Lisa Linowes that is available via the link below.
4 Jan 2006

Enormous wind towers a poor power choice

This battle has been fought for decades, first with the billboard campaign, again with the "ridgeline" highway campaign, and now with enormous industrial turbines. In our hearts we believe the Legislature and the governor will protect our state's beauty and our heritage as our forefathers, legislators and governors before us.
1 Jan 2006

Industrial Wind Tops News From NEK In 2005

In December, Gov. Jim Douglas joined the ranks of those opposed to commercial wind farms on ridge lines, saying the huge structures are not compatible with Vermont's image. Specifically, he said he does not support the proposed UPC Vermont Wind project with 26 398-foot turbines planned for ridges in Sheffield and Sutton.
30 Dec 2005

Selling out: A different shade of green

In this season of hope and reflection, a time to give thanks for our treasures and consider helping those less fortunate - I would urge us all to pause a moment, look around and appreciate the beauty of this community and consider protecting and preserving the natural green space we have left. Resist the temptation for that 'greedier shade of green'!
30 Dec 2005

Ridge Protectors showed courage was the Sheffield people who voted "no" who have done their homework. The yes votes came from people who would sell out their town and the NEK in hopes that UPC's corporate welfare would trickle down to them and pay their taxes.
26 Dec 2005

MIT team analyzes wind energy potential in Northeast

There's more to determining the value of wind power than knowing which way the wind blows -- or even how hard. MIT researchers studying winds off the Northeast coast have found that estimating the potential environmental benefits from wind and other renewables requires a detailed understanding of the dynamics of both renewable resources and conventional power generation. Data show that wind-energy facilities would generate far more electricity in winter, because that's when winds are strongest. But the need for electricity is greatest in summer, when air conditioners are going full blast.
21 Dec 2005

Don't ignore the experience of others

The subsidies for wind are a misuse of public money. The "benefits" from industrial wind are a fantasy and an escape from our energy problems. For me, believing that industrial wind will solve our energy problems is a little like believing the Tooth Fairy will pay my heating bills this winter.
15 Dec 2005

Sheffield voter says: Big wind, a lot of hot air

There are 727 people here including children. Half of our people have not voted, and non-voting residents and property owners were not allowed to express their opinion in the polls. Just over 200 people voted. Nearly 100 said no. This multimillion-dollar corporation had to hire the services of a public relations firm from Burlington to force a message through that they failed to do on their own merits.
15 Dec 2005

A Good Move

The recent vote in Sheffield in favor of wind towers proves the point. While the majority of opinion across the NEK opposes the denigration of our ridge lines, individual towns, sensing a rescue from rising taxes, can be inveigled to accept wind farms that industrialize our ridge lines to the detriment of surrounding towns and citizens. It is highly unlikely, though, that the general population, given a chance to vote yes or no on dozens of the monster towers and fans, would approve of them.
15 Dec 2005
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