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Letter to state rep about wind power

My state representative, Lucy Leriche, got back to me about my concern about her vote at the Northeast Kingdom Caucus meeting last week in favor of industrial development of our ridgelines. She clarified her position, which seems to be "trust the Public Service Board." I wrote back to her and clarified mine.
14 Feb 2006

Wind makes little difference

It is unreasonable to expect wind energy to make a meaningful contribution to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, given wind's unreliability and the consequent need to meet increasing power needs with reliable capacity. We would be better served by focusing on clean coal. The technology exists to clean coal today and that would make a meaningful difference. The proliferation of wind turbines will not.
10 Feb 2006

Group says wind energy will not meet Bush's objectives

National Wind Watch, Inc., an organization based in Rowe, Mass., dedicated to providing the facts about wind energy, welcomed President Bush's state-of-the-union call to become less reliant on foreign oil for America's energy needs. The organization agrees advances in technology are essential, but warns further appropriations for wind energy would be a distraction from Bush's defined energy objectives.
10 Feb 2006

Learn the facts, senator

Illuzzi suggests that instate generation would be cheaper for our manufacturers and that it would save money for ratepayers. Perhaps he hasn’t heard that countries in the world with large wind plants are finding their rates are constantly rising, notably in Denmark and Germany.
9 Feb 2006

Energy solution more than wind

Should Vermont proceed on its own now, scar its ridgelines with industrial development and major road construction (as would be required by the Glebe Mountain proposal) in the belief that we would be doing "our part" in the effort to combat global warming? I think not —
6 Feb 2006
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