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Jury convicts Lowell Wind protesters of trespassing charges

And protester Robert Holland said he thought the state was wrong to bring charges to begin with. ...He's referring to pending civil litigation between the property owners which has yet to decide where the boundary line lies between the land GMP leased, and the Nelson farm where protesters claim they were arrested.
15 Aug 2012

Wind company applies for 3 test towers

A multinational company has formally asked the state for permission to erect three test towers that could be a precursor to Windham County's first commercial wind turbines. ...the town's plan bans large, commercial wind turbines.
10 Aug 2012

Protestors block crane path at Lowell Wind project

"This is not about stopping the project," Wright says, acknowledging that construction will inevitably continue at the 21-turbine wind development. "This is about stopping other projects that are as ill- thought-out and land abusive - projects that really don't do anything for climate change action."
6 Aug 2012

Protesters block trucks at Lowell Mountain

Protesters lined up across a crane path leading to Green Mountain Power's Lowell wind project, blocking trucks from accessing the construction site. ...Orleans County Sheriff Kirk Martin said his department, which recently had half its fleet of vehicles decimated allegedly by a man on a tractor, said ...the Lamoille County Sheriff's Department was checking in on the protest.
6 Aug 2012

Residents' heartfelt words mean little in wind-tower approval process

The subject of this public hearing: Whether a New Hampshire company should be allowed to put up wind-measuring devices, known as met towers, atop Hawk Rock in Newark and on three mountains in nearby communities. The company has said it hopes eventually to erect as many as 35 commercial wind turbines on the ridgelines of Newark, Brighton and Ferdinand.
22 Jul 2012

Shumlin Defends Lowell Wind

Shumlin stated that he listened to both sides and met with industrial wind opponents in Montpelier to hear their views. "An eight-minute meeting with a few people in your office is hardly engaging in a dialogue. Coming to the Town Offices and driving through town is not the same thing as going to the site and talking to neighbors in their homes," said Snelling.
21 Jul 2012

Newark residents unite against big wind

There was nearly universal skepticism or outright opposition to locating the MET tower (meteorological measurement tower) in a forest off Route 114 adjacent to a sheer rock cliff known as Hawk Rock. Only one person spoke in support of allowing the installation of the meteorological station in Newark.
20 Jul 2012

Lowell Wind: Attorneys will quiz jurors in big wind case

Attorneys in the Lowell wind trespassing case will ask potential jurors today for their opinions about industrial-sized wind projects. Judge Martin Maley on Thursday morning also gave permission to the defense attorney for the "Lowell Six" protesters and the deputy state's attorney to challenge up to 13 potential jurors.
19 Jul 2012

NRG Systems implements second round of layoffs

Abby White, manager of corporate communications, said the layoffs were in response to a wind industry that is in "dire straits" because of uncertainty surrounding a production tax credit stalled in Congress. The tax credit, which goes to wind farm developers based on their production of electricity, expires at the end of the year.
18 Jul 2012

Protesters block highway at Lowell wind project site

"There were some tense moments," said Steve Wright of Craftsbury, and one of the protest leaders. "The state police were extremely helpful and cordial, if you can use these words in this situation. There are some frustrated people who feel they haven't been listened to on this issue."
17 Jul 2012

Wind protest at Lowell sparks two arrests

By 9 a.m., more than 100 protestors had flocked to the roadside. Wright was among the first to step out into the road, carrying a Vermont state flag, and he was quickly followed by Powsner and his younger brother, 21-year-old Jacob Powsner. "I was feeling frustration and anger, and that I was left with nothing else to do but a symbolic act," Wright says.
16 Jul 2012

Wind turbines met with storm of protests

As protesters were winding down, they chanted, "Governor Shumlin, do you hear us now?" Several protesters said the ridgelines are being destroyed and they don't want it to happen again. Green Mountain Power (GMP) is in the midst of constructing a 21-tower, industrial size, wind turbine farm on Lowell Mountain.
16 Jul 2012

Wind currents

Increasingly, however, it seems that people have made up their minds about wind. A large wind farm - with 20 or 200 large turbines - may fit well on the open plains of Texas, the Palouse of Washington state or the coast of Denmark. The close, intimate, untrammeled landscape of Vermont is not such a good fit. That is the message that wind developers are hearing. In the end their money may not do the trick.
15 Jul 2012

Windham residents wary of wind

Annette Smith of Vermonters for a Clean Environment and Lukas Snelling of Energize Vermont warned townspeople to be wary of commercial wind development. Smith, who has been working closely with wind opponents in several Northeast Kingdom towns, said the towers bring noise problems, negative effects on wildlife, and destruction of formerly undeveloped ridgelines.
13 Jul 2012

Windham says no to wind

The specter of much larger wind turbines loomed over Wednesday's meeting. Boyer started her closing remarks by producing two models showing the possible size of a turbine compared with the height of the town's meeting house. She pointed out that the town's wind power ban stems from clear opposition to an earlier proposal to place turbines on Glebe Mountain.
12 Jul 2012

Solar, wind power bans in the Town?

As the Public Service Board's hearing on a proposed solar farm took place just a few miles away, town selectboard members were voicing their opinions about alternative energy. Solar and wind farms were not getting a warm reception and an amendment to the St. Albans Town Master Plan reflecting that sentiment will soon be drafted.
12 Jul 2012
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