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Wind park lawsuit filed

The CUP required that the project developers take steps – “as much as possible” – to mitigate the impact of the project on surrounding property owners. Concerns that were mentioned include the impact of flicker from the shadow of the giant blades, the red aviation warning lights, and the noise from the spinning blades.
14 Jan 2016

Another perspective on the Latigo Wind Farm

In the almost four decades I’ve lived in southeast Utah, I would be hard-pressed to think of another project that will alter the once familiar physical landscape in such an extreme way. Re-aligning and paving Utah Highway 95, back in the 1970s, from Blanding to Hanksville might be one example. Or the copper mine in Lisbon Valley. ...They’ll [the turbines] be visible from La Sal, Utah and along much of US 191 from Moab to Monticello. ...They may even be visible along parts of Interstate 70, eighty miles to the north, especially at night.
14 Oct 2015

Open meeting laws ignored by Planning & Zoning Chairman

When a citizen in the audience reminded Chairman Hadenfeldt of the public hearing law she stated that because it was a judicial hearing no one but sPower would be allowed to provide any testimony or other informatio ...The problem is that the planning and zoning board is part of the legislative branch which has no judicial authority. 
14 Sep 2015

Utah’s latest wind farm might be its last — if it even gets off the ground

But the project is again encountering stiff headwinds and political turbulence, this time stemming from a competitor and a group of landowners who say Latigo's county permits are invalid. A group calling itself the Northern Monticello Alliance says the project would destroy its property values, the new developer is shirking mitigation requirements, and the conditional-use permit issued by San Juan County three years ago expired long before work began in July.
8 Sep 2015

Group appeals Latigo wind farm permit

The protest seeks to rescind a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) which was issued for the wind park in July, 2012. ...The protest to the CUP states that the permit expired after one year and is no longer in effect. They add that changes were made to the project outside of the scope of the CUP.
26 Aug 2015

Some disturbing facts behind those ‘renewable’ wind turbines

Vast acreages of land are being earmarked for the development of wind and solar projects. These aren’t mom & pop proposals to build rooftop panels or small windmills; instead, they are being planned and constructed on a scale that should stagger the sensibilities of anyone with an environmental conscience.  It represents the wholesale destruction of vast areas of the West. ...the subsequent environmental damage  cannot be understated. And yet suddenly, environmentalists don’t seem to notice...or care.
29 Jul 2015

Utah wind power poised to increase

Sophie Hayes, staff attorney with Utah Clean Energy, was embroiled in complicated pricing controversy involving Rocky Mountain Power, the wind developers and consumer advocates that was decided in part late last summer. The decision paved the way for inked agreements for the development of two projects in the Monticello area in San Juan County and two other wind farms in Delta.
19 Apr 2014

Proposed wind farm causes controversy among Monticello residents

The turbine closest to town would be about a mile from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Monticello temple. Some wind towers might be within a half mile of some property lines at the northern of town, but Wasatch Wind said the closest city boundary will be approximately three-fourths of a mile from the nearest turbine.
13 Oct 2012

Arcing power lines cited as cause of major Utah wildfire

Deputy Utah Fire Marshal Troy Mills says high winds either caused crossing wires to touch or come close enough to spark, sending a surge to the ground and igniting grass. The Wood Hollow Fire burned 75 square miles, or about 47,000 acres, and destroyed more than 100 structures besides homes. It was 100% contained July 2.
12 Jul 2012

Wind energy firm declares bankruptcy

As recently as November, 2011, officials were hopeful that a major project could be completed as soon as the end of 2012. However, a bankruptcy filing and concerns about the financial viability of the project have put everything on hold.
1 Feb 2012
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