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Power Authority Charts West's Course

At the halfway point between the West Coast energy crisis of 2001 and the next major electricity contract renewal year of 2011, a federal power marketing agency is proposing a policy change that could affect rates in the Pacific Northwest for generations and become a national model for energy development. Northwest hydropower is one of the cheapest energy resources in the nation - about half the current market rate for electricity. The Bonneville Power Administration - which sells power in all of Washington, Oregon and Idaho and parts of California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and Montana - announced this summer it wants to change the way it charges utilities for its wholesale power, to keep rates low.
25 Sep 2006

Life not a breeze for wind farms - But falling production costs fuel optimism at Utah's Wasatch Wind

SPANISH FORK — An embattled wind farm development set to begin construction next year in Spanish Fork may serve as a microcosm for the future of wind energy in Utah and across the nation. The farm, a project of Utah-based Wasatch Wind, will be the state's first commercial wind farm. It already has been delayed after citizens in Spanish Fork requested that it be moved farther from homes, to a site at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon. Finding investors was difficult, and the looming expiration date on a state tax credit, on which the project depends, promises an arduous battle still ahead as supporters work to get the credit restored. Like the wind power industry as a whole, the Wasatch Wind project has weathered the early storm and is poised to move forward but remains shrouded in lingering questions
17 Sep 2006

Spanish Fork OKs windmills

Spanish Fork's City Council approved re-wording its zoning ordinance last week to allow wind farms in industrial areas. However, Wasatch Winds company president Tracy Livingston says he can't have a successful wind farm without renewable energy tax credits, even though all 18.9 megawatts of wind power have been purchased by Rocky Mountain Power, formerly Utah Power. And Utah no longer has the tax credits.
25 Jul 2006

Canyon wind farm approved

In addition to having the first full-scale wind farm in Utah, Thomas said the city will benefit from the lease payments and the schools will benefit from the property taxes.
21 Jun 2006

Power Usage Up Throughout Utah

Air conditioning uses a lot more energy. Non-industrial energy use has gone up a solid 1.7 percent a year, but peak load power demand in the heart of the summer is rising at 5 percent annually.
19 May 2006

Deal would move planned wind farm

SPANISH FORK — Residents, developers and city officials in Spanish Fork are inching closer to a mutual agreement that would relocate a planned wind farm that has generated the ire of homeowners near the area where it was originally planned to be built.
8 Mar 2006

Wind farm project on hold in S.F.

After a heated string of presentations, the Spanish Fork City Council held off making any decisions Tuesday night on the future of a wind farm project in the city until other options are considered.
22 Feb 2006

Wind farm could face delay

SPANISH FORK - A slow-moving project to create Utah's first wind farm could grind to a halt this spring. A group of residents unimpressed with the idea of 300-foot-high turbines whirling overhead at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon will ask the City Council next week for a six-month moratorium on the project.
17 Feb 2006

Citizens seek moratorium on Wind Farm Towers

It wasn't a selfish case of N.I.M.B.Y. - the "Not In My Back Yard" syndrome -- that inspired Aaron Fisher and a couple of other Spanish Fork residents to rise to the podium at the February 7, 2006 City Council meeting and state their case against wind towers. The concerned property owners just wanted to take pause, investigate what it is that Wasatch Wind, LLC is building in the Spanish Fork Canyon and get community approval to continue with the testing of the 82 meter meteorological tower which Wasatch Wind has installed to verify wind speeds.
16 Feb 2006
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