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Does Wisconsin have too many power plants?

A new report by the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance says the construction of new power plants in the state in recent years has driven up electrical rates, created excess capacity just when the recession was reducing demand, and eliminated the state's competitive edge as one of the nation's cheapest places to buy power.
10 Nov 2010

Cheap or clean? The energy dilemma

The recession has had a significant effect on renewable energy projects like wind farms. But it is not only wind energy that is suffering. As prices for conventional energy decline, so does interest in energy conservation and in nuclear plants, experts say.
9 Nov 2010

Cap and trade could hike electricity rate

Electricity rates could increase 1 percent annually until 2020 for residential customers and 2 to 2.5 percent for industrial customers, said Mike Sims, generation manager for the electric utility. The average residential customer pays $70 each month for electricity. "It's going to definitely increase our costs," Sims said.
9 Nov 2010

Matt Patrick seeks to redirect advocacy

State Rep. Cleon Turner, a Democrat who won a fourth term against Republican challenger Patrick Foran on Tuesday, said it could have been Patrick's stance on wind turbines on the Cape that led voters to Vieira. "Matt was pretty rigid on the issue of alternative energy and wind, and I think that was something people were a little bit uneasy about. If it weren't for that, he would've been all right."
8 Nov 2010

Memo to new Congress: Don't take the renewable mandate bait

RES is more a political instrument for Washington to subsidize powerful special-interest groups, than a policy to reduce emissions. ...An RES will eliminate competition, drive prices higher, and encourage government dependence. This isn't an acceptable substitute for cap and trade, and any bipartisanship the idea receives doesn't make it a good idea.
5 Nov 2010

Hearing canceled on wind siting rules

Kestell said he asked for the public hearing on new wind turbine siting standards in response to concerns from constituents ..."There are many questions and concerns about these rules from citizens statewide and I have personally heard from many constituents as there are existing wind turbines in my district."
4 Nov 2010

Public Service Department puts the public interest first

The public deserves an energy debate based in fact, not hyperbole. There are very well financed interests that, for personal financial gain, oppose Vermont Yankee. The actions of Mr. Blittersdorf are perhaps the most visible example of this taking place. He is part of a group of folks who have contributed heavily to political campaigns in order to have legislation passed that directly benefit them. These projects cost captive ratepayers as much as six times the current market price.
3 Nov 2010

Analysis: Voters deliver mixed message on renewable energy

Big Republican wins in the House of Representatives make it unlikely that a bill to curb emissions from fossil fuels or establish renewable-energy goals will make it through Congress. But in California, clean-energy policies apparently struck a chord with voters, who handed the governorship to Democrat Jerry Brown, a strong proponent of cutting emissions and boosting alternative-energy industries.
3 Nov 2010

Eligible voters to decide county Props 1 & 2

The Huron County Board of Commissioners approved the two amendments in July, but they now are up for a vote of residents in the county's zoning jurisdiction because a petition was filed to get the amendments on Tuesday's ballot. The two proposals, if approved by the majority of eligible voters, would not automatically approve wind developments.
3 Nov 2010

U.S. weighs funding for renewable energy projects

The memo questions the logic behind subsidizing a big wind farm project in Oregon that Energy Secretary Steven Chu praised last month as "part of the administration's commitment to doubling our renewable energy generation by 2012." ...But Mr. Obama's senior advisers wrote in their memo that the wind farm-sponsored by Caithness Energy LLC and General Electric Co.-"would likely move without the loan guarantee."
3 Nov 2010

Republican wins to halt Obama's clean energy plans

With a Republican to take over the House's Natural Resources Committee and other key panels, the party will look to boost traditional energy sources like oil and coal, while nixing Obama's plans to cut $40 billion in oil and gas tax breaks. Republicans could also fight to stop the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating sources that emit greenhouse gasses.
3 Nov 2010
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