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States Cooling to Renewable Energy

Mr. Sanford said he wrote the bill because he is opposed to government mandates, not because he favors any particular energy source-a sentiment echoed by legislators in other states. "Texas is blessed with a lot of incredible resources for energy, wind and solar amongst them. But they need to be developed with free-market principles, not with the heavy hand of government directing us to an inefficient process," he said in an interview.
29 Mar 2013

Renewed tax credit buoys wind-power projects

Indeed, the flurry of activity may represent more of a shuffle than an expansion. Developers are mainly dusting off projects they already had in the works, rather than seeking out new business, while others are trying to sell off unfinished projects, experts and executives said.
22 Mar 2013

N.J. legislators hope to extend wind incentives

New Jersey is hoping to lure an offshore wind manufacturer to the state to help jump-start a green industry, but a lucrative incentive aimed at attracting the business is no longer available. qualify, a company had to make its decision by the end of 2012. With a Chinese manufacturer offering to build a facility ...the bill is likely to move forward before the new fiscal year begins in June.
19 Mar 2013

New push to securitize renewable-power pacts

Hurdles to securitizing renewable-power deals remain, both for government and private contracts. The idea of securitization is to spread risk across hundreds of contracts and ensure a steady return for investors. That is much easier to do with home mortgages than it is with solar- or wind-power contracts, due largely to the relative immaturity and small size of renewable-energy markets.
14 Mar 2013

State OKs funds for Crisfield wind turbine

Although the turbine is expected to generate more than enough electricity to power the sewer plant, it must still connect to the grid since the plant needs a consistent source of electricity, and the turbine's output could fluctuate depending on how windy it is, officials have said. The city also can sell the excess electricity back to the grid.
11 Mar 2013

Oregon Energy Department re-evaluating $30 million in tax credits to wind farm

The developer of the mammoth wind farm, New York-based Caithness Energy, went though the legal exercise of subdividing the project on paper to qualify for three separate, $10 million state subsidies. The Energy Department approved them in the last six months, despite sufficient evidence in two of its own analyses to define the wind farm as a single facility, deserving only one tax credit.
9 Mar 2013

PTC critics question industry jobs estimate

Cicchetti also said Navigant misapplied economic models to estimate jobs figures and argued that the AWEA-backed study did not take into account the broader economic effects of adding wind power at the expense of other electricity sources that create more permanent jobs per megawatt of capacity installed. "My first conclusion is you'd get more jobs if you didn't go with wind and you went with something else."
8 Mar 2013

Wind credit foes regroup for renewed campaign

Just months after the wind power production tax credit won a last-minute renewal by Congress, opponents of the subsidy are circling the wagons to make sure it doesn't happen again. ...Gathering new allies - particularly in grass-roots organizations that can lean on members of Congress - is a key goal for the anti-PTC forces.
7 Mar 2013

Wind industry is still clinging onto tax credit

Rep. Mike Pompeo remains confident the PTC will end this year. "I am convinced now there's a majority here that recognizes it's a bad policy," said the Kansas Republican, who sponsored legislation in the previous Congress that would have ended the PTC and various other energy subsidies. "Whether it is part of something bigger or we just mosey to the end of the year and it goes away again, I think the wind-production tax credit's in its final days."
5 Mar 2013
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