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Xcel, Boulder can't agree on deal for green energy

Xcel said it remains committed to its customers in Boulder, a city of roughly 100,000 residents about 30 miles north of Denver. Xcel maintains that Boulder can reduce its carbon emissions better with its help than it could on its own, "and without the significant cost and inherent risk of municipalization."
15 Jul 2011

Boone Pickens challenges Canada on green power law

"This clear favoritism disadvantaged Mesa, as well as other wind developers, and clearly violates the spirit, goals and objectives of the North American Free Trade Agreement," Robertson said. Mesa's filing also mentions the "buy local" requirements and challenges the "preferential treatment".
15 Jul 2011

Voters back turbine ban

Logan, who campaigned for the ban, said he was surprised the vote was so overwhelmingly against turbines. "This is an accurate reflection on how people feel," he said. He said that although the village board wasn't legally bound to the voters' will, it was ethically obligated to follow suit.
14 Jul 2011

Wampanoag Tribe joins legal battle to block Cape Wind

The Aquinnah Wampanoag complaint cites multiple violations, including irreversible alterations, significant adverse effects, and the destruction of historical, cultural, and spiritual tribal resources through the permitting of the Cape Wind project, according to a tribal historic preservation office press release.
13 Jul 2011

Say no to Bowers Mountain wind project

LURC has the ability to curtail the gold rush of wind developers, feeding at the trough of federal and state subsidies, before Maine is transformed from a wild and bucolic paradise to an industrial wind wasteland. For the magic of the mountains, let's hope they do their job.
13 Jul 2011

Notice filed to get wind ordinance on ballot

Kelterborn took issue with a number of items in the ordinance, including the 1,500-foot turbine setbacks, noise limits and that it allows turbines to be sited within 3 miles of the shoreline. He noted U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service officials created recommendations that were specific to the area.
12 Jul 2011

Wind turbines frustrate ranchers

Bracewell and Dean have a website set up, complete with stories about what happened to them, photos and documents. It's called Two Skystream 3.7 Installations Gone Wrong. Their activism led to a confidential settlement and nondisparaging agreement offer from the company.
12 Jul 2011

Falmouth turbine talks turn turbulent

Selectmen heard from abutting residents and gave a town consultant two weeks to present prices and feasibility for mitigation plans associated with Wind 1, the town's 1.65-megawatt turbine, which some residents have complained downgraded their quality of life. "At times, it gets jet engine loud" said Neil Andersen.
12 Jul 2011

Wind farm tax break gains support

E.On Climate & Renewables LLC has asked the county to forgive about $6 million in taxes that would be due in the first 10 years, based on projections. With the tax break that the company says is needed for the project to be viable, the wind farm would generate about $5.1 million in taxes.
8 Jul 2011
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