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Town hall puts the wind up eco-crusader

Belsize Park's Ethical Man, Justin Rowlatt, is blaming the council for blowing his eco-friendly experiment off course. As part of BBC2's Newsnight programme Mr Rowlatt has agreed to spend a year living as environmental a lifestyle as possible. But Camden Council's planning department is making heavy weather of his efforts to install a £1,500 wind turbine on the side of his house in Park Hill Road.
14 Jul 2006

Appeal Decision - Edder Acres Farm, Shotten Colliery

Appeal_decision_thumb A7 Energy's appeal against the Easington District Council for refusing to grant planning permission with respect to a wind plant consisting of 2 x 2.3MW turbines was dismissed by D. L. Burrows, an inspector appointed by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. The principal reason for dismissal was adverse impact the turbines would have on the activities of Shotten airfield.
2 Jun 2006
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