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Wind warning

The economic inefficiency of subsidies compounds the electrical inefficiency of wind farms. The U.K. should end its 200-percent subsidies for offshore wind farms, too - and the U.S. should follow suit by ending its own wind-power boondoggles.
11 Nov 2012

Ruth Davidson attacks Alex Salmond's 'scorched earth' wind farm policy

She said there was no need for the "march of the turbines" to continue but SNP ministers were unwilling to review the situation or listen to "besieged" communities' concerns. Miss Davidson delivered the attack during a keynote speech marking her first anniversary as leader in which she argued that the state in Scotland has become so bloated it is harming society.
6 Nov 2012

Huge scale of UK's 'dash for gas' revealed

The coalition is divided over energy policy, with Osborne favouring a major increase in gas use ...The Liberal Democrats want greater emphasis on renewable energy. The chasm was laid bare last week when Tory energy minister John Hayes declared "enough is enough" over onshore windfarms.
4 Nov 2012

Ten years too late, it’s good riddance to wind farms – one of the most dangerous delusions of our age

I have been following this extraordinary story for ten years ever since, in 2002, I first began looking carefully at what really lay behind this deceptive obsession with the charms of wind power. It didn't take me long, talking to experts and reading up on the technical facts, to see that the fashionable enthusiasm for wind energy was based on a colossal illusion.
31 Oct 2012

Renewables path won't run smoothly

So the risks to the SNP's current energy narrative are obvious. What if there's a public backlash against the cost of subsidising renewables as household bills continue to rise? What happens to the dream of Scotland exporting vast quantities of green electricity to England, if Paterson and Osborne win this battle? And who pays to make that trade viable, if the current UK subsidy system is scrapped?
13 Oct 2012

Ed Davey denied Tory minister wind farm role

Following the reshuffle, Mr Davey told officials that he would take over responsibility for many of the issues that Mr Hendry had overseen. An official Whitehall list of ministerial responsibilities has recently been updated to add "renewable energy strategy" to Mr Davey's portfolio.
25 Sep 2012

Germany's wind power chaos should be a warning to the UK

Germany is being horribly caught out by precisely the same delusion about renewable energy that our own politicians have fallen for. Like all enthusiasts for "free, clean, renewable electricity", they overlook the fatal implications of the fact that wind speeds and sunlight constantly vary. They are taken in by the wind industry's trick of vastly exaggerating the usefulness of wind farms.
23 Sep 2012

Davey takes on Osborne over wind farms

"We are not deaf to the controversy around onshore wind. Indeed, we are sensitive to it. We don't want communities to feel that onshore wind is damaging their way of life; rather, that they are playing a vital role in meeting the national need for secure, clean energy. And we certainly don't want hostility to local onshore wind farms to poison a wider debate that is critical to the UK's energy security."
16 Sep 2012

The great wind delusion has hijacked our energy policy

Anyone impressed by the efficient way in which Britain has organised the Olympic Games might consider the stark contrast provided by the shambles of our national energy policy - wholly focused as it is on the belief that we can somehow keep our lights on by building tens of thousands more wind turbines within eight years.
11 Aug 2012

Osborne offers deal on wind power

Mr Osborne said he was “content” to accept a reduction in subsidies of just 10 per cent in the short term. ...some in the Treasury had been pressing for cuts of up to 25%. ...But the compromise offer came with a list of demands aimed at securing a big role for natural gas in Britain’s energy mix.
23 Jul 2012

Davey warns on wind power subsidy cuts

With Nick Clegg, deputy prime minister, representing Britain at the Rio environmental summit this week, Mr Davey is fighting to maintain the government's green credentials in the face of determined Conservative lobbying against onshore wind farms.
18 Jun 2012

Gone with the wind

According to Connie Hedegaard, the European Union's commissioner for climate action, "People should believe that [wind power] is very, very cheap." In fact, this is a highly problematic claim. While wind energy is cheaper than other, more ineffective renewables, such as solar, tidal and ethanol, it is nowhere near competitive. If it were, we wouldn't have to keep spending significant sums to subsidize it.
19 Mar 2012

Trump bids to end turbine 'madness'

Mr Trump has halted work on his resort until a decision on the wind farm is made by the Scottish Government. Today, Mr Trump said he had "invested a tremendous amount of money in Scotland because it is a place of great beauty and is also the birthplace of my mother''. He added: "Interestingly, it will be the greatest gift to my mother to stop this atrocity.
9 Mar 2012
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