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A third more Scottish wind turbines built in one year

The true pace at which wind farms are spreading across Scotland's countryside has been disclosed after official figures indicated the number of turbines increased by a third in the last year alone. ...Struan Stevenson, a Scottish Tory MEP, said the DECC figures were "perfectly symbolic of how pathetically useless and inefficient the whole technology of wind is."
29 Mar 2013

Modern Environmentalism; people would rather believe than know

When E.O. Wilson said "people would rather believe than know", he perfectly summed up the state of modern environmentalism; the movement which has been radicalised to the extent that its policies are now characterised by senseless agendas better described as anti-science, anti-business and even anti-human; rather than pro-environment.
13 Mar 2013

One day, turning off the lights won't be up to you

Around lunchtime last Monday National Grid was showing that all our 4,300 wind turbines put together were providing barely a thousandth of the power we were using, a paltry 31MW ...successive governments have fallen for the delusion that we can depend for nearly a third of our future power on those useless and unreliable windmills.
24 Feb 2013

Our energy policy is a load of hot air

Harnessing the wind ...Yet more bad news. Miliband (again) presided over the issuing of contracts for the building of offshore windmills so biased in favour of the profiteers that even Labour's Margret Hodge, chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, calls them a licence to print money ...that will cost taxpayers seventeen billions pounds in exchange for pathetic amounts of electricity.
18 Jan 2013

"Shocking" wind farm contracts set up by the Government could put £300 on electricity bills

Furious MPs say the agreements mean these licensees will pull in an estimated £17billion - all of which will "ultimately be funded by customers". The committee's chairman, Labour MP Margaret Hodge, said: "The terms of these transmission licences appear to have been designed almost entirely to attract investors at the expense of securing a good deal for consumers."
14 Jan 2013

Behind the wind turbine war is a lack of policy and joined-up thinking

Another week and another war of words is being waged over our green and pleasant land. Last Thursday, Prince Charles told the Oxford Farming Conference that the countryside is "as precious as an ancient cathedral". Former poet laureate Andrew Motion, railed against the government's relaxation of planning rules that is threatening "our spiritual connection to woodland and wilderness". Nowhere is this battle more heated than over the subject of wind turbines.
5 Jan 2013

Why IS Britain about to pay £110billion to enter a new Dark Age?

The subsidies paid to operate offshore wind turbines - the most expensive form of energy ever devised - will rise 16-fold to an annual £4.2 billion. The hated onshore turbines will also get huge new subsidies, at least doubling their number to about 6,500. Even this underestimates the Bill's full burden, which is closer to £110 billion.
5 Jan 2013

'Substantial' rise in wind farm bills for independent Scotland

Ed Davey told a conference in Edinburgh the cost of Scottish renewable energy subsidies and infrastructure is currently spread across 26 million homes across the UK. But he warned that after separation this would be borne entirely by households north of the Border and "basic arithmetic" dictated that the average bill would have to increase markedly.
12 Dec 2012

The government's energy policy is killing pensioners

The Government's green energy policy has been blamed for pushing up energy bills and covering the country with ugly wind turbines. But government statistics released quietly on Thursday, when the world's eyes were on the Leveson report, suggest that it is doing something far worse too: killing the elderly.
1 Dec 2012

New green energy dispute

The Mountaineering Council of Scotland expressed its disappointment. David Gibson said: "This report is a missed opportunity for Scotland to protect our fabulous open landscapes and paves the way for huge power companies to smother yet more of our mountainsides with turbines.
24 Nov 2012

A truce over wind farms...but how long will it last?

The peace deal, allowing £7.6 billion to be put on bills over the next eight years, follows a bitter split between Chancellor George Osborne and Ed Davey, the Energy Secretary, that threatened to tear the Coalition apart over the its green agenda. At the heart of the fight, the Prime Minister and the Chancellor have been increasingly worried about the rising cost of energy to consumers.
23 Nov 2012
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