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Blade snaps off huge wind turbine

An investigation is under way at Europe's largest onshore wind farm in East Renfrewshire after a 150ft blade snapped off a turbine. The incident, at about 0200 GMT on Friday, led to Whitelee wind farm, near Eaglesham, being temporarily shut down. ScottishPower Renewables, which runs the site, said the cause was unknown but mechanical failure and a lightning strike were being considered.
23 Mar 2010

Snapped Siemens blade brings Whitelee to standstill

Iberdrola subsidiary ScottishPower Renewables (SPR), which developed and built the £300m ($450.1m) project, initially claimed to be looking into whether a lightning strike could have caused the breakage. But the Met Office, the UK's national weather service, later said there had been no reports of lightning in the area when the accident occurred.
23 Mar 2010

Mechanical glitches plague offshore wind farm

A multi-million pound wind farm built off the Kent coast to provide energy for 100,000 homes has suffered repeated mechanical problems in the four years since it was built. The Kentish Flats Offshore Wind Farm, which provides power to houses in Whitstable, Herne Bay and Canterbury, has undergone numerous upgrades to try and deal with setbacks that have caused a reduction in the amount of energy produced.
29 Nov 2009

Wind farm suffers gearbox faults

A wind farm off the coast of Kent has suffered persistent mechanical failure in the four years since it began operating, BBC South East has revealed. Gearboxes in all 30 turbines on the Kentish Flats have been replaced with newer, improved parts. The cost of the repairs is unknown, but the amount of electricity they have produced has been reduced as a result.
25 Nov 2009

Wind blades fell in school yard; Raasay children sent home after 50ft turbine collapsed

Children at an island primary were sent home after a newly-installed wind turbine next to their school collapsed, it emerged yesterday. Parents of youngsters at the 18-pupil Raasay Primary School were asked to collect their children following the incident on November 13. The 50ft turbine will "remain out of commission" until an investigation has been carried out.
21 Nov 2009

Wind turbines suspended after flaw discovered

An entire fleet of around 100 'urban' wind turbines has been remotely shut down by manufacturer Quiet Revolution after the discovery of a design fault. The fleet of QR5 turbines was disabled after continual wind speeds of between 14 and 24 metres per second caused a turbine located on a sea wall in Blackpool to develop a mechanical error, the company said in a statement on Friday. The QR5s have been installed on 55 sites for clients including Network Rail, Sainsbury's and self-storage firm Big Yellow.
19 Oct 2009

Wind turbine in Sheffield broken by wind for second time

Manufacturers of the 190ft high turbine, one of three owned by Sheffield University, are now investigating the damage at the site close to the city's Parkway link road to the M1. A blade on the same turbine was broken 15 months ago and residents who live close to the site at Catcliffe, near Rotherham, have expressed fears that they could pose a danger to local people.
10 Oct 2009

SSE warns hydro plant may be shut for a year

The first major UK hydro project to be completed in 50 years, Glendoe was closed less than two months after the Queen officially opened the 100-megawatt station at the end of June. Yesterday, Perth-based SSE said investigations showed that the rock fall, in a tunnel carrying water between the reservoir and the power station, was "very substantial". ...SSE also confirmed the Greater Gabbard wind farm in the Thames Estuary had been hit after faulty welding was discovered on the turbines.
29 Sep 2009

Faulty wind turbines could stay at Kirkheaton

Faulty wind turbines could remain at a Northumberland beauty spot for another year if a new planning application is approved. The three giant structures at Kirkheaton, north of Hexham, were put up almost 10 years ago by EDF Energy. But technical issues meant that two of the turbines had to have their blades removed, and only one of the three has been operating since last autumn.
26 Sep 2009

Wind turbines stopped by power fault

A power fault has shut down nearly a quarter of the turbines at Little Cheyne Court on Romney Marsh - the biggest onshore wind farm in the south of England - just a month after it was officially opened. Seven out of the 26 wind turbines on the isolated land on the Kent-East Sussex border have been hit by technical problems.
15 Aug 2009

UFO wind turbine 'broke due to mechanical failure not collision with flying object'

A 65 ft blade that flew off the turbine came loose after bolts attaching it to the hub failed, not because of a collision, examination of the components has revealed. ..."The bolt failure was the effect not the cause of the problem. They have ruled out bolt fatigue and design problems, and we know that they were properly put on," said Dale Vince the co-founder of Ecotricity, which owns the farm.
10 Feb 2009

Work to repair 'UFO' turbine is underway

Work to get the wrecked 'UFO' wind turbine up and running at Conisholme wind farm is underway. Despite the explanation as to why one of the baldes 'fell' and another was left bent still being unknown, workers are at the site and in the next few days, all three 65ft blades and the central hub will be replaced.
16 Jan 2009

Call for Conisholme wind farm to be closed; Ecotricity say there is no danger to the public

A call has been made for the Conisholme wind farm to be closed - before someone is injured. Coun Robert Palmer, Chairman of East Lindsey District Council, says the site should be closed off to the public while an independent health and safety investigation is carried out. On Sunday morning local people woke to find a blade on one of the 89 metre high wind turbines in Fen Lane had broken off.
7 Jan 2009

Cable repairs put offshore wind farm back into production

Britain's first offshore wind farm - located half a mile off the Northumberland coastline - should soon be producing energy again after standing idle for more than two years. Green power company E.ON is on the verge of completing the installation of a new armoured cable which will allow the blades on the two turbines off Blyth to start turning again for the first time since early 2006.
30 Aug 2008

Damaged wind turbine blades under repair

Repairs have started to a giant wind turbine between Sheffield and Rotherham after it was knocked out by a gale. A crack was spotted in the blades of one of two turbines yards from the Sheffield Parkway during high winds last month. A special failsafe device cut in to prevent further damage - and the crippled blades were allowed to fall to the ground. Since then, investigations have been going on into the damage at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, where the University of Sheffield operate the two turbines.
28 Jul 2008

Deadline for firm in wind farm row

E.ON has been given 21 days to repair a broken wind turbine at Lowca in Cumbria or face enforcement action. Copeland Council says the firm has breached planning approval by leaving the turbine unrepaired. The wind turbine has not worked for 14 months and site operator E.On had agreed to repair it by the end of February. ..."It's no good putting conditions down and not doing anything when they are not fulfilled. They have gone way over the time limit by eight months. It's time we took some action."
27 Mar 2008
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