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Wind farm noise ‘exceeds' acceptable levels

Although the full results from a measurement exercise are not expected until Friday, preliminary findings indicate that noise levels from some turbines are slightly above the limits set within the planning consent, in certain wind conditions.
25 Sep 2012

School in Wotton forced to take down turbine after being given noise abatement notice

The school had been warned when it was granted planning permission in 2009 that if noise were to become an issue the turbine may have to be decommissioned. Specialist engineers had worked with the school over a period of about eight months to try to reduce noise, but modifying the blade tips and even shortening the blades themselves had little effect.
6 Sep 2012

Mass DEP recommends shut down of wind turbine

The study released Tuesday by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection shows that the Wind One industrial turbine in the Cape Cod town of Falmouth produces noise louder than the state allows. The report marks the first time the state has recommended a shut-off of a wind turbine.
17 May 2012

Noise monitors increased at turbine site after complaints

North Devon Council has received more than 20 complaints from residents living around Fullabrook wind farm, between Barnstaple and Ilfracombe. It is operational, but noise monitoring cannot be carried out until the wind farm is officially commissioned. That was supposed to happen in October, but has been repeatedly delayed.
25 Jan 2012

Delay at wind farm is 'causing us misery'

Nick Williams said he and other residents were suffering increased stress levels because of delays in officially commissioning the site. The delay meant that complaints about the noise could not be officially investigated. Until the wind farm is officially commissioned, the environmental health team at North Devon Council said it was not legally allowed to carry out noise checks.
12 Jan 2012

Wind farm noise nuisance couple speak of relief

"This has been worse than fighting cancer," said Jane. "With cancer, all of the professionals are on your side and in the first year of this, in 2006/07, we felt we were up against a brick wall. In 2007 a noise report came out and it said the problems we were having did exist.
6 Dec 2011

Switch-off for noisy wind farms

Details from the dossiers come as a series of new studies conclude that living near to wind turbines can increase levels of sleep disruption and stress-related conditions. One review of the scientific evidence written by environmental health consultants who work on behalf of the wind energy industry stated that noise from wind turbines was "associated with some reported health effects".
20 Nov 2011

Wind turbines near Chichester stopped over noise fear

Plans for a green energy project at a farm near Chichester involving the construction of two wind turbines more than 100ft high have been thrown out. Councillors on the district's southern area development control committee voted 8-1 to refuse planning permission on the grounds of inadequate information about the noise implications of the scheme.
5 Nov 2011

Turbine noise 'destroying' our lives

Several residents feel they are trapped living with the noise because if they tried to move house few people would be interested in buying a property next to a wind turbine. Nick Williams lives at Fullabrook itself with six of the turbines near his house. He claimed the wind farm had destroyed the area he lives in as well as his life.
23 Sep 2011
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