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DECC forced to reconsider Wales wind farm applications

As part of the same decision two more wind farms were refused at Llaithddu and Llanbadarn Fynydd. DECC cited a number of reasons for refusing the four schemes, including concerns over the wind farms' effect on local biodiversity, local traffic, and landscape and visual impacts.
24 Dec 2015

SSE paid to shutoff windfarm

Turbines are switched off when gales strike and for essential maintenance. But they are also halted at the request of the National Grid to balance the volume of electricity in the system. Compensation in the form of “constraint payments” is negotiated by windfarm operators.
14 Dec 2015

Seven year battle to end plans for wind farm near Selby ends

Germany-based Prowind, had failed to respond to a letter asking them for updates to an environmental review within an allocated seven-day period. Their failure to respond meant the council disposed of their application. More than 1,000 people made formal objections to the council when the plans were first unveiled by Prowind in 2008.
11 Dec 2015

Time to confront wind turbine "ugliness"

I'm not alone in saying turbines have a "visual impact." British landscape painters were up in arms against the wind turbines that were covering the UK's hills in 2006. Their protest echoed a host of other aesthetes, reactionaries, and concerned landowners standing with placards across the country to oppose new wind farms.
4 Dec 2015

Giant wind turbine plan to be blocked

Plans for a 79-metre high wind turbine to power a water treatment plant in Lancashirelook set to be thrown out. County councillors will be advised next week to reject anapplication for the turbine at Heysham because insufficient information has been submitted about its likely impact on the ecology of the area.
3 Dec 2015

Government to review Scout Moor expansion decision

The expansion of the Scout Moor wind farm could yet be stalled after the planning approval was ‘called in’ for review by the Government. Proposals to extend the number of wind turbines at the site from 26 to 42 were approved by Rossendale council’s planning committee in September.
2 Dec 2015

Clark calls in Lancashire onshore wind farm extension

A Department for Communities and Local Government statement said: "We have carefully considered the proposed expansion of Scout Moor Wind Farm against the government’s call in policy and decided that the planning applications should be decided by central government.
2 Dec 2015

Crane firm guilty of corporate manslaughter after 49-year-old man killed at Scout Moor quarry in Edenfield

Lindsay Easton was killed while driving on a steep access road at Scout Moor quarry  ...The quarry is part of the Scout Moor wind farm site, the largest inshore site in the country, which is operated by Peel Energy. “This tragedy was entirely avoidable had the company acted responsibly and ensured their crane fleet was effectively serviced and maintained.
1 Dec 2015

Councillors urged to reject Woolfox wind farm plans

The plans have attracted strong local opposition, and planning officers seem to have taken the views of the objectors on board. They have recommended that councillors refuse to grant planning permission because of the impact the turbines would have on the landscape and local heritage.
1 Dec 2015

Blowing in the wind or wilful blindness?

The_oban_times_26nov2015_thumb Scottish Government denials of adverse impacts upon tourism and visitor numbers, evidence of people suffering harm and of plummeting property prices, show an inability to accept that in reality all those things are happening. ‘Wilful blindness’ is an apt description of the status quo. Unbiased politicians unafraid to depart from party lines are few. If any exist with a capacity for serious research, will they please step forward to assist colleagues who don’t.
26 Nov 2015
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