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The march of wind turbines goes on

THERE are now at least SEVEN firm proposals for multi-turbine windfarms in Northumberland, with a further two possible schemes revealed. Aluminium giant Alcan and Scottish Power are hoping to erect 16 turbines each 120 metres tall on land West of the smelter at Lynemouth.
28 Feb 2006

More Giant Turbines as Energy Drive Goes On

A SECOND wind farm of giant turbines could be built in South Gloucestershire as the drive for renewable energy sources gathers momentum. Spanish-owned Gamesa Energy is seeking planning consent to build a test turbine at Walning Farm, at Olveston, to check the potential of the site for generating electricity.
19 Feb 2006

If you say no to turbines, you're 'prejudiced'

Equally undemocratic is the revolution in local government brought about by the rules from Mr Prescott which allow "monitoring officers" to exclude any councillor from debates in which they are deemed to have a "prejudicial interest". This includes any councillor who has previously expressed any view on the issue, or even who can be shown to have discussed it with members of the public before it comes up for debate.
19 Feb 2006
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