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Planners reject bid for wind turbine

"This is a very good result because we've been working hard on this for 12 months. Objections about the visual impact were the most immediate because that is what everybody thinks about but there were plenty of people whose businesses would have been affected by the noise and the shadow flicker.
10 Aug 2011

Wales in revolt over mammoth wind farm scheme

Mr Davies described how the problem is not only the turbines, but the need for two vast substations and 100 miles of steel pylons, up to 150ft high, to carry the electricity into Shropshire to connect with the National Grid. But although he may have spoken eloquently about the visual and social impact of this project, he failed to spell out its nonsensical economic implications.
22 May 2011

Bid to keep wind farms in distance

Councillors in Huntingdonshire are being asked to back a bid which could set a minimum distance of two kilometres between wind farms and homes. Nearly 800 people signed a petition calling on Huntingdonshire District Council to draw up a policy on the location of wind farms and housing - well over the 500 limit required to force a debate on the issue.
22 Apr 2011

Landscape under threat

The John Muir Trust is a wild land conservation charity. SNH statistics show that the percentage of Scotland's natural landscape visually unaffected by built development dropped from 41% in 2002 to 28% in 2009. This was mostly due to industrial-scale wind developments and infra-structure.
14 Apr 2011

Wind farm protest hits new heights

“Not only will turbines be visible from our towns and villages; but the SUP, with turbines along this section, will no longer be a tranquil upland route and the spectacular open view west from the Three Brethren will be gone – at least for our lifetime.”
1 Apr 2011

Protesters buoyed by wind turbine KO

Members rejected the appeal last week on the grounds that the existing level of wind turbine development in the Eastern Lammermuirs was such that the environment was prejudiced beyond reasonable measure to permit further turbines. In particular, members felt that any turbines of this nature and size in this general location would definitely impact to the detriment of the Area of Great Landscape Value.
3 Mar 2011

Landmark Scottish lighthouse to be "obliterated" by massive offshore windfarm

It is one of Scotland's most famous and impressive Victorian structures but the Skerryvore lighthouse off the coast of Tiree could soon be lost from view. Islanders campaigning against the siting of a massive off-shore windfarm to the southwest of Tiree have warned that the Stevenson-built structure will be hidden in a forest of massive turbines is ScottishPower is given the go-ahead for the Argyll Array.
21 Feb 2011

When it comes to windfarms, I don't feel bad about nimbyism

In a paper entitled Windfarms: Time to Change Direction? the Northamptonshire branch of CPRE said the organisation should "re-evaluate" its support for [wind farms] in the light of new evidence suggesting "that the generation of electricity from wind is not an effective way of reducing carbon emissions". There are lots of reasons for believing this, but the main one is probably the fact that there is as yet no economic way of storing electricity.
4 Feb 2011
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