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Wind farm options remain up in the air

A week after the Public Utilities Commission rejected the power contract between Deepwater Wind and National Grid, the future of offshore wind energy in Rhode Island, or near Block Island, remains in limbo. "We are evaluating our options," said Deepwater Chief Development Officer Paul Rich Thursday. The company remains committed to Rhode Island and Block Island, he said, but does not currently see "any clear path to reviving [the Block Island wind farm] at this point."
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Rhode Island PUC dumps offshore wind PPA as too pricey

In a blow to a pet renewable energy project of the state's governor, Rhode Island utility regulators last week rejected a proposed power purchase agreement under which National Grid was to buy electricity from a 21 megawatt demonstration wind farm off the state's coast, saying the prices were not "commercially reasonable" and that the project developer stood to reap excessive profits. ...The commission said paying for Deepwater's pricey power would cost the state's 15 largest businesses an additional $2 million in the first year of the 20-year PPA.
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R.I. PUC rejects wind power contract

A proposal to build an eight-turbine wind farm in waters off Block Island is in jeopardy after the state Public Utilities Commission rejected a long-term contract for Rhode Island's largest electric utility to buy power from what was envisioned as the first project of its kind in the United States. The three-member commission voted unanimously against the power-purchase agreement between developer Deepwater Wind and National Grid during a public meeting Tuesday morning in its Warwick offices.
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Business group balks at cost of wind power

The executive director of the Energy Council of Rhode Island, a nonprofit organization known as TEC-RI that represents 35 of the state's biggest manufacturers, universities and hospitals, testified on Tuesday against an agreement under which Deepwater Wind would sell power generated by the offshore wind farm at more than twice the price National Grid pays for electricity from conventional sources.
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R.I. business group opposes price of wind power

Some of Rhode Island's largest users of electricity have come out for the first time in opposition to a proposed power-purchase agreement between National Grid and the developer of an eight-turbine wind farm in waters off Block Island. ..."We have concluded that this contract includes a price that is so high that it more than negates any other potential attractive features."
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Construction workers voice support for wind farms off R.I. coast

About 40 construction workers showed up at a public hearing Wednesday night in support of a proposal to build two wind farms off the Rhode Island coast. The union workers said the offshore wind farms proposed by Deepwater Wind would create high-paying jobs for years ...Under the proposed deal, National Grid would pay Deepwater 24.4 cents per kilowatt hour for electricity generated by the Block Island wind farm.
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A seat at the table on wind power

National Grid agreed in early December to purchase electricity from the proposed farm, but the PUC must approve the negotiated price, which starts at 24.4 cents a kilowatt-hour during 2013, the first year of the contract. As commissioners consider the contract, so-called interveners can submit testimony, cross-examine witnesses and review hearing materials. For the interveners, official seats at the table provide them a bully pulpit to advance their interests or simply remain close to the hearing, which the PUC says is the first of its kind in Rhode Island.
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Wind power's cost to R.I. consumers is still up in the air

Experts agree that wind power will cost more than energy generated by coal or natural gas, but the question is: how much more? After months of negotiations, National Grid and Deepwater Wind signed a deal this week that will see the offshore wind developer sell clean power from its Block Island wind farm to the state's main electric utility. But the two sides still disagree on what the effect will be on energy bills for all Rhode Islanders.
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National Grid objects to proposed cost of wind power

Despite pressure from the governor and other state officials, National Grid has again rejected a proposal to buy clean power from a developer proposing to build a $200-million wind farm off Block Island. In a letter filed late Wednesday afternoon with state regulators, Rhode Island's largest electric utility said it would not agree to the latest offer from Deepwater Wind for power from the eight-turbine wind farm that would provide electricity to Block Island because the price is still too high.
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Reality falls short of expectations

Last week, the New England Governors' Conference raised green fantasy to new heights with the release of its Renewable Energy Blueprint, which said the region "has a significant quantity of untapped renewable resources, on the order of over 10,000 MW combined of on-shore and off-shore wind power potential." Neither the report nor the news articles about it bothered to do the math. At 7 MW, New England would need 1,429 E-126s to tap that potential. Though the turbines likely would be clustered in "farms," that's an average of 238 per state, or more than one for each town in Connecticut. The cost would be $221 billion that the states don't have, though they might get a bulk-purchase discount of a billion or two.
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Why wind power blows; Why we shouldn't overload our energy basket with wind eggs

The world is looking for a no-brainer solution to the 21st century's impending energy crisis, and wind power seems to provide many of the right answers. But those who want to run straight for the first ridgetop and put up a turbine might want to slow down a second. In addition to its distinct advantages, wind power has real drawbacks that must be addressed before it is hailed as our global-warming savior.
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Objection to Deepwater Wind meteorological tower proposal - Block Island

Hagopian_letter_thumb This letter was submitted to the Town of New Shoreham on Block Island prior to the Town granting permission for Deepwater Wind to erect a met tower on town land under the Special Temporary Provisions (Section 112) of the Town's zoning. Under Section 112, permits may be granted only for a use or purpose that cannot be accomplished by compliance with provisions of the ordinance. Attorney Hagopian argues that Deepwater's proposal does not meet the "exigent circumstance requirements" including risks to public health and safety or any other emergency or urgent necessity that warrants invoking this provision.
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Foes of Barrington wind turbine say it flouts zoning

Critics of a plan to build a wind turbine at the high school are adding zoning concerns to their list of objections to the project, which town officials say they want to relocated to a piece of town-owned land on Brickyard Pond at the end of Legion Way. But the Town Council president counters that those concerns are groundless because the town is not bound by its own zoning bylaw. ...The town has until the end of the year to close a deal on the turbine if it wants to take advantage of a $2.1-million interest-free loan being offered by the IRS.
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Power plants get little-known subsidies

While paper mills close and Cabletron spins off its remnants out of state, power plants from the Seacoast to Whitefield enjoy the perks of a poorly understood, $100-million subsidy program just for energy producers. It has a bureaucratic name: the forward capacity market. ...An unidentified 600-megawatt, gas-fired power plant project somewhere in Rockingham County is blocked behind half a dozen North Country renewable energy projects in the ISO-New England regulatory queue. The waiting list policy is first-come, first-served. A plant like that would typically pay its host community $4 million or more in property taxes, with few smokestack emissions. But those wind- and wood-fired projects at the front of the line are all in limbo. The Public Service power lines in the region are too small. Most of the players can't even bid into the upcoming ISO auction, because yet-to-be-built plants have to ante millions of dollars as a sort of performance bond. And the ISO doesn't make forward capacity payments for transmission line upgrades.
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2 ballot questions, several town races await voters

Local voters in the Nov. 7 general election will have a chance to register their views on pursuing a plan for harnessing wind power in town. Officials have talked for the past two years of trying to install a wind turbine in town. They’ve worked with wind power experts to identify possible sites but haven’t taken the plan any further. In a nonbinding referendum, they will gauge residents’ sentiments. Question 11 on the ballot will ask, “Should the Town pursue the installation of a wind turbine in Bristol provided an appropriate site is identified?”
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