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Countywide ordinance setting guidelines for creation of wind turbines in Potter County slated for Thursday vote

The countywide ordinance setting guidelines for the creation of wind turbines in Potter County will be voted on at 11 a.m. Thursday. No guests are scheduled to speak on the subject at Thursday's meeting. However, the floor will be opened for public comment, as is the usual format prior to a vote. So far, this issue has received extensive feedback.
17 Dec 2008

Wind turbines topic of meeting

The Fayette County commissioners will hold a public hearing this week to discuss proposed changes to the county zoning ordinance dealing with wind turbines. The public hearing is being held to gather input before the commissioners make any decisions to change the ordinance. Also up for consideration will be allowing deep mining in agricultural and conservation zones.
16 Dec 2008

Planners to vote on wind turbines

The Logan Township Planning Commission is scheduled to vote Tuesday on a request to expand the wind zone so turbines can be built above Avalon Road north of Altoona. The vote, in the form of a recommendation, will be a key factor for supervisors to consider when they address the request in January.
1 Dec 2008

Windmill ordinance would set limits on placement, ads

Doylestown Township officials held a public hearing last week on a proposed ordinance that would regulate the placement and size of windmills in the township. The supervisors seemed ready to approve the ordinance until Philo pointed out that it said nothing about advertising being painted on the windmill. They voted unanimously to table the ordinance for further consideration by the township planning commission.
24 Nov 2008

Noxen board approves wind-turbine plans

Supervisors on Tuesday approved plans for BP Alternative Energy to build a portion of a wind-turbine facility in the township. The company wants to build up to 87 turbines within the boundaries of Noxen, Eaton, Forkston and Mehoopany townships. Up to 35 of the turbines will be located in Noxen, BP business developer Kevin Davis said.
12 Nov 2008

Gamesa to use balloons to represent wind turbine locations

Four large balloons are to be visible Wednesday morning in the sky above Avalon Road, representing the proposed locations for wind turbines. Gamesa Energy, seeking Logan's approval to build a wind farm inside and outside the township's wind zone, arranged with the Federal Aviation Administration to put up red and yellow balloons ...The commission, which is reviewing Gamesa's request for a proposed wind farm, has received more than 30 postcards, some with multiple signatures, opposing turbines.
4 Nov 2008

Eaton Twp. receives permit application for wind park

The township has received an application for a conditional use permit from a company that wants to build a wind turbine facility. BP Alternative Energy plans to build a facility with as many as 89 turbines in the southern part of Wyoming County, within the boundaries of Noxen, Eaton, Forkston and Mehoopany townships. On Tuesday, Supervisor Randy Ehrenzeller said the application permit calls for 17 turbines.
9 Oct 2008

Court appeal alleges ‘conflict of interest' between wind farm company and county

An appeal filed recently in county court alleges that the developer of the Laurel Hill wind energy project may have unfairly benefitted by being represented by the same law firm that represents the county. The appeal, which challenges the county Planning Commission's approval of preliminary land development plans for the project, was filed by attorney Christian D. Frey, of the law firm Lepley, Engelman and Yaw, on behalf of a group of residents living near the proposed project site.
30 Sep 2008

Commissioners approve wind turbine deal

Two Fayette County commissioners voted to sign an agreement Thursday that addresses neighbors concerns regarding the location of wind turbines in a $100 million project proposed for Wharton, Georges and Springhill townships. Commissioners Vincent Zapotosky and Vincent A. Vicites voted to sign the agreement between PPM Atlantic Renewable Energy Corp./Iberdrola Renewables, the county and property owners that petitioned the court to be included in the case. Commissioner Angela M. Zimmerlink voted against the action, saying she doesn't believe the commissioners have the authority to approve changes to the proposed project.
26 Sep 2008

Wind turbine firm seeks farm expansion

Logan Township Supervisors heard a request from Gamesa Energy USA Thursday evening for an overlay expansion to its proposed wind farm in the Chestnut Flats area. The board unanimously directed the request to the township Planning Commission for review and discussion. Chairman Frank Meloy said he would like to know who will be able to see the windmills from their homes.
26 Sep 2008

2 commissioners back windmill plan

During the agenda meeting, Commissioners Vincent Zapotosky and Vincent A. Vicites voted to place a motion on Thursday's agenda to approve an agreement between PPM Atlantic Renewable Energy Corp./Iberdrola Renewables, the county and property owners that petitioned the court to be included in the case. Commissioner Angela M. Zimmerlink voted against the action, saying she doesn't believe the commissioners have the authority to approve changes to the proposed project. Zapotosky said the agreement eliminates one of the proposed sites and also does not include any mention of a scholarship fund funded by PPM and administered by the county that was part of a prior agreement.
24 Sep 2008

Viewpoints vary on touchy wind turbine issue

With at least two energy companies eying area ridge tops for construction of massive wind turbines, the Potter County Board of Commissioners has plenty to think about before putting its final approval on amendments to the county's Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance. At least 125 people crowded into the courtroom last Thursday night, the majority attending to learn, rather than speak, during the two-hour public hearing.
20 Sep 2008

Washington Township puts limits on wind turbines; Law targets height, location and number per property

Washington Township, Lehigh County, officials see wind power as a potentially clean and affordable source of energy. They also worry that it could be ugly and unneighborly. Earlier this week, township supervisors voted to limit where residents can set up wind turbines on their properties and restricted their height. The new ordinance also limits turbines to one per property, and requires the energy from them to be used only by the owner, although excess power can be sold back to PPL Electric Utilities.
5 Sep 2008

Lawmakers look for piece of energy pie

The Cattaraugus County Legislature will vote on a local law next week that is expected to trigger wind farm construction proposals in some areas of the county. The law would provide no tax exemption for alternative energy systems including wind, solar and farm waste. By opting out of tax exemptions for alternative energy systems, most notably wind farms, the law would open up the option of payments in lieu of taxes (PILOT payments) ...Legislators in July tabled a resolution to hire Hiscock & Barclay, a law firm with offices in Buffalo, to advise county lawmakers on legal issues surrounding wind farms.
4 Sep 2008

With appeal, resident keeps wind fight alive

Jackson Township resident Frank M. Piccolella Sr. said he still believes he can win the war against a wind farm proposed in northern Lycoming County. ...Piccolella filed an appeal Friday in county court asking it to overturn a decision by the county Zoning Hearing Board that cleared the way for Vermont-based Laurel Hill Wind Energy LLC to build up to 35 electricity-generating wind turbines on the Laurel Hill ridge in Jackson and McIntyre townships.
28 Aug 2008

Mix of sun, wind - and coal

The Wall Street Journal recently noted that increasing wind power to 20 percent in the next two decades alone would require a $2 trillion investment. Energy costs already strain household budgets, especially those of lower-income families and individuals. This year, U.S. households bringing home less than $50,000 a year - that is, half of households - will spend a quarter of their after-tax income on energy, double the percentage they spent in 2001.
25 Aug 2008

Catamount wind farm step closer

A Vermont-based wind energy company is one step closer to building more than 30 electricity-generating wind turbines on a seven-mile section of the Laurel Hill ridge in northern Lycoming County. On Thursday, the county Planning Commission approved preliminary land development plans submitted by Laurel Hill Wind Energy LLC, whose parent company, Catamount Energy Corp., proposed the project about six years ago. ...
15 Aug 2008

Laurel Hill project development plans to be considered

Up to 35 electricity-generating wind turbines are to be built along seven miles of the Laurel Hill ridge in Jackson and McIntyre townships in northern Lycoming County, under the plans of Vermont-based Laurel Hill Wind Energy. On Tuesday, the commission reviewed the plan in detail. "The work session was held to delve into the plan and make sure all our questions are answered," said Kurt Hausammann Jr., commission executive director. "A plan of this scale warranted a separate meeting."
13 Aug 2008
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