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Richland trustees come out against wind development

Richland Township Trustees followed suit with other local government bodies in issuing a resolution stating their opposition to the Scioto Ridge Wind Farm. ...I’m the new guy on the block, but after talking to other township trustees (in Van Wert County), I see so many problems down the road,” Trustee Phil Alloway, who has only been on the board since the start of the year, said.
22 Feb 2014

Champaign turbine project could start; Supporters tout millions for local governments.

Both phases of the project have been approved by the Ohio Power Siting Board, but the second phase is being appealed to the Ohio Supreme Court. The turbines would be spread throughout six townships. Champaign County and members of Union Neighbors United, a group opposed to the project, have both filed arguments with the Ohio Supreme Court, raising concerns about safety and the cost to decommission the project, among other issues.
21 Feb 2014

Sen. Seitz asks wind developers to promise they will not punish leaseholders who publicly testify about repealing the state's renewable energy requirements

Citing concerns that "landowners with wind farms on their property are afraid to testify on legislation in his committee because of confidentiality clauses in their leases," the senator then asked wind developers "to provide written assurance that they would not take action against leaseholders who publicly testify."
17 Feb 2014

Logan County Commissioners issue statement on wind farm

Opponents of the wind development project, however, say the letter’s “only the facts” tone is not what they expect from community leaders. “The question becomes is it fair to allow some innocent citizens to be subjected to significant quality of life and homestead property value loss for the gain of neighboring land owners …” Zanesfield activist Tom Stacy wrote in reply to the letter.
10 Feb 2014

Turbine opponents say safety, fairness at stake

Concerns with the safety of the Buckeye Wind Project and the process by which it was approved were among the chief issues raised by opponents before the Ohio Supreme Court. Champaign County prosecutors and members of Union Neighbors United filed arguments recently with the Ohio Supreme Court, one of the final steps in deciding whether the controversial wind project can move forward. Combined with an earlier first phase, the project could include a total of about 100 turbines spread spread throughout six townships.
10 Feb 2014

Ohio wind turbine project stopped near Lake Erie

A business park near the Camp Perry site already has put up a wind turbine, but it isn't operating yet. Kim Kauffman, director of the Black Swamp Bird Observatory, said they will be monitoring it. "If we were to learn it killed migrating birds or eagles, we would pursue legal action," she said. There are about 60 bald eagle nests within 10 miles of the wind turbine, she said.
1 Feb 2014

National Guard scraps Ohio turbine project after enviros threaten lawsuit

The Washington, D.C.-based public interest law firm Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal earlier this month sent a notice of intent to sue the Ohio Air National Guard, challenging the results of an environmental assessment of the project and a subsequent finding of no significant impact (FONSI) released in August that cleared the way for the turbine to be built. The two groups say the Air National Guard skirted federal laws, including the Endangered Species Act, by not properly analyzing the impacts on a host of sensitive avian species.
30 Jan 2014

Ohio Senate may be nearing repeal of “green” energy mandates

In an interview with Media Trackers, Sen. Jordan expressed his belief that SB 34 was gaining traction in the legislature. “My bill is much more simple, and it just lets customers pick the winners and losers in our economy, as opposed to a bunch of know-it-all politicians,” he said, adding, “You rip the Band-Aid off, you stop the problem, which is that these renewables necessarily drive the cost up for all consumers.”
24 Jan 2014

Coleman: Wind application fails to address Logan County roads

A letter filed by Logan County Engineer Scott Coleman with the Ohio Power Siting Board says that wind developer Everpower neglected to address Logan County roads in its original application.“It appears that the transportation study submitted to the Ohio Power Siting Board failed to address Logan County roads. However, several Logan County roads are being used according to the mapping included in the application.”
22 Jan 2014

Residents get say on Scioto Ridge Wind Farm proposal

The Shepherds were among dozens of landowners and activists who filled Veterans Hall at the Hardin County Courthouse to voice their opinions on the potential impact of the planned development. Their concerns included noise issues, potential physical dangers, the economic viability of the project, impact on wildlife, expected declines in property values among other general quality of life issues.
9 Jan 2014

Bird conservation groups move to block Lake Erie wind turbine project at Camp Perry

Ohio’s Black Swamp Bird Observatory and the American Bird Conservancy, a leading national organization, accused the National Guard of circumventing the environmental review process and of violating the federal Endangered Species Act. The Black Swamp group has long opposed the wind turbine plan, maintaining it would threaten millions of birds and bats that pass over the lake during the spring and fall migrations.
8 Jan 2014

State board hears Champaign turbine case

State officials listened to evidence Monday on Buckeye Wind’s request to amend portions of its certificate for the first phase of the Buckeye Wind farm. Officials from the company are seeking to relocate a substation within the same parcel, relocate four access roads, re-size two construction yards and install some collection lines.
6 Jan 2014

Public hearing on wind farm is Jan. 8

The Ohio Power Siting Board will hold a public hearing to provide area residents an opportunity to testify about Hardin Wind, LLC’s proposal to construct the Scioto Ridge Wind Farm in Hardin and Logan counties.
4 Jan 2014

Great Lakes wind controversy blowin' strong

Some people look at a wind turbine and get a rush of adrenalin, a sense of patriotism running through their bones because they view it as another step toward energy independence. Others look at that same turbine and roll their eyes in disgust. They see the giant machine as visual clutter in the countryside ...How many wind turbines does it take before the former set of people start to agree with the latter?
1 Jan 2014

Opponents fail to halt wind-tower projects; Construction in Ottawa Co. criticized

Two Ottawa County wind turbine projects are proceeding despite protests from birders and warnings about the risk to bald eagles and endangered birds. The towers, a 198-foot, $1.5 million federally funded turbine to be installed at Camp Perry and a roughly 325-foot tower recently erected at the nearby Lake Erie Business Park, are unrelated but have united opponents, who contend whirling blades don’t belong in the migratory bird region along the lake shore.
24 Dec 2013

As turbine effort secures financing, conservationists speak out

The project was technically feasible, but the energy output from the turbines — 120 to 500 megawatts — would have cost two to four times more than land-based wind, according to a NYPA news release. The NYPA said annual subsidies of between $60 million and $100 million would result in high costs to the New York Power Authority. Great Lakes Wind Truth and NA-PAW were outspoken against the GLOW project, with hundreds of residents in the town of Greece, N.Y., signing a petition against it.
22 Dec 2013

Commissioners want road repair agreement before wind farm built

“We’ve been working on a road agreement for two years, but these energy companies have never sat down with us,” said Commissioner Gary Utt. “I’ve been told by the Paulding County clerk that they (wind farm companies) fixed the roads the first time, but the second time, when they replace equipment, they won’t be as forthright.”
21 Dec 2013
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