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'Completely perverse' wind energy subsidies aren't reducing emissions

We all see the hundreds of wind power turbines which dot the beautiful landscape of our region. We're told, by the supporters of these wind farms, that they're a boon to our society. That they're reducing greenhouse gas emissions by providing cheap, reliable energy. Except, this week I spoke with a man from the University of California, Berkeley who says that's a lot of bunk.
16 Oct 2017

PSC Approves Rule Changes Related to Wind Projects

5-2-17windrulesapproved_thumb BISMARCK, ND – The North Dakota Public Service Commission (PSC) has approved two sets of rule changes that strengthen requirements for future wind projects and ensure they are properly decommissioned at the end of their use. The rule changes focus on two different areas related to wind projects: (1) decommissioning requirements for when a wind farm is retired, and (2) lighting systems. 
2 May 2017

Energy study aims to grapple with industry landscape

“We’re starting to have more opposition at wind farm hearings,” said Christmann, explaining that major issues in public hearings tend to be the sound turbines produce, the visual aspect and setbacks. From a regulatory standpoint, he said it comes down to a delicate balancing act in terms of expanding the state’s energy production and ensuring there’s enough capacity on the grid for electricity.
4 Mar 2017

North Dakota Senate committee tweaks wind power moratorium bill

Sen. Dwight Cook, R-Mandan, said his amendment was intended to “take some of the edge” off of the original moratorium proposal.  ...“What I’m looking for is reliable, affordable electricity,” Cook said. “One of the things that we’re responsible for, I would think anyway, is to make sure that the … electricity of North Dakota is always available to the citizens of North Dakota and we don’t suffer through a blackout.”
21 Feb 2017

EPA targets North Dakota in final Clean Power Plan

Prematurely shutting down plants would strand these substantial investments, meaning consumers will have to pay for the expenses associated with that plant while paying the additional costs for new power plant assets. As an industry, we can find new, innovative technology to make strides toward reducing carbon emissions. It just takes time. Unfortunately, the EPA’s plan gives us no time and ties up all investment dollars in building new power plants fueled by a different source.
20 Aug 2015

Border battle: ND refuses to pay millions in MN renewable energy bills

North Dakota officials grudgingly looked the other way as Minnesota regulators continued to approve more of what they viewed as inefficient renewable energy projects. Those projects increased the utility bills of Xcel’s 80,000 customers — from Fargo to Minot — by an estimated $5.7 million a year. The systemwide cost for ratepayers is about $92 million.
16 Apr 2014

Obama, Romney split on energy policy

In the presidential debate about domestic issues, Romney hit Obama on giving $90 million in tax breaks to wind and solar power projects. Many of them failed, the Republican said, telling Obama, "You pick losers." "This is not the kind of policy you want to have if you want to get America energy-secure," Romney added.
8 Oct 2012

Bill requires wind turbine compensation sharing

House Bill 1460 seeks what's known in the industry as unitization, a process where profits from a wind turbine are shared with the owners of surrounding property whose own wind rights are being affected by the development. While wind may not be finite like other resources, its capture can be affected by its own development. Wind turbines reduce the wind that passes through them, requiring that turbines be placed a certain distance apart.
8 Feb 2011

North Dakota, Minnesota fight over clean energy could get dirty

Stenehjem argues that Minnesota's restrictive laws on carbon emissions violate the U.S. Constitution's commerce clause, which bars states from interfering in other states' commerce. Minnesota is free to impose whatever restrictions it wishes on its own power plants but runs afoul of the commerce clause when extending those restrictions on other states, Stenehjem said.
6 Dec 2010

Wind politics could sway policy

Towering 350 feet above the prairie, wind turbines have taken root as a prominent part of the North Dakota landscape. But as they proliferate, issues of how they are sited, how they are funded and how they fit into the state's energy sources have been growing with their electricity generation. ...Detractors claim they are a passing fad dependent on tax subsidies that add stress to the existing energy infrastructure and clutter up the horizon. "This is going to permanently change the landscape," said Burleigh County Commissioner Mark Armstrong.
3 May 2010

Burleigh County Commission needs comments on wind policy revisions

The Burleigh County Commission on Monday set a public hearing about a draft wind tower policy for townships using county zoning for 5:30 p.m. on April 5 at the City/County Building in Bismarck. The need for the wind energy policy became more immediate after Nextera Energy proposed to build a 66-tower wind farm across Ecklund and Crofte townships that is projected to generate 99 mega-watts of energy.
16 Mar 2010
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