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Rural landscape becoming noisy

A rural Barnes County couple had planned to enjoy retirement by moving back to North Dakota. But Dennis and Cathryn Stillings are finding a changed landscape even noisy. As WDAY 6 Reporter Kevin Wallevand tells us, the prairie has a different look and sound. ...Dennis Stillings and his wife Cathryn moved back to their native North Dakota two years ago. ..."We would never do this again; no if we had known [about the turbines] we would not have looked at the property."
5 Aug 2009

Wind turbine noise concerns prompt investigation

Wind farms are rapidly expanding across the Midwest, and a growing number of residents who live near the wind turbines are complaining about noise. ...Leon Steinberg is CEO of Minneapolis-based National Wind. He said most wind farm developers already use setbacks that exceed state regulations. "I don't think the industry believes it's a significant problem," Steinberg said. "But I believe the industry is concerned with the perception that it may be a problem."
4 Aug 2009

Wind complaints reach Japan

On Thursday, Takushi Harima of the Tokyo Broadcasting System interviewed Stillings, who lives near NextEra Energy Resources' wind farm about 15 miles northeast of Valley City. Harima asked Stillings what the view was like, whether he has noticed adverse health effects and about noise.
27 Jul 2009

NOISY WIND: Residents near N.D. wind farm project raising voices over noise pollutions

Complaints about noise and possible health effects from wind turbines arose at a recent public hearing concerning a proposed 157-megawatt wind farm near Luverne, N.D., in Griggs and Steele counties. The Stillingses and several other rural residents who live adjacent to nearby wind farms testified that they are bothered by turbines, even though they comply with the North Dakota Public Service Commission's setback requirement.
29 Jun 2009

Science undecided over turbines' health effects

A Minnesota Department of Health analysis of possible health effects from wind turbines concludes that annoyance and diminished quality of life are the most frequent complaints from nearby residents. The "white paper," a review of available scientific research, notes that people vary greatly in their sensitivity to noise, with penetrating, low-frequency sounds posing the most problems.
29 Jun 2009

Wind turbines are ugly, noisy

There is a person near here who has had most everything done to his house to try to keep the noise out. The power company, from what I understand, is paying for trying to keep the noise out in his home. Nothing has worked. He still has the constant noise in his home. Unfortunately, the tower is on the neighbor's land. He is just going to have to put up with it. I had two couples come out looking at lots and both of them wanted front lots or lots at the top of the hill. When the women got here and looked around, they looked at the view to the north and to the south. No way, they said. We are not going to look at those towers the rest of our lives and both couples left. One of the couples bought 40 acres. The other couple would not buy around the wind charger area.
24 Jul 2007
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