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County to stall turbine plan

The board agreed unanimously and set 6 p.m. Jan. 2, 2014, as the date for a public hearing on enacting a 60-day moratorium on the issuance of any permits for wind energy facilities in Carteret County. The purpose of the moratorium is to give the commissioners the opportunity to review and possibly revise existing ordinances in regard to these type facilities.
15 Dec 2013

Carteret mulls temporary ban of wind-energy projects

The Carteret County Board of Commissioners agreed to hold a public hearing to glean public comments about a possible temporary ban up to 60 days on the issuance of any permits for wind-energy facilities in Carteret County. The moratorium’s purpose would be to give the board an opportunity to review — and possibly revise — existing ordinances that regulate wind-energy facilities.
15 Dec 2013

Board adopts tall structure ordinance

The ordinance has a minimum setback for all wind turbines of 1,300 feet from the property lines, plus an additional setback of 2½ feet for every foot of height on the turbines. There’s also a shutdown requirement if the turbines produce noise over 45 decibels at the property line for more than 48 consecutive hours.
15 Nov 2013

Project prompts action

A limited liability company is proposing to build a wind energy facility off Mill Creek Road, between the town’s corporate limits and Mill Pond, but the town planning board and council are working on regulations to make sure it doesn’t become a problem for neighboring property owners.
24 Oct 2013

Newport approves moratorium on permitting for tall structures

Permits for tall structures are going to be on hold for the next 58 days while the Newport council and planning board examine the town zoning ordinance to see if changes are needed to protect public health and safety. The council held a special meeting Tuesday evening, attended by about 26 citizens, where after a public hearing, the town council unanimously approved a resolution for a 58-day moratorium on permitting for tall structures.
26 Sep 2013

Divided Pamlico board rejects tall structures ordinance

Pamlico County commissioners voted down a proposed tall structures ordinance Monday that would govern wind farms and communication towers. The split 4-3 vote came after a public hearing ...While the wording covers towers, the gist of the ordinance was aimed at potential wind turbine farms, which were first proposed in Pamlico County this past August.
3 Apr 2013

N.C. wind-power regs hit snag

The Senate's Finance Committee had approved a version of the bill that included rules for permits to build wind farms in the N.C. mountains on Tuesday. But in floor debate Wednesday afternoon, Rep. Steve Goss, D-Watauga, attempted to amend the bill to allow more wind development in the high country.
17 Jul 2009

Lawmakers spar over windmill restrictions

Local and global environmental worries ran into each other Wednesday on the floor of the state Senate. "It's a competing environmental issue," state Sen. Joe Sam Queen told fellow senators, "developing alternative wind energy and preserving the beauty of the mountains." Senate Democrats from Western North Carolina sparred over whether windmills should be allowed to line ridge tops.
16 Jul 2009

NC wind farm plans await regulations; Some WNC lawmakers want limits on Mitchell project

The prospects for harnessing the winds whipping across a mountain ridge in Mitchell County depend on which way the wind blows in the General Assembly. Some lawmakers want to create a permit process for wind farms in the mountains, while others want to ban such clusters of windmills from ridges. Officials say they are poised to lure a wind-energy company and its green jobs to Spruce Pine if legislators open the door.
13 Jul 2009

Measure on wind energy omits mountains

The measure, approved by the agriculture, environment and natural resources committee, requires permits for windmills on the coast. Wind is part of a 2007 state law that mandates increased production from renewable energy sources. But mountain turbines were dropped, said Sen. Charles Albertson, who sponsored the measure, because some lawmakers worried about the effects on tourism and aesthetics.
8 Jul 2009

Officials rush to clear way for ‘green' wind power

And there are still plenty of people in North Carolina who believe harnessing the coast's winds holds great potential to meet at least part of the state's future energy needs. But any proposal to build an offshore wind farm today would run into an obstacle that could be a tougher challenger than the economics of cheap oil and not-in-my-backyard (NIMBY) protests.
26 Jun 2009

Wind law gets OK

It's taken nine months of public hearings, multiple drafts and countless e-mails of information, but Carteret County finally has an ordinance regulating wind turbines and communication towers. ...The ordinance allows utility-scale turbines up to 550 feet tall and requires a setback of 6 feet for each foot of height - a maximum setback of 3,300 feet. The ordinance also addresses noise from turbines and shadow flicker and has separate standards for turbines under 200 feet tall and for private residential turbines.
19 Nov 2008

Wise decision

We congratulate all involved — county commissioners and the county Planning Department — for the county’s tall structure ordinance, which commissioners unanimously approved Monday night. As Lori Wynn says today in a front-page story, it took nine months of public hearings, multiple drafts and countless e-mails, but Carteret County finally has an ordinance regulating wind turbines and communication towers. ...While Progress Energy would have bought the power, that would not have mitigated any electricity to customers because wind is unpredictable and energy generated from industrial wind power can’t be stored so conventional energy sources would still be necessary.
19 Nov 2008
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