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State Public Service Commission approves $95 million for renewable energy projects

State utility regulators today authorized an auction to distribute $95 million to new power plants fueled by the wind, the sun, biomass or other renewable sources. The auction will be the fourth conducted under a standing state mandate to derive 25 percent of New York's electricity from renewable energy sources by 2013. Members of the state Public Service Commission ...noted that the time is right for new renewable energy projects.
20 Aug 2009

Copenhagen passes wind moratorium

Village officials passed a moratorium Wednesday night that restricts any type of windmill, either commercial or personal, from being set up within village limits. Mayor Kenneth R. Clarke said he expects the moratorium to last about a year while the board develops a law that "protects people in the village." The decision came after the town of Denmark announced it was closer to setting a wind power zoning law.
20 Aug 2009

Wind law stalls at Prattsburgh meeting

The Prattsburgh town board took no action on a draft wind utilities law Tuesday, instead opting to review two draft laws, including one with changes approved by the board 4-0 in July. Councilwoman Stacey Bottoni objected to the July version saying it contained language she didn't like. But Councilman Steve Kula said the version contained changes Bottoni approved before leaving the meeting last month.
19 Aug 2009

Arkwright board holds on wind waiver

The Arkwright Town Board spoke with one voice Monday when it unanimously voted to table a Horizon Wind Energy waiver request. ...Horizon project manager Tom Stebbins explained that he had met with the Chautauqua County Parks Department in November 2008 about a situation that arose with the location of a wind turbine on the Meadows Road property. Stebbins said this involved a 30 foot difference in the town's local wind law requirement for a 1200 setback.
16 Aug 2009

Expert: resident can tape meetings

John L. Byrne, a town resident who was almost arrested for videotaping a Town Council meeting Thursday, should be allowed to tape the meetings, according to Robert J. Freeman, executive director of the state Committee on Open Government. ..."They are just trying to degrade the town board," Mr. Rienbeck said. "They're waiting for somebody, like me or the Planning Board chairman, Richard Edsall, to lose temper." For several years, the Town Council has been in conflict with the Wind Power Ethics Group.
16 Aug 2009

APA approves two residential windmills

Adirondack Park Agency commissioners approved two residential wind turbines at their recent meeting: one in Essex, the other in Indian Lake. In discussion, APA commissioners considered refining their use of "substantial invisibility" as it applies to slender, residential wind turbines, which disappear to the naked eye a mile away. Commissioner Richard Booth suggested APA Tower's Policy may not be a good regulatory fit for accessory, homeowner wind turbines.
16 Aug 2009

Bath town board votes in favor of temporary ban

A six-month moratorium on commercial wind development is now in place in the town of Bath, after the town council voted Monday night in favor of the temporary ban. The moratorium was one of a number of items before the board, including an update on the joint salt barn project between the town and village of Bath. The moratorium may also be extended up to an additional six months if needed, said Bath Town Supervisor Frederick Muller.
15 Aug 2009

Massa against current wind farm growth

The 29th Congressional District is ground zero for wind farm development with more than 1,200 turbines ultimately planned for the region, according to U.S. Rep. Eric Massa, D-Corning. Massa was in town Monday night to discuss his opposition to the federal health reform act, during a 1.5-hour long town hall meeting, saying the act would impose a higher surcharge on New Yorkers and undermine Medicare.
15 Aug 2009

Board to review moratorium petition

A petition with more than 650 signatures was submitted at the Town Board meeting Thursday asking officials to enact a one-year, townwide moratorium on wind development. The board is considering a six-month moratorium for the lakefront and riverfront districts, but took no action regarding any moratorium on wind development at a meeting.
14 Aug 2009

Even with some unresolved concerns, Denmark closer to wind zoning law

After about a year and a half of discussions, the Denmark Town Council is working to get a wind power zoning law on the books, possibly by next month. However, some Copenhagen residents, including the mayor, still have reservations about the plan. "I want to protect people in the village," Copenhagen Mayor Kenneth R. Clarke said Monday night at a public hearing on the proposed amendment to town zoning law.
12 Aug 2009

Wyoming Co. wind farm: Dairy Hills issues aired, pro and con

Numbers fought philosophy during Monday's hearing on the proposed Dairy Hills Wind Farm environmental review. Supporters cited their sheer numbers during the public hearing meant to offer comments on the wind farm's supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement. In the meantime, opponents argued that subsidies, potential loss of property value and other negatives would hurt the town.
11 Aug 2009

Hammond board should leave wind decision to taxpayers

As a taxpayer in the town of Hammond I am very disturbed about how the issue of industrial wind turbines in our town will be decided. ...Councilman Ronald Tully II, Councilman James Langtry and Supervisor Janie G. Hollister have a potential conflict of interest here, as they all either directly own property, or have relatives who own parcels of land (or both), in the town that falls within Hammond's wind overlay zone that are large enough to erect many of these proposed turbines.
11 Aug 2009

Planning Board weighs in on wind law

Planning Board members and alternates have a wide range of views on what shape a wind development zoning law should take. The town-appointed Wind Committee submitted its recommendations on a zoning law April 22. Planning Board members and alternates submitted comments on those recommendations in July.
10 Aug 2009

Further investigation of wind issues needed

I am a north country native and have lived on the riverside of Route 12 in Hammond for 18 years. I am opposed to this Wind Energy Facilities Law in its present form. ...The revisions in this law were made by the attorney and are basically cosmetic. There have been no significant changes to any area, particularly the important health and safety issues like setbacks and noise levels.
9 Aug 2009

Wind developer slingin' more of the same "Bull"

Former Perry Supervisor, now Horizon salesperson, Anne Humphrey's ad in last week's Perry Shopper was just more of the same typical of Big Wind sales pitches. Bless her heart, Ms. Humphrey is only saying what she needs to say to keep her job. We found it particularly amusing that Ms. Humphrey said, "It's not all about the money," yet, that's ALL she talked about. She said "it's about what is right for the environment," yet didn't say a single word to substantiate how so.
9 Aug 2009

What made Cape Vincent great will be gone

Why do our town officials value the wind companies more than the citizens they represent? Furthermore, it's hard to understand why so many people are indifferent about the issue. Many people say, "I don't care one way or another because I won't see them from my house or from the village. They won't affect me." To me this translated to I don't care what happens to my neighbors or my community.
6 Aug 2009

Wind opposition swirling in Perry

As a public hearing approaches on the proposed Dairy Hill Wind Farm's environmental study, a group of residents is again raising concerns. Their issue isn't so much with the project's Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement, compared to the project itself. They believe the planned wind farm would be inappropriate for the area, and that the town would ultimately be short-shrifted, despite any compensation sponsor Horizon Wind Energy is promising.
5 Aug 2009

Cape ZBA declares wind turbine illegal

Personal wind turbines taller than 35 feet are illegal, the town's Zoning Board of Appeals decided Monday. The ZBA voted unanimously at its monthly meeting that Roger D. Alexander's 92-foot-tall residential wind turbine is in violation of the town's zoning law. "It is theoretically a turbine, but we have nothing in the zoning laws to do with that," ZBA Chairman Edward P. Bender said. "So we're going to treat it as an accessory structure."
5 Aug 2009

In response to the migration of slag

At what point does it become a matter of personal responsibility to stand up and speak out to preserve the priceless beauty and health of a God-given resource that once irreversibly damaged by corporate and political greed can never be replaced? ...Now after the introduction of industrial-scale wind turbines and high voltage switchyards and transformers to Sheldon, and the dumping of thousands of tons of industrial waste from the 100 year-old industrial steel site into the agricultural fields where food is grown or cattle graze ... we choose to exercise our rights as a democratic society and therefore stand up and speak out as necessary to preserve this land that is the Orangeville that we love.
4 Aug 2009

Transmission lines plan requires state approval

In addition [to] local approval and state and federal permits, the proposed St. Lawrence Wind Farm will need an act of the state Legislature to run a transmission line to a substation outside of Chaumont. ...About 1.6 miles will be through Ashland Flats Wildlife Management Area in Cape Vincent and Lyme. The state Department of Environmental Conservation controls the area.
4 Aug 2009
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