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Orangeville supervisor challenger questions town's actions on wind turbines

After attending his share of town meetings, Steven Moultrup felt the need to serve its residents. ...Among other issues, he cited how the town's comprehensive plan addresses wind turbines. "It was very clear in the comprehensive plan that the town board would specify the locations of wind turbines," he said. "But what's specified in the comprehensive plan was never done, and I question that. I had some concerns about that."
31 Oct 2009

Orangeville board put self-interest above duty

Elected town officials of Orangeville, at a special Town Board meeting Sept. 23, set aside the health, safety and welfare of the people of Orangeville, in deference to some of their own personal financial agendas in matters pertaining to zoning laws when they pushed through a proposed resolution for wind energy. ...Orangeville Supervisor Susan May, councilmen Andrew Flint, James Herman and Hans Boxler Jr. voted unanimously for 700-foot setbacks of mammoth 450-foot industrial turbines from Orangeville taxpayers' property lines (500 feet from public roads), leaving no doubt that there was little regard for the health, safety and welfare of the people who voted them into office.
29 Oct 2009

New rule called obstacle to wind power

Gov. David Paterson has ambitious renewable energy goals for New York state -- most of which he is trying to meet by encouraging the construction of large wind turbines. But wind farm advocates say that a new regulation adopted less than two weeks ago by the state Public Service Commission may severely curtail future construction of large-scale commercial wind farms in upstate New York. The rule requires that developers of new renewable energy projects in New York study whether there is enough transmission line capacity to handle the additional power their projects will create.
26 Oct 2009

BPA seeks help determining route of new transmission line

Roseanna Cherrington became nervous when she received a letter from the Bonneville Power Administration asking permission to dig holes in her land. The federal BPA, the Pacific Northwest's largest power marketer, is exploring a plan to build a 500-kilovolt transmission line running about 70 miles from Castle Rock to Troutdale, Ore., to meet growing power demand in the area. The BPA is looking to string the line between a series of steel towers, each about 80 to 150 feet tall.
26 Oct 2009

Galloo wind farm approvals pursued

This week, developer Upstate NY Power Corp. submitted the site plan application for the wind farm to the town of Hounsfield Planning Board. Before the site plan can be approved, the state environmental quality review process must be completed by the state Department of Environmental Conservation. Earlier this month, Upstate NY Power Corp. received approval from the Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency for a payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement separate from the uniform tax-exempt policy in development for wind projects across the county.
23 Oct 2009

Iberdrola discloses municipal officers it is paying

Iberdrola Renewables Inc., the wind company developing the Stone Church Wind Farm Project, has released a list of municipal officers and their relatives the company is paying to use their property. The four people named in the public notice are Hammond Town Councilman James C. Pitcher; John Mitchell, whose wife, Ann, was Hammond town clerk from 1988 to 2005; Hammond Planning Board member Steven S. Demick; and town of Oswegatchie Councilman Kenneth A. Wilson. The public notice was in compliance with state Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo's Wind Energy Ethics Code.
23 Oct 2009

E.ON: Hartsville wind law could lead to ‘financial liabilities'

Could there be a lawsuit in the tea leaves over a proposed wind law in Hartsville? For the second meeting in a row, discussions at Wednesday night's town board meeting focused on a newly-unveiled wind regulatory law. And again, discussions of legal action by those benefiting from the project have been discussed. This time, the reference came from the developer. According to Jackie Murray, an attorney for German-owned E.ON Climate and Renewables - the company planning to build around 51 megawatts worth of industrial wind turbines in the town - a proposed law would block wind development because of overly-strict guidelines in the legislation, and could cause problems for the town.
23 Oct 2009

Sheridan to present proposed WECS legislation

As wind energy sweeps through the county, Sheridan officials are looking to adopt legislation to regulate potential wind energy conversion system (WECS) projects within the town. ...Due to the topography of Sheridan - no vast open spaces or rolling hills, but a busy airport - Farnham explained the township is unique, making their focus on small, private WECS projects rather than commercial prospects.
22 Oct 2009

Wind farm project gets mixed reaction

The 39-turbine Roaring Brook wind farm project in the town of Martinsburg received little public comment Wednesday. And the four people who did speak at the town Planning Board public hearing on the project expressed mixed opinions. "There is insufficient evidence to suggest that birds won't be displaced by Roaring Brook Wind Farm," said Chris K. Lajewski, the Northern New York land steward for the Nature Conservancy.
22 Oct 2009

Lobbyist report raises concerns about NYPA

A memo from a lobbying company has some lawmakers concerned that Niagara County's lawsuit against the New York State Power Authority may be impacting its ability to secure the rights to assist in the development of a new wind energy project in Western New York.
20 Oct 2009

Foes of Henderson wind project organize

Opponents of the proposed industrial wind development in the town have formed a group called Heart of Henderson. The group, which has more than a dozen members so far, is made up of both seasonal and full-time residents of the town. They have become more vocal as the details of the possible Stony Point Wind Farm become clear. ...Deborah L. Fargo started the group a few weeks ago after receiving a letter saying a meteorological test tower would be erected on a neighboring property.
19 Oct 2009

'Summer person' from the U. S. hopes she sees wind farm dismantled

The battles over wind farms in Ontario and New York state have had no shortage of press coverage. The battle lines are most often drawn between those who place a premium on scenic and historic preservation, property values and other quality-of-life factors, versus those who place a priority on the personal and municipal income the wind projects offer. But the processes that decide these battles are seldom fair or transparent, and are skewed in favour of the few over the many.
18 Oct 2009

Horizon suspends Perry wind project

Horizon Wind Energy has put its plans for a commercial windmill farm in Perry on hold, Town Supervisor Jim Brick said this morning. Brick said he wasn't sure why. "They didn't come right out and say specifically," he said. ...Asked if this mean the project has been definitely abandoned, Brick said that was not the case. "We kind of agreed it's gone to sleep for awhile," he said.
16 Oct 2009

Rural areas no place for huge wind projects

Iberdrola is threatening to pull out because Clayton is considering very reasonable requirements that will preserve the prized qualities of the town. Iberdrola's statement is mind-boggling to me. According to the article, "Iberdrola spokeswoman Jan Johnson said the company will use Maple Ridge as the example of responsible development ...Maple Ridge is a massive, visually dominating wind project in an area that is much different in character than the St. Lawrence shore towns.
15 Oct 2009

Windmill proposal draws concern of Bayshore group

Bayshore environmental group the Hazlet Area Quality of Life Alliance (HAQLA) is opposing a proposal that would place a 380-foot-tall windmill near a residential area along the coastline. HAQLA President John M. Curran III has written to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Monmouth County Freeholders in opposition to the wind turbine project proposed for Union Beach ...Curran calls for a countywide moratorium on wind towers/turbines "until the county and towns establish effective, controlling ordinances and regulations" governing renewable energy projects.
15 Oct 2009

Perry wind project suspended

Horizon Wind Energy has suspended its plans for a windmill farm in Perry, Town Clerk Sarah Ballinger said Thursday morning. "We just made the announcement yesterday," she said, referring to Wednesday night's Town Board meeting. Ballinger did not have any other details about Horizon's decision.
15 Oct 2009

Man asks judge to reverse ZBA ruling

A state Supreme Court judge likely will decide whether a town of Cape Vincent man can keep a personal wind turbine on his property. Roger D. Alexander, of 35157 County Route 7, filed an Article 78 action Tuesday at the Jefferson County Clerk's office against the town's Zoning Board of Appeals, asking that a judge reverse and annul a Sept. 14 decision by the board revoking a permit for the construction of a 92-foot turbine.
15 Oct 2009

Moratorium extended a year

No parking and no turbines. Lyme's Town Council extended the moratorium on wind energy development for a year and enacted a parking ban along County Route 125 at its meeting Wednesday night. The moratorium, which was proposed as a three-month period, was passed through Oct. 15, 2010. An appeals court decision on a lawsuit against the zoning law passed May 6 will be announced in January or February. Then the law would be "tweaked," Supervisor Scott G. Aubertine said.
15 Oct 2009

Wind farm substation is damaged by blaze

A transformer at the Maple Ridge Wind Farm's substation off Rector Road was destroyed by fire late Monday afternoon. Martinsburg firefighters were dispatched to the substation about 5 p.m. but had to wait until the facility was shut down before extinguishing the blaze, said Lewis County Fire Coordinator James M. Martin. ...The Columbus Day fire was the second transformer fire at the site, with a similar incident occurring July 4, 2007. In that case, 491 gallons of mineral oil leaked from the damaged transformer
14 Oct 2009

PILOT enabling wind power development

There is considerable data now available to anyone with an open mind and objective perspective that clearly shows industrial wind generation has severe limitations as an efficient alternative-energy source. The experiments in many European nations as well as those in operation in the U.S. and now also including the Wolfe Island project which dramatically impacts this region can only boast at best a 20 percent to 25 percent rate of production.
14 Oct 2009
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