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60 Herkimer Co. residents file lawsuit against wind farm owner

Frustrated by the wind farm that some residents say drives them "crazy," 60 Middleville, Fairfield and Norway residents have filed a lawsuit in state Supreme Court against the entities responsible for its construction, namely Iberdrola Renewables. "A lot of it has to do with the effect that it's having in being in close proximity to the residences," said Jeff DeFrancisco, an attorney from DeFrancisco & Flagiatano Law Firm of Syracuse.
10 Nov 2012

Fairfield residents given noise generators to drown out sound of windmills

Tobin says people don't realize what it's like to try to try and sleep at night with these windmills going around and around when everything else is quiet. Tobin said, "I've had a few friends of mine that came up ...they said 'well that aint nothin'. When they sat there and were were talking, they said 'my gosh, how the heck do you put up with this'. Yea, cause it's constant. It don't go away. It sounds like a plane that never stops. It just goes and goes and goes."
16 Jul 2012

Tests conducted to reduce turbine noise; Herkimer County site uses quieting software on wind power units

The turbines, at 476 feet, are the tallest in the state so far. The two towns also were the first in the state to require sound testing of turbines after construction, rather than relying solely on pre-construction models to predict sound levels. ...Tests at the Hardscabble farm done in the spring and winter of 2011 found noise levels from the turbines were spiking as high as 60 decibles, Melewski said.
14 Jul 2012

Noise reduction system to be installed at Hardscrabble Wind Farm

The test results show repeated excursions beyond the legal limit. Simultaneous with its release of the report on sound testing, Iberdrola Renewables announced it would immediately begin testing the use of a proprietary noise reduction system developed by Gamesa, the manufacturer of the turbines. ...The town councils in both Fairfield and Norway have directed Iberdrola Renewables to report back to them on the results of the test no later than their next meeting in the month of September.
14 Jul 2012

Noise Reduction System to be installed at Hardscrabble Wind Farm

The town board recently authorized the testing of an a Noise Reduction System by Iberdrola Renewables to test 37 turbines - 25 of which are located in Fairfield - at Hardscrabble Wind Farm. The test will ensure that the turbines are in compliance with noise levels required by the special use permit issued by the company, according to a news release.
13 Jul 2012

On the Bus to Hardscrabble Wind Farm

In the winter, the red light reflects off the white snow and can be seen for miles. Salamone has talked to a realtor about selling his property, and the realtor told him his asking price is about $90,000 too high now that the wind turbines have been installed. A neighbor has simply moved away, without even trying to sell his property, because he couldn’t stand living under the turbines.
28 Apr 2012

Wind turbine noise disturbs camp serenity

We own a camp near Lowville and those wind towers have ruined the serenity of the area. I cried the first night we spent at our camp after the turbines were turned on. It was in the spring with all the windows closed. I couldn't sleep with the constant whump, whump, whump of the towers all night long.
16 Feb 2012

Noise from Herkimer Co. wind turbines to be studied again

A study conducted earlier this year found that the noise level in some instances went above the 50-decibel level required in the permits for the turbines, Fairfield town Supervisor Richard Souza said. Another, more extensive study will be conducted starting in late October or early November, Souza said.
4 Oct 2011

Law would restrict turbine noise

The proposed law was designed to limit noise levels of the turbines ...This set of guidelines would require turbines being built within 2,000 feet of a home, school or hospital not increase that building's level of noise more than six decibels above the level it currently is.
13 Jun 2011

Hammond proposes wind farm setbacks

The committee voted 9-1, with leaseholder Michele W. McQueer casting the opposing vote, to recommend noise limits proposed by sound expert Paul D. Schomer. He proposed three separate limits for different times of the day and night, including 45 decibels between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., 40 decibels between 7 and 10 p.m. and 35 decibels between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.
15 Jan 2011

Proposal for noise study fizzles in Cape

The resolutions called for the town's acoustic engineering firm, Cavanaugh Tocci Associates, Sudbury, Mass., to take sound measurements in the town and prepare a report on the background sound levels in the town. Mr. Hirschey cited the wide difference between the results of the two wind project developers' study and one commissioned by the opposition group Wind Power Ethics Group.
15 Oct 2010
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