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Town eyes selective wind moratorium

While a new wind power development zoning law is in a holding pattern, the Town Council at its August meeting will consider a moratorium on all wind power development in the river and lake districts. On Thursday night, Supervisor Thomas K. Rienbeck suggested a yearlong moratorium "since we can't seem to come up with a suitable zoning law dealing with wind power."
10 Jul 2009

Turbine measure passes with non-commercial fee

The Athens Town Board took their own steps to allow wind turbines on Monday night, but with dissent by one of their council regarding the details. Instead of passing a law, the Town Board along with Code Enforcement Officer George Holsopple determined they would implement a resolution instead to add a $150 fee to all specific 50-foot non-commercial wind turbines to the existing list of permit fees.
7 Jul 2009

Planning Board comments on wind law

Members of the Planning Board are weighing in on the recommendations for a zoning law amendment by the town's Wind Committee. All but one member wrote up comments, which were not available to the public at Thursday night's Planning Board meeting.
6 Jul 2009

New Windsor board to discuss next step

The Town Board is getting widely differing advice on how to regulate wind turbines. The Orange County Planning Department, which reviewed the town's proposed law governing wind energy conversion systems, advised the town to strictly adhere to the terms in that document.
3 Jul 2009

Public input considered on wind energy

The Town Board will use comments from a Tuesday night public hearing to make some changes before it passes a proposed local law regulating wind energy facilities. Town Supervisor Chris Gerwitz told about 80 people at the hearing in the Ashford Community Center that he hopes for passage of the law but that the Town Board must first hold more discussions with the Planning Board and the town attorney.
2 Jul 2009

Officials streamline wind turbine policy; Demand for privately owned towers prompted law

The Town of Coxsackie took steps to promote alternative energy Monday night at a public hearing, approving the Small Wind Energy Facility Law after a lightly attended public comment session with no dissent. Town Board members with community input had been working on the ordinance since last October, finally hammering out the finished draft on June 8.
30 Jun 2009

Wind energy discussed at Ashford board meeting; Horizon Wind Energy explains proposals

Wind energy was the main topic of discussion at the June 10 Ashford Town Board meeting. Gary Davidson from Horizon Wind Energy was on hand to clarify concerns from the council members. Davidson noted that Horizon's proposed project would be a 20 megawatt development consisting of between nine and 13 turbines located in the Dutch Hill ridge area, which would tie in to the transmission line on Ashford Hollow Road.
17 Jun 2009

Tension over turbines is escalating in Hammond

Tensions are rising between those who support wind turbines in the town and those who do not, with at least one threatening phone call made and several signs vandalized. "It just seems we're all caught up in this whirlwind," said Del C. Hamilton, a member of Concerned Residents of Hammond, a grass-roots organization opposed to wind turbines.
14 Jun 2009

Bath prepares to put wind farms on hold

Bath town board members last week took the first step towards a moratorium on commercial wind farm developments, directing town attorney Jeffrey Squires to draw up a local law establishing a six-month ban on commercial wind turbines. The unanimous vote came one month after town Supervisor Fred Muller asked board members to consider a moratorium.
14 Jun 2009

Group weighing extended setbacks

The Wind Energy Committee proposed on Wednesday increasing setbacks for existing structures, but allowing residents to build within 600 feet of a turbine. "If the tower is 600 feet from the property line and you have to be 1,200 feet away from an off-site residence, you just stopped me from being able to do anything on that part of my land," wind committee member L. Kay Davis said. "It gives people a chance to use their land more."
29 May 2009

Rules would eliminate wind farm

Iberdrola Renewables told town officials the recommendations from the town's wind committee would effectively eliminate Horse Creek Wind Farm. At the Town Council's meeting Wednesday night, the council, Planning Board and committee discussed the committee's recommendations. ...Iberdrola has proposed 54 turbines for Clayton and an additional eight for Orleans.
28 May 2009

Wind panel readies presentation

The Orleans Wind Committee will give the Town Council a rundown on its thoughts on flicker, setbacks and noise at a meeting Monday night. The committee, meeting Tuesday night, discussed how technical to be and what form to present its possible recommendations in. "I think they understand the issues but don't understand the technical lingo involved," member William DiTrinco said.
27 May 2009

Beekmantown wind project clears Zoning Board

The conditional-use permit allowing a 13-turbine wind development here surpassed its latest obstacle Wednesday night. The permit, granted by Beekmantown Zoning Board of Appeals to Windhorse Power, LLC, has been an object of controversy and litigation since it was first issued on Jan. 31, 2007.
21 May 2009

Think big on wind energy

The Town of Orangeville held a public hearing on May 7, 2009, to obtain the views of its citizens and taxpayers regarding a proposed industrial-scale wind farm. There are a number of important issues that need to be considered fully, including issues of scale and equity, big business vs. landowner, mismatch between promises and reality, energy supply vs. energy efficiency, migration patterns of birds, and many more.
20 May 2009

Clayton eyes new law on non-commercial renewable energy

The town will create an ad hoc committee to gather community input for a new law on non-commercial renewable energy development. Town Supervisor Justin A. Taylor said the new law would separate "big wind," or commercial wind development, from residential alternative energy projects including non-commercial wind, solar, hydro and geothermal power.
15 May 2009

Wind panel talks of enforcement

Members of the Orleans Wind Committee discussed possible enforcement mechanisms at their meeting Tuesday night. One aspect is noise level enforcement. The committee agreed April 28 that audible and low-frequency noise should not exceed five decibels above ambient noise at nonparticipating property lines. The members asked if there could be an automatic monitoring system.
14 May 2009

Bath Town Board committee to study wind farm laws

A Bath Town Board committee will study other municipalities' wind turbine laws in preparation of drafting a local law regarding wind farm developments. ...Last month, Lattimer said wind turbine technology is improving, thereby increasing the odds a wind farm developer may someday be attracted to the Bath area. To date, wind patterns in the town have not distinguished it as a candidate for wind turbine developments.
12 May 2009

Wind law concerns turbine advocate

New Windsor's proposed local law regulating residential and commercial wind energy conversion systems will get a public hearing in July. ...Although George Chaleff found a lot of points to agree with as he got his first look at the law Monday, several sticking points led him to suggest the law could severely limit the number of people who could tap the alternative energy source.
12 May 2009
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