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Turbine trouble

Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties are doing their part with the denial of PILOT tax breaks for wind facilities. That will mean that a significant local subsidy will go away. Now it’s time for citizens, business organizations and local politicians at the state level to get it together to oppose big wind. Only significant, coordinated opposition will force an Article 10 siting board to consider local voices, and if we wait any longer, it will be too late.
5 Jul 2017

Town of Parishville not interested in PILOT from wind farms; board passes local wind law establishing setbacks, sound output limits

The Parishville Town Board unanimously passed a local wind law at their meeting June 22 establishing wind turbine setbacks and sound output limits. However, the town is not interested in payments in lieu of taxes – PILOT -- from a large-scale wind power project planned to be built by Avangrid Renewables.
28 Jun 2017

Four towns in two counties eyed for up to 130 wind turbines

A Chicago-based energy company is eyeing four northern Cattaraugus and Allegany County towns for up to 130 wind turbines. ...Company representatives have visited the four town boards over the past few months and are reportedly signing up landowners to locate wind turbines on ridgelines. The company website says 16,000 acres in the four counties are under lease.
17 Jun 2017

Somerset planners OK wind power developer's request for towers

One of the key factors in Furlong's ruling was that the Planning Board approved a previous Apex weather tower on Lower Lake Road in 2014. The judge also ruled that the two new towers – each proposed to be 197 feet high, on Lake and West Somerset roads – wouldn't produce enough impact to justify making the company complete one of the state's long environmental impact forms.
10 Mar 2017

Lighthouse owners want more communication with town officials about wind project

Anthony D. Dibnah and Cara C. Dibnah, who own the Historic Places Galloo Island Lighthouse property, said they received little to no response from their elected officials about how they will use the town’s intervenor funding, or funding awarded by administrative law judges for parties to hire consultants during a project’s review, to ensure their lighthouse, about 150 years old, will be preserved.
22 Feb 2017

Residents debate Cassadaga wind farm

“Did they tell you and show you a visual of the proposed wind turbines that will be in our connecting townships?” she asked the crowd.  “All of them are about 37 feet shorter than the tallest building in Buffalo — monstrous. Think of the visual impact on the people who vacation and camp in this area. This will definitely have a serious impact on their decisions to frequent this area.”
11 Jan 2017

Federal bill could prevent wind projects near military bases

Congress is reviewing a bill that aims to prohibit federal tax relief for wind energy projects located within 40 miles of an active military air base. ...Clayton Supervisor David M. Storandt Jr. and Orleans Supervisor Kevin R. Rarick said that enacting the bill would ensure the safety and viability of military base operations at Fort Drum from potential impacts of wind energy facilities such as Apex Clean Energy’s Galloo Island Wind farm and Atlantic Wind LLC’s Horse Creek Wind Farm.
5 Jan 2017

Plans for wind turbines in Niagara, Orleans counties develop as opposition grows

Congressman Collins said in a press release, “I cannot condone any activity which puts the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station’s (NFARS) future operations and viability at risk. This air base employs over 2,600 people and contributes over $200 million a year to Western New York’s economy.  Massive wind turbines built in such close proximity to military installations, such as the ones being proposed in Western New York, can negatively impact a base’s potential new missions and its future operations.
13 Dec 2016

Wind plans storm onward

“I know this is an important project for many people in the county. I’m certainly not happy that I have to stand in opposition to people I respect, but the bottom line is if I’m going to represent my constituency and do what is fiscally responsible, I can’t support this,” Borrello said. “When it comes to industrial wind projects, the only green part about these projects is the money made.”
10 Dec 2016

Wind plans storm onward

During a Friday meeting in Jamestown, the board approved an environmental quality review statement and a final resolution to authorize a payment in lieu of tax (PILOT) agreement for the wind project. Six members gave their approval, while Dennis Rak, vice chairman, abstained and George Borrello, board member and county legislator, voted no.
10 Dec 2016

Where the Bully Winds Blow

Cuomo is treating “upstate New York like we are second-class citizens,” Engert said. The Lighthouse Wind project “is not wanted by more than 75 percent of the residents of this community . . . ." But Apex, he said, is “hellbent on ramming a project through here."
1 Dec 2016
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