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Offshore wind project hits rough water in New England

The disagreement over Vineyard Wind’s waiver concerns a technicality in New England’s power markets. The company requested an exemption that would have allowed it to bypass a minimum offer price on subsidized energy resources that participate in the grid operator’s annual markets for reserve power. FERC agreed to a fix proposed by ISO New England that would allow Vineyard Wind to qualify for the exemption in the coming years.
7 Feb 2019

House panel votes to eliminate RGGI energy-efficiency funds; Committee also supports lessening renewable energy standard

The NH House Science Technology and Energy Committee narrowly voted Tuesday to gut energy-efficiency funding through the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and roll back the state’s renewable energy standard, in a move that one Republic denounced as partisan and a Democrat called “nuts.”
27 Oct 2017

Antrim Wind reapplies to the SEC, board questioned

Pulses were raised Monday night at the Antrim Select Board meeting, when resident Richard Block asked the board to read a memorandum he had written, criticizing the board on how it conducts town business, specifically when it comes to handling the Antrim Wind project. Meanwhile, the wind farm developer says it is poised to bring the plan forward once again, despite its previous rejection. 
11 Dec 2014

Executive Council approves $4 million bond to get Berlin wind project off the ground

The decision followed about an hour of public testimony, including comments from several attendees who raised concerns about recent changes in the size and scope of the Jericho project, the project’s reliability and how the wind power would be used. “I do not believe the appropriate due diligence has been completed,” said Lori Lerner, president of New Hampshire Wind Watch. She questioned the project’s economic benefit to the state, since she said it doesn’t create many long-term jobs, and she recommended the bond be denied.
30 Oct 2014

Supreme Court: Criticism for Coos officials but tiny Millsfield still unsure about huge tax hike

In 2008 the three Coos County commissioners – Tom Brady, Bing Judd and Paul Grenier – picked $113 million as the value of the wind farm and thus the basis for a payment-in-lieu-of-taxes. But in 2012 the state’s Department of Revenue Administration concluded the wind farm was really worth about double that. ... since most of the wind farm is in tiny Millsfield, it suddenly owed about $800,000 to the state.
30 Jun 2014

Utility assessments remain hot topic in Coos County

The county established the Utility Valuation Defense Fund as a response to what county officials said was a broad-based effort by utilities to challenge municipal assessments throughout New Hampshire. The situation is particularly acute in Coos County where the utilities appear to be “trying to pick off small towns one at a time,” through legal action that the towns are hard-pressed to respond to.
24 Jun 2014

Tiny Millsfield: 'Collateral Damage' in a fight over wind farm taxes

The DRA concluded the wind farm was valued at $228 million – more than twice the $113 million value locked in by the PILOT agreement. But because Granite Reliable couldn’t be forced to pay any more than what was called for under the PILOT, tiny Millsfield suddenly owed the state around $800,000. That was a scary thing to residents who were suddenly confronted with the possibility of a huge tax increase.
22 May 2014

Coos wind park case could affect tax bills statewide

The Coos County commissioners took their concerns about the wind park and its spike in equalized valuation and taxes in two unincorporated places before the N.H. Supreme Court last week in a case that could have statewide ramifications. The commissioners are appealing the July decision by the New Hampshire Board of Tax and Land Appeals that upheld the total equalized valuation set by the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration for the unincorporated places of Millsfield and Dixville.
26 Feb 2014

City sees drop in county tax as a result of wind farm valuation; Millsfield and Dixville pay significantly more

The city's share of the 2013 Coos County tax bill will drop by $129,230 because of the higher valuations assessed to the unincorporated places of Millsfield and Dixville. Millsfield's share of the county tax, however, will increase by $844,807 – from $32,138 to $876,945. Dixville's share of the county tax increases from just over half a percent to 1.8 percent or from $83,503 to $264,788.
6 Nov 2013
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