Documents filed under Zoning/Planning from New Hampshire

Coos County Wind proposal: Letters exchanged between County treasurer and NH Attorney General

Frederick_king_letter_to_kelly_ayotte_thumb In this exchange of letters between Coos County treasurer, Fred King, and NH Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, King accuses the AG's office of bias in its representation of the public during proceedings before the NH Site Evaluation Committee (SEC). Noble Environmental Power, operating under the name Granite Reliable Power LLC, is seeking to construct and operate a 99MW wind energy facility proposed for the County.
15 Apr 2009

Establishing Wind Power In New Hampshire: Effectively Siting Turbines

Nhwindturbinesiting_1__thumb With the emergence of recent proposals, there appears to be growing interest in expanding renewable energy sources in New Hampshire. New Hampshire’s government has taken several steps to encourage the use of renewables, including setting net metering guidelines for small-scale generators (less than 25 kW) of photovoltaics, hydroelectric, and wind.1 Net metering guidelines in New Hampshire require that utilities purchase any electricity generated by small scale generators in excess of what they use. Further developing renewables beyond small-scale generation, particularly wind, can help New Hampshire increase the proportion of energy generated from renewable sources. In fact, developing the full potential of wind resources in the state holds great promise for helping to meet the state’s energy needs.
1 Jan 2005
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