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County commissioners promise Millsfield resident it will mitigate tax increase

The higher valuation for the wind park has driven up the total equalized valuations for Millsfield and Dixville, which contain the majority of the wind park. Millsfield's equalized valuation went from $6.4 million to $180 million while Dixville's went from $16.7 million to $54.4 million. Millsfield residents have said they fear the tax rate there will jump as high as $60 per thousand.
16 Aug 2013

Coos County Commissioners make plan to mitigate taxpayer impact in battle over wind park value

The equalized valuation figures stem from the appraised value of the 33-turbine Granite Reliable wind park, which, in 2012, the DRA appraised at $217 million. But that figure, the commissioners argue, is essentially twice the value of $113 million a DRA appraiser gave them in 2007, when they entered into an annual payment-in-lieu-of-taxes (PILOT) agreement with the wind park owner based on that figure.
22 Jul 2013

Coös commissioners appeal DRA's equalized valuations in wind-farm UPs

When county administrator Jennifer Fish was asked whether she had calculated the dollar amounts of property tax bills that would have to be sent out in Millsfield and Dixville under the DRA's equalized valuations, she replied that she had not done the math but believed they would be exponentially higher. A DRA witness pointed out that the press had widely reported that the capital investment in the Granite Reliable Wind Farm would be in the range of $250 to $275 million.
13 Jul 2013

Antrim Wind Energy, town reach agreement, again

Residents took the selectmen to court earlier this year challenging the PILOT agreement on the grounds it was crafted at illegal non-public hearings. ...The tax agreement would cut the potential tax revenue by approximately half, but raise the town's assessed value. In a town with a cooperative school district partially based on the town's assessed value, it could end up costing the town more, Allen has argued.
30 Jun 2013

Voters to decide on easement; new PILOT in works

A group of residents asked the Select Board on Monday to allow voters to decide whether the town should hold an easement for Antrim Wind Energy, whose stalled project is weeks away from a critical hearing with the state's Site Evaluation Committee. The Select Board also agreed Monday to hold public deliberations on Thursday regarding a new proposed payment in lieu of taxes, or PILOT, agreement with the wind developer.
27 Jun 2013

Antrim residents again debating payment deal with wind developer

Residents here continue to question the advantages of a proposed payment agreement between the town and a wind energy developer after a similar agreement was voided by a judge last month. Selectmen signed a payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) agreement last year with Antrim Wind Energy LLC, ...but last month that agreement was voided by Hillsborough Superior Court North Judge David A. Garfunkel.
25 Jun 2013

Revised PILOT agreement on the table

After Hillsborough County Superior Court Judge David Garfunkel ruled that the town's original PILOT, or payment in lieu of taxes, agreement with Antrim Wind Energy for a proposed wind farm is null and void on May 20, town officials met with members of Antrim Wind Monday night to discuss terms for a revised PILOT, which was drafted by the wind developer.
6 Jun 2013

Dummer residents oppose PILOT agreement with wind farm owner

At the end of an almost two hour informational meeting on a proposed payment-in-lieu-of taxes agreement with Granite Reliable Power, selectmen asked how many in the crowd of about 30 support that approach. Only three people raised their hands. The majority said they favored the town annually appraising the wind farm property based on its ad valorem or fair market value.
24 Apr 2013

RGGI cap reduction plan criticized

Grant Bosse, the editor of New Hampshire Watchdog, said the move by RGGI has little to do with lowering carbon emissions. He said the economic collapse and slow recovery meant fewer emissions, fewer producers purchasing permits, which meant a loss of projected revenue for the nine states. "This has everything to do with revenues and nothing to do with the environment. This is driven by a desire for more state revenue."
8 Feb 2013

Wind farm pays county bill in full

County administrator Jennifer Fish gave the news to the Coös Delegation, which gathered for its quarterly meeting in Lancaster on Monday. The full PILOT agreement was for $495,000, and as of January 31, Brookfield Renewable Power had paid only $249,175, or about half of the total payment.
6 Feb 2013

Are utilities using deep pockets to battle local valuations?

Dalton selectmen were told by a Public Service of N.H. official that the utility feels it has a favorable legislature and court system and most communities are too financially stressed to be able to put up a credible defense. The message being put out by utilities is the communities do not have the resources to withstand the "onslaught and should settle for whatever terms are offered".
29 Jan 2013

County indispute over wind park

But Brookfield is arguing the PILOT payment is based on what Granite Reliable Power is permitted to produce. The company said ISO-New England, which manages the power grid, curtailed its output to 45.835 megawatts. At $5,000 per megawatt, Brookfield said it owes the county $249,175 for its 2013 PILOT.
28 Jan 2013

Wind farm brings relief for taxpayers in Groton, but not Lempster. and Grafton?

The town of Lempster’s education taxes increased by $317,722 the year after the wind farm went online – although other economic variables may also have played a part in the increase. That cost, in addition to the $186,137 the town paid in additional county taxes after the wind farm arrived, means that Lempster residents have not experienced the windfall they may have hoped for. Richards says that while the town’s tax rates decreased for one year after the wind farm opened at the end of 2008, they rose above pre-wind mill rates the following year
14 Nov 2012
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