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AMC videos project route's visual impact

Holmes said the proposed line would abut their property. "This is my stand," he said. "If you don't stand up for what you believe in, where are we going?" Holmes said three real estate agents have informed him that "I couldn't get half what the property's worth just because of the threat of Northern Pass."
27 Oct 2013

On Birds and Windmills

Parrish expects further shifts in species populations in the coming years, including Bicknell’s thrush. “Neotropical migrants like Bicknell’s thrush have a strong site fidelity, so they will likely breed in the same place they’ve been before, regardless of how it may have changed,” he explained. “But we may well see changes in the next generation. The habitats adjacent to the turbines may be less preferable, so the birds may shift away from them. And as species that prefer edge habitat move in, like robins and other thrushes, that may increase competition and also cause them to move away.”
23 Oct 2013

Energy experts at ISO NE conference: Go slow on renewables

“If you get it wrong, bad things happen,” Nicholas Miller, a senior director at General Electric’s energy consulting arm, said about developing the grid in accordance with renewable energy growth. “Germany didn’t see 20 Gigawatts with a ‘G’ (of solar) coming in in 24 months. They got their interconnection rules wrong … and it’s costing them a quarter of a billion dollars to put the genie back into the bottle.”
15 Oct 2013

DOE should suspend Northern Pass permit application

The Northern Pass project has been controversial since its announcement several years ago. No amount of advertising can disguise that this project is not ready for prime time. Given the misrepresentations in the amended application and the fact that the project has not reached the minimum threshold of attaining meaningful site control, the U.S. Department of Energy should suspend its process to consider the granting of a Presidential Permit to Northern Pass.
15 Oct 2013

Jericho wind farm gets city approval

Jericho Power LLC told the city it hopes to pour the foundations and secure the rock anchors before the end of the year. In her presentations to the zoning and planning boards, Lindsay Deane of Jericho Power said the economics of the $18 million project depend on receiving federal investment tax credits. To be eligible, she said the project must begin construction before Jan. 1, 2014.
8 Oct 2013

Wind developer Iberdrola will sell energy to Mass. utilities

What’s more, while the state has okayed three industrial scale wind-farms, the state committee that approves power development denied a project in Antrim in February. Opposition to wind power has also grown steadily in the legislature. Last week at an industry-organized “energy summit” senate majority leader Jeb Bradley said he would fight “tooth and nail” against wind development on New Hampshire’s ridge-lines.
7 Oct 2013

Deal struck to sell NH wind farm power to Mass.

Though Iberdrola Renewables hasn’t filed an application for the project yet with the state’s Site Evaluation Committee, the company has signed a 15-year agreement to sell power to a group of Massachusetts utilities. The agreement will benefit Massachusetts’ Renewable Energy Portfolio and its electricity customers, though there are questions about its value to New Hampshire.
7 Oct 2013

Industrial wind not just an eyesore, it's an issue on many fronts

Residents of the Newfound Region living around the Groton Wind Project now live with red flashing lights at night, loud roaring of industrial engines whenever the blades are spinning (day or night), shadow flicker from the blades for hours at a time during various parts of the day, the whooshing of the blades as they spin, and the low frequency vibrations that are not audible but are felt within the body.
5 Oct 2013

Pursuing energy alternatives does not require accepting Northern Pass

New Hampshire's natural beauty is one of our region's treasures, but that description does not come close to explaining what our natural resources mean to the Granite State. They are essential to our high quality of life, which helps attract talented people and new businesses to our state. ...Like our New England neighbors, New Hampshire is working hard to reduce harmful fossil fuel emissions in order to clear the air and views of our great vistas. Why would we then sacrifice those views to miles and miles of towers?
21 Sep 2013

DOE gears up for hearings on Northern Pass project

Jim Dannis a North Country resident said he will focus on the White Mountain National Forest, where Northern Pass is requesting a waiver or "project-specific amendment" to restrictions on commercial development in the conservation area. "We are very concerned about that, and are going to urge the forest supervisor to not even consider giving the Northern Pass a one-off pass through the Whites."
10 Sep 2013

New England anti-wind farm groups oppose development

NH WindWatch is also worried that the problems of other states could occur in New Hampshire. Stories of health problems in other states include that of Luann Therrien, a neighbor to the Sheffield, Vt. wind project, who says her family has been suffering health problems - headaches, nausea, sleep disruption - from the noise of the project's turbines for about a year.
9 Sep 2013

Where are the Newfound wind farm developers hiding these days

Do you fish, hunt, hike, ski, boat, snowmobile or just simply enjoy the mountain views in Grafton County? If so, you need to be aware of the next few wind projects as they could affect you. Have some of you have missed the two-way dialog put forth by wind developers? The truth is wind developers haven't spoken in months, perhaps it's because four communities have taken a "Not A Willing Host" stance.
5 Sep 2013

Defending Grafton's Rights

We contacted the defense fund last fall when Iberdrola announced its plan to construct a 37-turbine industrial wind project between Cardigan Mountain and Newfound Lake. At that time, no industrial wind developer had been denied a siting certificate, and the defense fund offered to help.
1 Sep 2013

N.E. wind turbine projects face pushback

The litany of complaints seems to be indicative of the pushback against wind power proposals across the region. ...There have been similar stories about strong opposition to land-based turbines in upstate New York and Vermont. Locally, the failed Portsmouth wind turbine has raised concerns about the financial risk and the proposed Deepwater Wind project off Rhode Island's coast has brought out many opponents who question the cost of the power, the few permanent jobs and the impact on ocean views.
25 Aug 2013

Tensions on display at commission meeting

Frizzell said the county commissioners accepted the estimate of $844,033 as the total net cost of decommissioning the wind park. He explained that the net cost takes into consideration the salvage and scrap value of the various components. One of Samson's questions asked if $844,033 was enough considering the scope and size of the project.
21 Aug 2013

County commissioners promise Millsfield resident it will mitigate tax increase

The higher valuation for the wind park has driven up the total equalized valuations for Millsfield and Dixville, which contain the majority of the wind park. Millsfield's equalized valuation went from $6.4 million to $180 million while Dixville's went from $16.7 million to $54.4 million. Millsfield residents have said they fear the tax rate there will jump as high as $60 per thousand.
16 Aug 2013

Wind farm approvals remanded back to zoning board

In a decision released earlier this month, Bornstein remanded the matter back to the zoning board to determine whether the amended site plan approved by the planning board violates the spirit and intent of the zoning ordinance. ...In January, the planning board approved amending the site plan to install three 500-foot high turbines. The zoning board also approved amending its variance to allow the three turbines at 500 feet.
12 Aug 2013
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