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Wind-turbine threat to birds

The advocacy group contends that several species of birds, including golden eagles, whooping cranes and greater sage-grouse, will be endangered by "poorly planned and sited wind projects," according to Kelly Fuller, a conservancy spokeswoman. But Nebraska authorities involved with approving wind farms in the state have shown that they are already fully aware of the potential problem.
5 Jan 2011

Wind export law can cope with economy, observers say

Invenergy, the first wind-power company to take advantage of Nebraska's new wind export law, has been running into some economic headwinds recently in Virginia and other states. In some cases, state regulators have been unwilling to give the go-ahead to proposals to sell wind power because of the impact on utility rates.
27 Dec 2010

Landowners: Education is key to wind power benefits

"Do we want to look at these windmills the rest of our lives and our children's lives?" "That can be seriously tying up your property for a long time," Vavra said. The most important missions are to protect landowners from unscrupulous developers and make sure that everyone understands that wind energy benefits come with issues.
13 Nov 2010

Completion of wind turbine repairs

The turbine sustained damage when it was struck by lightning in May. Initial inspections revealed a split on the outer tip of one blade that was less than 24 inches long. The split was repaired by LES and Vestas (the turbine's manufacturer with which LES has a service agreement) at an estimated cost of $45,000.
18 Oct 2010

Wind not in NPPD's 2010 plans

The Nebraska Public Power District announced last week that it had rejected all 34 proposals received from private developers to build more wind farms. The Columbus, Neb.-based utility asked developers this spring to submit proposals on a site near Madison, Neb., and any other sites the developers had investigated. The decision comes as the demand for wind energy has softened nationwide.
8 Sep 2010

NPPD head: Wind not enough to sustain state’s energy needs

If the Nebraska landscape was covered with wind farms, the energy produced would not sustain the state’s energy needs, according to Ron Asche during a presentation Tuesday ...Asche, NPPD president and CEO, highlighted reasons wind energy may provide supplemental support, but it will never become a primary source for generation.
11 Aug 2010

New wind law brings fast action

Hours after it took effect, a new state wind-energy law inspired a proposal for a half-billion-dollar wind farm near Elgin, Neb. Invenergy, based in Chicago and the nation's largest private wind developer, filed an application Thursday morning to build a $448-million wind farm between Elgin and Petersburg in northeast Nebraska.
15 Jul 2010

Grand Island alters new wind regulations

The Grand Island City Council liked the idea of going green with new wind energy regulations, but only if going green isn't too ugly, too noisy, too unsafe or too close to the house. The council frowned on putting the micro and small wind turbines on standard-sized housing lots.
6 Jun 2010

Vote on power-line plan defended

Twice previously, the current chairman of the Nebraska Power Review Board recused himself from voting because of a potential conflict of interest: His employer was working for a utility seeking board approval of a project. But this month, Chairman Michael Siedschlag, a vice president with HDR Engineering, voted in favor of a controversial high-voltage transmission line proposed by the Nebraska Public Power District. The project was approved on a 3-2 vote.
26 May 2010

Grand Island alters new wind regulations

The council frowned on putting the micro and small wind turbines on standard-sized housing lots. "I can tell you if someone in my subdivision put one right up next to me, I would not be happy, neither would probably my neighbors," said Council President Peg Gilbert. She equated the wind turbine issue to satellite dishes back in the days when they were new technology and very large.
26 May 2010

Wind debate back before council

If you have thoughts for or against wind turbines being allowed in Grand Island neighborhoods, now is the time to speak up. "I'm not sure it will go over in the neighborhoods," said Grand Island City Councilman Mitch Nickerson at a council meeting two weeks ago. He and Councilman John Gericke sought a delay on a final vote on new wind energy regulations to give time for residents to comment on the new policy.
22 May 2010

Neb. wind power won't be a breeze

Today's Nebraska Power Review Board hearing in Lincoln on a proposed Axtell-Kansas transmission line may signal tough sledding ahead for wind-power development in Nebraska and improvements to the grid. Opponents of the Nebraska Public Power District-proposed project don't want 125- to 150-foot-tall power poles cutting through their farmland and pastures.
19 May 2010

Controversial power line OK'd

On a 3-2 vote, the Nebraska Power Review Board late Friday approved construction of a controversial, high-voltage transmission line from Axtell, Neb., southward to the Kansas state line. Local residents had complained that the $83 million project would benefit Kansas mostly, and wasn't needed by the State of Nebraska.
15 May 2010
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