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Township officials defend their wind farm deals

Roger Knight feels township officials shouldn’t have voted on the windmill zoning ordinance changes because of their leases with Exelon, a company with plans to construct 68 windmills across three Sanilac County townships. “It’s the wrong way of doing business,” Knight said. “There’s nothing fair about it.”
13 Jan 2016

Q&A: Michigan moves toward renewable power goal, not mandate

LANSING, Mich. — Michigan is headed toward no longer requiring utilities to generate a portion of their power from wind or other renewable sources because Gov. Rick Snyder and lawmakers instead favor setting a goal — not a new mandate. The debate is among a number of significant issues confronting legislators trying to update energy laws this fall. Some questions and answers about the green power issue:
14 Nov 2015

Planning commission approves new wind energy ordinance

Nearly two years of work came to a close in a two-hour session Wednesday night at the Huron County Expo Center, where officials agreed in a 7-2 vote to set sail the ship that is the new wind energy ordinance to county commissioners for a final decision. Follow along to see the night’s progression and the in-betweens.
6 Nov 2015

Wind zoning public hearing Wednesday

During Tuesday’s regular Board of Commissioners meeting, Board Chairman John Nugent said he has concerns about changes the planning commissioners made after receiving proposed ordinance changes from the county’s Wind Energy Zoning Committee, an ad hoc committee created by county commissioners in early 2014 to investigate wind energy and advise the planning commission.
29 Oct 2015

Project to build 72 turbines put on hold

Plans to build 72 wind turbines in north and northeastern Huron County have been put on hold. The county’s director of building and zoning, Jeff Smith, said in an email a contract with the RES Americas construction group has ended, putting the Deerfield Wind project on hold.
24 Oct 2015

County board eyes changes to wind turbine ordinance

Among the revisions the board voted in favor of adopting was increasing the setback to 1,640 feet from non-participating property lines.  ...The board also voted to adopt a proposed revision that would require wind turbine developers to ensure the existence of funds for decommissioning turbines by buying bonds. 
23 Oct 2015

DTE changes turbine plan to accommodate patient

DTE Energy says it won’t build a wind turbine near a resident whose doctor says it would be disorienting and potentially harmful to her health. The utility’s decision comes less than two weeks after the county received a letter from Chandler resident Deb Ruth. She said if a wind turbine planned for DTE’s newest Pinnebog project is erected about a quarter-mile from her home, it could trigger dizzy spells.
14 Oct 2015

Doctor’s letter says turbines could harm his Elkton patient

“When she is exposed to visual stimuli such as a Ferris wheel or a windmill it causes what is call(ed) visual vertigo, which would be very disorienting and potentially harmful to her. She has asked me to speak on her behalf in regards to this matter and I think that her concerns are reasonable and valid,” the letter states. Jeff Smith, the county’s building and zoning director, said it was the first time he’s seen such a letter from a medical professional.
9 Oct 2015

DTE Energy moving into next phase for Pinnebog Wind Project with a few challenges

Three participating landowners out of 17 who already have contracts with DTE Energy through previous projects have not signed a property line distance setback waiver at this time for various reasons. One landowner, who spoke at the meeting, even offered to return all money received by DTE in the years they have been a participant in order to no longer be involved in wind energy. 
7 Oct 2015

Residents urge planners not to rush new wind ordinance

Slowing the process of getting a new wind energy ordinance for the county isn’t bothering some residents. “I feel there’s a tendency, a human tendency, (of) ‘Let’s finally get rid of this thing and pass something,’ ” Keith Iseler of Port Hope said Wednesday when county planners met, commending their efforts before again reviewing a new rulebook for wind turbines.
5 Sep 2015
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