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Group appeals wind turbine plan approval

Citizens' Alliance for Responsible Renewable Energy, a nonprofit organization, said today it is fighting to protect the health, safety and welfare of its members' and neighbors' homes in Mason County. The Mason County Planning Commission approved the special land use application earlier this month.
28 Jul 2011

Power struggle Michigan over wind farms is growing

So far, wind opponents have not derailed any projects. But they have won two battles involving how far wind turbines -- which can rise almost 500 feet into the air -- should be located from homes. How much of an impact these grassroots efforts will ultimately have on the development of wind energy in Michigan remains to be seen.
23 Jul 2011

Notice filed to get wind ordinance on ballot

Kelterborn took issue with a number of items in the ordinance, including the 1,500-foot turbine setbacks, noise limits and that it allows turbines to be sited within 3 miles of the shoreline. He noted U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service officials created recommendations that were specific to the area.
12 Jul 2011

Riga Twp. wind turbines unlikely

Because of the strong setbacks, Exelon Wind and Great Lakes Wind, partners in the so-called Blissfield Wind Project, say they cannot put one turbine in Riga Township, despite having more than 4,500 acres of land available under signed agreements with landowners.
7 Jul 2011

Wind turbine policies need revisiting, Michigan State researchers say

MSU’s researchers, rather than exploring the plausibility or health risks of a particular project, crafted their study to call on local and state policymakers to rethink wind turbine guidelines. The report outlined ways for policymakers to consider noise annoyance, abate conflicts that might arise from wind turbine proposals, physical safety and aesthetics.
2 Jul 2011

Turbine meeting turns out hundreds, forces cancellation

The issue has been controversial to say the least. Many in the community and the neighboring townships of Ogden, Palmyra, and Fairfield have had concerns about the wind turbines and their anticipated noise. ...Many residents argue the project will hurt property values or maybe cause health issues.
30 Jun 2011

Court showdown over wind testing tower delayed

"Local citizens and neighbors to the parcel upon which this 262-foot monstrosity sits, as well as other individuals who are potentially adversely affected by its existence, continue to suffer the ill effects thereof at the hands of an entity that has shown nothing but an ongoing and persistent willingness to ignore the rules ...all the while reaping the benefits of its unpermitted facility."
29 Jun 2011

Wind power putting public at risk

The IICC has exhaustively studied the issues surrounding industrial wind turbines, advocating for regulations that will protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents of Lenawee County. Wind developers have advocated for regulations that protect their profits and shareholders. Does the IICC tell a scary story? Yes it does, because sometimes the truth is scary.
29 Jun 2011

Clean wind energy is a myth

Because wind energy advocates have done a terrific job selling industrial wind as an abundant source of "clean" energy, many environmentally sensitive people support it. But proponents have produced no factual data to substantiate their claim, because it doesn't exist.
28 Jun 2011

Windmill discussions continue in Ogemaw County

The discussion of bringing wind turbines to Ogemaw County continued Tuesday with proponents of the construction of the turbines asking the county to lift its six-month moratorium, or shorten it to two months. No decisions were made to lift or shorten the moratorium.
9 Jun 2011

County planners recommend Apple Blossom wind district

Valerie McCallum, of Lake Township, was concerned about how close some of the district boundaries are to the shoreline. She said the U.S. Fish and Wild Life has recommended a 3-mile turbine setback from the shoreline. McCallum recommend the district boundaries be changed to protect the shoreline.
2 Jun 2011

Wind district hearing set for Wednesday

During an interview last month, company officials told the Tribune once DTE Energy selects a turbine manufacturer, the company will begin the permitting process that will lead to construction next year, and the farms will be online either late next year or early 2013.
26 May 2011

Tax issues might stall wind

New turbine developments may get the wind knocked out of their sails, as Huron County commissioners on Tuesday discussed putting a halt to new wind developments until tax issues are resolved by lawmakers in Lansing.
19 May 2011
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