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Wind farm issues discussed at Galien Township meeting

The prospect of wind farms drew a curious crowd to a Wednesday night, Aug. 17, Galien Township Board meeting, though develop­ers didn’t show up as many in the audience expect­ed. News of the wind tur­bine farm proposal broke last month when Apex Clean Energy Co. officials held a meeting with area prop­arty owners.
20 Aug 2016

You have my permission to speak … Unless

Reasonable people can disagree on policy options, but reasonable people should also recognize that that shutting down 90 percent of the energy we use to drive our cars, heat our homes, cook our food, power our hospitals and factories, and much, much more is unreasonable.
8 Aug 2016

Commissioner says we're pawns in wind game

“They, on a federal level, they make these decisions to support fracking or to support wind, and we, at the local level pay the price. We can’t collect the taxes. We fight amongst each other — the people of the county fight amongst each other — but they succeed in their political goals. It’s a shame.”
30 Jun 2016

Consumers Energy taking Tuscola Co. to court over wind turbine taxes

With Consumers’ new petitions, the assessed tax value of “most, if not all” wind turbines in Tuscola County are being contested by the wind energy companies, said Mike Hoagland, controller, Tuscola County. “We’re frustrated,” said Hoagland. “If we lose the dispute, we have to have the money set aside to pay it back.
18 Jun 2016

Correcting the record on wind

A recent letter in support of the Garden Wind project perpetuates a number of common misconceptions about the economic and environmental benefits of wind development in Michigan. The most egregious is the suggestion that wind is the most economical source of power.
15 Jun 2016
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