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Kingston flicker help $10G’s away; Selectmen would limit consultant’s role, cost

Board of Health Chairman Joe Casna said the board needs to follow the advice of town counsel and carefully approach regulating turbines, in this case for flicker, using science, or risk a lawsuit. He said the town would then have a basis for negotiating mitigating measures. ...When Board of Health member Toni Cushman asked about the possibility of seeking relief for the residents, Casna said the wind turbine operators show no desire to take action.
26 Oct 2013

Kingston Board of Health wants new study, flicker regs for new turbines

A more in-depth shadow flicker analysis may be required before the Board of Health is convinced that it should order a reduction in the hours of operation of Kingston's five wind turbines. Board of Health members are asking the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, the agency that commissioned the flicker study, to prepare a proposal for conducting a limited, more in-depth study.
7 Jul 2013

Kingston flicker study shows locations get more than 30 hours a year

The results of the analysis come as no surprise to residents who have documented the flicker effect in their homes ...They have said all along the estimated 30 hours of flicker a year that was anticipated was grossly inadequate. ...188 properties are expected to receive greater than 10 flicker hours per year; 54 are expected to receive greater than 30 flicker hours per year.
14 Jun 2013

Kingston flicker study starting; Residents share opinions on regulations

All five wind turbines in Kingston - the Independence, Mary O'Donnell's three turbines and the T's turbine - will be part of a shadow flicker study coordinated by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center. Monday night, the Board of Health informed residents and others at a meeting for discussion of possible new shadow flicker regulations that the study would start this week. A report from the contractor CEC chooses to conduct the study would be completed by June 10.
28 Apr 2013

Scituate selectman candidates talk wind turbine

Burbine, 64, a small-business owner, said the residents who live near the turbine, which is off the Driftway, need relief. ..."You can't help but feel empathy, and (I'm) so sad for those people that are dealing with all of this without any real recourse," Burbine said."If we've got to spend a little bit of money, risk-wise, to say, ‘OK, let's turn it off from 7 p.m. at least until first thing in the morning,' we might risk $100,000," Gilmore said. "What's $100,000 (if we're protecting residents)?"
12 Apr 2013

Flickering shadows from wind turbines draw complaints

Dan Alves calls the shadows thrown by the rotating blades a "nightmare" he deals with about 16 weeks a year when the sun sets behind the turbine. "It's an invasion of my property," he said from the deck outside his back door. Alves said he particularly worries about his son, a ninth-grader who was diagnosed with epilepsy as a young child. ...At the request of town officials, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center recently agreed to examine the issue.
5 Apr 2013
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