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Freetown Town Meeting voters approve zoning measures

"These bylaws were added as part of the Green Community Act. The town is working toward Green Community designation," she said. After Monday's vote, the bylaw for land setbacks for solar energy structures specifies 20 feet from the side, 25 feet from the rear and 50 feet from the front. The bylaw for land setbacks wind power structures is three times a wind turbine's blade's highest point.
9 Jun 2010

Windmill bill overrides local control

Towers reaching 50-story heights, red lights flashing and blades like a 747's wingspan, placed wherever the Secretary of Energy thinks they should go. Home rule bypassed. Planning boards sidelined. Neighbors without right of appeal. Low-frequency noise sickening residents in homes no one wants. Does this sound like the latest Stephen King horror movie? Hardly.
7 Jun 2010

Tax credits key factor in Cape Wind energy cost

National Grid and Cape Wind submitted testimony Friday to the state Department of Public Utilities to support a deal they have cut for half the power generated by the Nantucket Sound wind farm. But at least one vocal opponent of the project is claiming the state agency should restart the clock in its review of the agreement because of an error in the public notice of the case.
5 Jun 2010

Utility defends Cape Wind contract; National Grid says project is critical

The power to be generated by Cape Wind will be significantly more costly than current rates for electricity produced by burning natural gas or coal. National Grid plans to pay 20.7 cents per kilowatt-hour for the power when Cape Wind starts producing in 2013, compared to about 9 cents for conventional electricity today. The price paid by National Grid for the power would increase by 3.5 percent each year of the contract to account for inflation.
5 Jun 2010

Long shadows cast on project

Experts testified on Mann's behalf Wednesday evening before ZBA Chairman Peter Conner opened the meeting to Plymouth residents who wanted to speak for and against the project. The project has evoked strong emotions on both sides and resulted in pleas to the ZBA to consider the impact on people's lives. ...For Lake Drive resident Lawrence McGrath, an abutter and an attorney, there are too many questions about the impact the sound produced by the wind turbines would have.
5 Jun 2010

Barnstable seeks donations for Cape Wind lawsuits

At last week's town council meeting, close to a dozen people came forward to express concern or speak in favor of litigation currently being pursued by the town. "I'm here to tell you publicly this project poses significant financial risk to the town if it goes forward as proposed," said Assistant Town Attorney Charles McLaughlin. McLaughlin told councilors there are 450 miles of beaches within five miles of an incident that might occur at the offshore wind farm.
3 Jun 2010

Falmouth wind-turbine noise has local residents whirling

But ever since March, when the town of Falmouth's 1.65-megawatt wind turbine started spinning less than 1,200 feet from his home, the whirring, banging and clanking has meant sleepless nights and frayed nerves for Mark Cool. "My concern is, ‘Am I going to be operating at my full capacity and, if not, what safety risks are being heightened?' " said Cool.
2 Jun 2010

Dartmouth passes new turbine bylaw

Town Meeting passed a zoning change Tuesday on the siting of wind turbines on town land, a move that could scuttle litigation brought by neighbors against a proposed $9.5 million municipal turbine off Chase Road. ...Town Counsel Anthony C. Savastano said the zoning change will make the lawsuit "moot" because a special permit is no longer required and the lawsuit is based on the issuance of a special permit.
2 Jun 2010

Disagreement stalls turbines at Noquochoke Orchards

Noquochoke Orchards, a fifth-generation family operation, had the turbines built and ready to go in March. But NSTAR says the style of electric relay device is unsafe, and the utility won't purchase the energy from the farm until it installs the same type as used with most other turbines. ...NSTAR says the relay device it wants installed would automatically disconnect the turbines from the electric grid if it sensed an electrical problem with the turbine equipment.
30 May 2010

No turbine amendment

It is outrageous and reactionary to think that Town Meeting members might vote to open the whole town to unchecked wind turbine development merely in an effort to circumvent judicial review. Town Meeting members should vote no to this proposed amendment.
29 May 2010

State looking to settle suit over law on clean energy

Angela O'Connor, president of the trade group New England Power Generators Association Inc., said it doesn't make sense to insist that clean energy originate locally, because power is distributed on a broader scale. "It's a regional power grid,'' she said. "You can't put green food coloring on a Massachusetts electron.''
27 May 2010

Moon Island wind turbine proposal draws questions from residents

More than 75 Quincy residents gathered at Squantum Elementary School on Monday to question officials about a wind turbine ..."I'm a total believer in wind power, but at what point does solving one environmental issue create another?" said Steve Kolander of Squantum, adding he would prefer several smaller turbines with less of a visual impact on the island.
25 May 2010
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