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Electricity prices worry islanders

At The Trinity Collection, high-end watches can fetch up to $8,000. But even the owners of the small Main Street store balk at the price they now pay for electricity, which can reach $800 a month during the summer, and how much more they would pay if the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm is built.
22 Jun 2010

Cape Wind builders narrowed down

Cape Wind's developer said he is down to a "short list" of companies that could build the controversial wind farm off of Nantucket Sound, but choosing one will take several more months. If the project gets the necessary financing, the nation's first offshore wind farm could be up and running in 2 1/2 years.
22 Jun 2010

Is requiring in-state generation unconstitutional?

There are generally two ways to procure renewable energy. One way is to develop as much as possible as quickly as possible, with little regard to where it's coming from, as long as it's done cheaply. The second approach is more focused on how to maximize the benefits of renewables like job growth and local economic activity. Neither way is necessarily wrong or right.
21 Jun 2010

Wal-Mart takes on Cape Wind

Wal-Mart, a company that epitomizes the word big, is among the groups questioning the deal between Cape Wind Associates LLC and National Grid. The retailer argues in documents recently submitted to the state Department of Public Utilities that Cape Wind is not cost-effective. ...The company has concerns with how National Grid will pass the additional costs of the power from Cape Wind on to customers, Wertz said.
19 Jun 2010

Groups appeal FAA Cape Wind ruling

The town of Barnstable and one of Cape Wind's most vigorous critics are appealing the Federal Aviation Administration's ruling that the offshore energy project's 440-foot turbines would not significantly interfere with Nantucket Sound air traffic.
19 Jun 2010

Wind farm's hopes hang on special town meeting in Douglas

Mr. Jané said, a commercial wind-energy bylaw passed at town meeting May 3 would kill the project unless the new bylaw is amended by a two-thirds majority vote at the special town meeting Monday. The bylaw contains no especially onerous conditions for the proposed wind farm, but it would require the developer to get a special permit, delaying things and jeopardizing financing.
18 Jun 2010

Wal-Mart challenges Cape Wind's high prices

In filings with the state, Wal-Mart said the high prices set by Cape Wind's first contract to sell electricity will lead to higher costs for the retailer. Wal-Mart already pays more than $2 million a year to power 28 Massachusetts stores served by National Grid, which negotiated the deal with the offshore wind farm.
17 Jun 2010

Wind power and hot air in Cambridge

Cambridge - The Wind Power Turbine Installation Zoning Amendment enacted by the Cambridge City Council in September 2009 gives wide discretion to the Planning Board to approve wind turbine installation in Cambridge. The amendment states, "Where their (sic) visibility cannot be minimized, the installation should be thoughtfully integrated into the larger urban landscape, with a recognition that a facility has the potential to provide an iconic, positive focal point in the landscape." On April 12, 2010, the Council ordered a feasibility study for "the largest possible turbine for the site and analyze the advantages of Danehy Park..." Before icons appear out their windows, Cambridge citizens might consider the following.
14 Jun 2010

Could be a Cape Wind-fall

A spokesman for the controversial Cape Wind project off the coast of Cape Cod says the developers have every intention of seeing the project through to the end if they get final approvals - from constructing the 130-turbine wind farm to operating the facility over 15 years. But experts say it's common practice for energy companies to line up the necessary permits and financing for new power plants and then turn around and sell ready-to-go projects to other investors.
13 Jun 2010

Cape Wind and New Bedford near deal

A Cape Wind official said yesterday the project's developers are in ongoing discussions with the city about using New Bedford as a staging port for the project and hope to make a formal announcement soon, the New Bedford Standard-Times reports.
10 Jun 2010

DPU strikes down ‘made in Massachusetts' energy requirement

The Department of Public Utilities has eliminated a controversial "made in Massachusetts" clause that required utilities to sign long-term contracts only with firms that produced renewable energy within the state's borders. The reversal of the state policy is a major victory for TransCanada, an energy giant that has sued the state over the requirement, arguing it violated the U.S. Constitution's Commerce Clause.
10 Jun 2010

So many answers better than wind

In the context of the unimaginable magnitude of the human, environmental, and economic consequences of the BP oil disaster and the opportunistic propaganda surrounding it, we need to remember that wind turbines can't replace oil rigs. ...Less than two percent of our US electricity comes from oil. We can't turn wind into tires.
10 Jun 2010
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