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Your View: Let's see Fairhaven Wind's SCADA data

The testing is little more than a bit of performance art, designed to appease those who are ignorant about the ill health effects caused by these industrial monstrosities. The most these noise measurements can show is that turbines comply with a law crafted in 1962 for the purpose of measuring things like the noise created by cars rushing past a residential neighborhood on a new highway.
25 Aug 2012

Kingston wind turbine developer won't conduct sound study

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center will both pay for and conduct a sound study of the Kingston wind turbine Independence, according to Kingston Wind Independence co-manager Kially Ruiz. Ruiz said Kingston Wind Independence asked the Clean Energy Center to voluntarily step in and conduct the sound assessment, and the quasi-public agency has agreed to do so. He said he wants the facts on the table for everyone to see.
27 Jul 2012

Turbine options group considers costs of shutting machines down

Town assessor and group member David Bailey said the town will need to raise $644,000 in funds if the turbines do not operate in Fiscal Year 2014. That number includes $524,000 to pay the debt on Wind 1 and ongoing turbine maintenance for one year, and $120,000 to pay for electricity at the wastewater treatment plant. That is just less than $54,000 every month that the turbines do not operate, he said.
15 Jun 2012

Falmouth Health Board debates shutting down turbines

Board member George Heufelder said the state health officials are swamped with requests for studies, but he believes they will respond to the Falmouth request. "They're not beyond moving something to the top of the pile" for political reasons, he said. The state officials should study the health effects of wind turbines, he said, because of the state energy policy promoting wind turbines and the corresponding health concerns.
8 Jun 2012

Windwise fight isn't over by a long shot

The facts are, that in no other place are turbines like these as close to as many homes. They do make noise and obviously they do have an impact on property values. If the wind is blowing in your direction you will hear a constant jet plane sound ...Whenyou see those 400-foot towers with their spinning blades above your roof you can think about the loss of home equity town officials have cost you.
29 May 2012

It's not just Falmouth's problem: Across the state people complain of wind turbine noise, health effects

Sherman Derby, a selectman in the Massachusetts town of Hancock, who lives about half a mile from the Berkshire Wind turbines, says, "You wake up sometimes at two in the morning and it sounds a jet plane. When they said it would be no louder than a vacuum cleaner, that may be but if your wife starts vacuuming next to your bed in the middle of the night, you'll notice. It's a heck of a roar."
21 May 2012

State: Falmouth's Wind 1 is too loud

In light of the study, Falmouth's selectmen agreed to completely shut off Wind 1 for 30 days while DEP officials test the turbine's decibel level during the day, said Selectman Brent Putnam. Wind 1 is one of two town-owned 1.65-megawatt turbines located at the wastewater treatment facility on Blacksmith Shop Road.
16 May 2012
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