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The roar over wind turbines

Further research is needed to figure out safe distances for wind turbines, said Michael Nissenbaum, a radiologist at the Northern Maine Medical Center who conducted a study of residents living near wind turbines in Mars Hill, Maine. His study found that noise from the turbines disrupted the sleep and impaired the mental health of residents living within 1.4 kilometers of the machines and had "the potential to harm human health."
6 Jan 2013

Scituate residents take wind turbine to court

The McKeevers argued in the filing that the board erred in letting the 400-foot-tall industrial turbine remain turned on, even though, they say, it is harming the health of residents. The energy generator, located 640 feet from the McKeevers' house, has been up since January 2012 and operating since March.
5 Jan 2013

Falmouth resident confronts Gov. Patrick on wind turbines

"I told [Gov. Patrick] that Falmouth bought two wind turbines from the state and the state had a responsibility for the project, and that the turbines were too big and too close to residences," said Donald, who lives within 1,250 feet of the turbines. "We recommended the state remove the turbines and replace them with solar installation on the town's capped landfill."
19 Dec 2012

Town work of turbine options group nears the end

The group has not decided on a single solution that resolved the problems with the turbines. Instead, the final report, which will be presented to the selectmen, will include two contrasting options: taking down the turbines, and purchasing and reselling homes. Also included will be the "curtailment scenarios" in which the turbines operations are altered to comply with Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection noise restrictions.
14 Dec 2012

Scituate Wind: Group to look at turbine issues

In defense of the health and safety of the residents of the Town of Scituate, the wind turbine must be dismantled and relocated to a location at least 1.5 miles from any residential home. “The lack of sleep affects everything in our lives,” he said. “We often go to work and school tired. It doesn’t matter which way the wind blows. It is on top of us. We hear it all the time. It isn’t a car that drives by. It is parked in our neighborhood 24/7.”
22 Nov 2012

Closed for holiday: Falmouth wind turbines

Those opposed to the Falmouth wind turbines have at least one reason to be grateful this week: The selectmen voted to shut off the two town-owned turbines on Thanksgiving. ...The action will "give a little relief on the holidays" as well as compensate neighbors for moments over a two-week period when the turbines operated outside the agreed-upon time parameters, Murphy said.
21 Nov 2012
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