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More than Cape Wind affected by historic label; Park Service move sets a precedent

The National Park Service's determination that Nantucket Sound is eligible for listing as a national historic site could have far-reaching implications for more than the proposed wind farm in the scenic coastal waters: Cape Cod fishermen, ferries, and even builders of some shorefront properties may be affected. Ian Bowles, the state's secretary of energy and environmental affairs, said yesterday that the state was examining its legal options to have the designation rescinded, because it would do "profound'' harm to future activities in the sound.
6 Jan 2010

Select Board approves wind turbine permit

The board attached a long list of conditions to the permit, addressing many of the health and safety concerns raised by residents in neighborhoods surrounding the site near the town's wastewater treatment plant. Approval of the special permit advances the $9.2 million project to the funding stage. A decision on funding the turbine installation will be made by town meeting members at a special town meeting scheduled for Jan. 26.
6 Jan 2010

Don't sell the Sound

Supporters and opponents of the proposed wind factory on Nantucket Sound are both claiming a victory of sorts in the latest news swirling around the controversial project. ...Shortly after the announcement that places greater protections on the Sound, Interior Secretary Kenneth Salazar said he would convene the principal parties next week to "discuss how we might find a common-sense agreement on actions that could be taken to minimize and mitigate Cape Wind's potential impacts on historic and cultural resources." In other words, Salazar does not see the park service determination as a deal buster. He sees the park service decision as an obstacle that can be overcome.
6 Jan 2010

A decision in sight on Cape Wind dispute

The Obama administration signaled a sudden urgency yesterday to resolve the nine-year dispute over building a wind farm off Cape Cod, as US Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced he would summon key parties to a meeting next week in hope of concluding the decision process within two months. The announcement was made minutes after the Cape Wind project appeared to suffer an unexpected setback.
5 Jan 2010

130 turbine offshore wind farm project might be cancelled due to conflicts with tribal culture

The United States Department of the Interior, through the National Park Service, issued a Determination of Eligibility Notification dated 1/04/2010 declaring that Nantucket Sound, State of Massachusetts, is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places following the opinion of the State Historic Preservation Officer and signed by C. Shull, Keeper of the National Register.
5 Jan 2010

Vineyard wins power to ‘veto' wind projects

Opponents of commercial wind farms off the Massachusetts coast scored separate victories yesterday at the state and federal levels. Under a landmark state ocean-management plan released by Gov. Deval Patrick, Martha's Vineyard officials will have veto power over wind farm projects located in the waters off the toney island.
5 Jan 2010

Dartmouth Select Board OKs permit for two wind turbines

Over the objections of neighbors, the Select Board unanimously approved a permit Monday night for two 328-foot wind turbines on town-owned land off Chase Road. The $9.2 million project now goes to a special Town Meeting on Jan. 26, when voters will be asked to approve financing for the turbines. ...Jeanne Nesto, another neighbor, said she is disappointed with the decision. "There are dangers and there are risks. There's no question about it."
5 Jan 2010

National Park Service says Nantucket Sound eligible for special protections

Federal officials on Monday agreed to a request by two Indian tribes for special protections for Nantucket Sound, a move that could delay construction of a proposed wind farm off Cape Cod. The National Park Service said the sound is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places as a significant traditional cultural, historic and archaeological property.
4 Jan 2010

Real concerns about wind power

The Eagle's promulgation of the state's misleading representation of the obstacles to industrial/commercial wind generation in Berkshire County is really quite remarkable ("Exploiting Savoy's Wind," Dec. 22). The foremost of these misconceptions is the notion that "local defenders of the mountaintops" have delayed these projects. Secondly, The Eagle's support of the Comprehensive Wind Siting Reform Act is premature for it is still in draft form. For a bill revised three times since May 2009, any pledge of support is premature.
2 Jan 2010

Winter Island wind project takes first step

While major wind projects have failed to get off the ground in Gloucester, wind technology is on the rise elsewhere on the North Shore. The last day of the old year found workers erecting a 164-foot wind test tower on Salem's Winter Island, in an open area between two former U.S. Coast Guard buildings. The project is seen as preliminary step in that city's attempt to build one of the first municipal wind turbines in the area.
2 Jan 2010

Wind tower goes up on Winter Island

Workers erected a 164-foot wind test tower yesterday in an open area between two former U.S. Coast Guard buildings, a preliminary step in the city's attempt to build one of the first municipal wind turbines on the North Shore. If the effort is successful, Salem could be producing clean energy from wind power in a few years.
1 Jan 2010

Wind farm would be socially inhumane

As a colonial-rooted Cape Cod native who firmly believes in the sanctity of our maritime heritage, I am writing to ardently express my steadfast support for the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound. Based on sensible logic, data and reasoning, I am also conversely opposed to the controversial Cape Wind project, which seeks to despoil and rob us of the pristine nautical legacy bestowed by our forefathers.
30 Dec 2009

Ashburnham explores wind-power options

Town officials met recently with a consulting group and have scheduled a meeting with another developer to advance a proposal for wind and renewable energy in Ashburnham. ..."We have looked at all the renewable power issues," said Herriott. "We're trying to do solar, trying to do wind, develop renewable energy for the state and the town."
29 Dec 2009

Wellfleet Energy Committee addresses wind turbine concerns

Not everybody in Wellfleet is delighted by the prospect of a 400-foot-high industrial wind turbine being installed at White Crest Beach. That's clear from the questions the Wellfleet Energy Committee has had to answer publicly at its meetings, and personally, by e-mail, to citizens who have raised many inquiries about the financial feasibility of a wind turbine, the impact it will have on the environment and their property values.
24 Dec 2009

Beware turbines' impact on insurance

Residential insurance rates are a valid consideration, and one that ought to be examined, especially by those homeowners who will be directly affected by the turbines, which will include living within the blade throw, ice throw, fire, lightning, environmental spill hazards, etc. of a commercial wind turbine. Since this setback issue is new for the insurance companies, actuaries for the insurance companies will be figuring out the exposure.
24 Dec 2009

Turbines not a North/South issue

My whole presentation was based on safety, safety for everyone. This was not safety for South or North Dartmouth residents only. It was to make this whole town, and any other town that might consider turbines too close to people, aware of the safety issues. These turbines, turbines which have been proven to be unsafe, are unsafe anywhere in town, north, south, east, or west, if too close.
24 Dec 2009

Duxbury selectmen support wind turbine bylaw

The alternative energy committee laid out the next step in its plan to bring a little wind power to town. But at least one resident didn't think they were being ambitious enough. Committee Chairman Frank Duggan told selectmen at Monday night's meeting that having undergone an assessment of potential wind turbine sites, the next step is to seek an $85,000 grant to determine whether the chosen site is feasible.
23 Dec 2009

Florida extends Hoosac Wind permit

The Selectmen granted another two-year extension on Monday, Dec. 7, on the special permit for a controversial wind-power project. A public hearing on the extension for Iberdrola Renewables Inc. of Portland, Ore., developers of the Hoosac Wind Energy project, drew about a dozen residents who questioned Iberdrola representatives about the legal swamp that's stalled the project.
23 Dec 2009
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