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Harwich neighbors oppose wind project

About a dozen residents living near a proposed municipal wind turbine project turned up at the board of selectmen's meeting Monday night to voice their dismay. The project ""Seems like something that was put under the radar," said Sheila Bowen of West Tupelo Drive about the town's plans to erect two, 400-foot tall wind turbines on town land in West Harwich. Special town meeting recently authorized further planning for the project.
4 Dec 2009

Wind turbine plan meets resistance in Wellfleet

Opponents to the town's plan to build a wind turbine on the bluffs above White Crest Beach spoke out at a recent meeting of the National Seashore Advisory Commission. They had strong words for the Wellfleet Energy Commission and pointed questions for Seashore Supt. George Price. The Seashore, an abutter to the town-owned land where the 400-foot turbine will be located, has refrained from making any public statements for or against the project.
30 Nov 2009

Wind turbine plan upsets local officials; Structures would be 500 yards off Salisbury Beach

Hampton officials are concerned and upset, having just learned of a plan that calls for the construction of up to 10 wind turbines less than a quarter mile off Salisbury Beach, threatening the view of Hampton and Seabrook beaches and causing possible nautical hazards to recreational boaters and commercial fishermen. ...Salisbury officials were outraged their input was not sought in the draft plan and only learned of it about a week ago.
29 Nov 2009

Historic designation could change Sound

The debate over whether to build the country's first offshore wind farm in Nantucket Sound is no stranger to challenges. The latest - a bid by the Wampanoag tribes on Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard to have the 560-square-mile Sound declared eligible for the National Register of Historic Places - may top the list. From impacts on fisheries to new requirements for construction along Nantucket Sound, a finding that the Sound is eligible for the register could have wide-ranging effects on development and economic activity, opponents of the move argue.
16 Nov 2009

Nantucket Sound may get new status; Ruling could delay wind farm approval

Massachusetts' top historic preservation officer has dealt a setback to the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm, ruling yesterday that the body of water is eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places because of its cultural significance for two Native American tribes. In a letter released late in the afternoon, Brona Simon, state historic preservation officer, said she believes that Nantucket Sound is so culturally important to two Wampanoag tribes that it should be eligible to be listed on the National Register as a traditional cultural property.
6 Nov 2009

Tribes seek halt to proposed Cape Cod wind farm

The Wampanoag - the tribe that welcomed the Pilgrims in the 17th century and known as "The People of the First Light" - practice sacred rituals requiring an unblocked view of the sunrise. That view won't exist once 130 turbines, each over 400 feet tall, are built in Nantucket Sound, visible to Wampanoag in Mashpee and on Martha's Vineyard. ..."We, the Wampanoag people, who opened our arms and allowed people to come here for religious freedoms, are now being threatened with our religion being taken away for the profits of one single group of investors," Green said.
2 Nov 2009

Sec. Bowles would calm Oceans Act tempest

Ian Bowles, Secretary of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, said Tuesday that the state is prepared to listen to the concerns Islanders have about provisions of the Oceans Act. He said that while Islanders have focused on the designation of areas west of the Vineyard for wind farm development, the state is actively exploring the potential for wind farm development in federal waters well south of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard.
22 Oct 2009

Pioneering wind farm faces another delay, this time over Indian sites

Final approval for Cape Wind is stalled, aggravating developers of the Massachusetts offshore wind project and igniting concerns that the latest roadblock -- over American Indian ceremonies -- could jeopardize other ocean-based energy proposals. ..."There's great concern. It should have been finished months ago," said Mark Rodgers, a spokesman for Cape Wind, noting that the delay is disrupting efforts to arrange construction contracts, line up installation barges and find buyers for the anticipated electricity.
5 Oct 2009

Energy issues concern island

Draft legislation backed by Gov. Deval Patrick has again placed the Vineyard front and center in the statewide push to build large-scale wind farms on land and at sea, sparking some concern here that the rush to adopt clean energy technologies could come at the expense of fishing grounds, scenic views and the Island's unique powers to regulate development through the Martha's Vineyard Commission.
28 Aug 2009

Chasing the wind: Deep-water turbine farms could overshadow near-shore projects like Nantucket Sound's

Could the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm become obsolete before it is even built? ...technological advances in recent years are allowing developers elsewhere to consider building wind turbines farther from shore, where they would be less visible. ...If these and similar projects prove viable, some wind energy specialists and developers say, they could leapfrog closer-to-shore projects like Cape Wind.
20 Jul 2009

Information lacking on wind power

Performing a detailed feasibility study and siting analysis of wind turbine placement atop our Berkshire hills is dependent upon corporate proprietary information which could be purposely withheld (in restraint of trade) for fear that competition could gain an unfair advantage if it were divulged. Such a practice stifles competition from firms performing similar services ...but is particularly injurious to the industry which depends the most on the wise use of our land-based natural resources.
16 Jul 2009

Turbines are a costly blight

Governor Deval Patrick's goal of 2,000 megawatts of wind power by 2020 will achieve very little at great cost, according to the state's own data. Nonetheless, he is seeking from the Legislature an unprecedented set of special privileges to benefit the wind industry. ...The 5 percent of our state's electricity provided by 710 wind turbines in the Berkshires will not slow the rise of coastal sea levels, but it will mean the irretrievable loss of a globally rare landscape.
13 Jul 2009

An ill wind is blowing turbine issue in our state

The governor has declared a goal of 2,000 megawatts (MW) of wind power in Massachusetts by the year 2020, and his staff has commissioned a study showing that over half could be located in the Berkshires. ...It's hard to imagine so many 40-story structures on our mountains, but the state has already mapped them, identifying more than 50 places with enough acreage and estimated wind resources to support from five to 53 industrial wind turbines.
3 Jul 2009

Turbine bill steamrolls towns

Hundreds of industrial wind turbines could be built in the Berkshires under a bill being fast-tracked through the state legislature. The Wind Energy Siting Reform Act establishes an unprecedented process for opening public and private land in the Berkshires to industrial wind development. It allows the state's Energy Facilities Siting Board -- which has never rejected a power plant application -- to override decisions by local zoning boards about the permitting of wind facilities.
22 Jun 2009

Effort to build wind turbines appears in tatters; Backers are short 1 vote on board

Cohasset's first green project under the town's new wind turbine bylaw may soon be dead, after nearly two years of discussion and planning. Planning Board vice chairman Stuart Ivimey said last week he will not vote in favor of a special permit for a pair of commercial wind turbines proposed by a Plymouth company, leaving the project one vote short of approval.
3 May 2009

Wind power changes direction

But this week, neighbors finally had a chance to weigh in on wind power at a meeting of the council’s Planning and Development Committee that was scheduled specifically to take a second look at the Wind Energy Conversion ordinance. Ward 2 City Councilor Greg Earls requested that the committee review regulations in the year-old law. Specifically, councilors are looking at dimensions, siting, density and required notification to neighbors.
4 Apr 2009

Wind turbines will change Cohasset

This project has been sold to the town as a way for our citizens to be "green." The real reason behind this project is to produce as much "green" as possible for CCI Energy. Mr. Paul Barry, the owner of the land where the turbines will be sited said at a recent Planning Board meeting that this project is not about the money. If this is true then I ask that CCI Energy, its lawyers and the special interests that support this outside firm to make arrangements with Cohasset to transfer 100 percent of the revenue that the turbines produce (after expenses) to our town.
27 Mar 2009

Turbine construction could begin in summer

Construction for the wind turbine farm on West Hill could begin this summer if all goes according to plan. At the Selectmen's meeting on Tuesday night, Minuteman Wind LLC president Don McCauley told the board he hopes to begin preparation construction on roads and at the site by this summer or fall and hopes the five 425-foot turbines will be online by mid 2010, putting out 12.5 megawatts of clean electricity.
26 Mar 2009
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