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Winds of opposition build against Harwich turbines

The winds of defiance continue to howl from the neighborhoods that could be in the shadow of two proposed commercial wind turbines. Monday night, about a dozen residents continued their protest of town plans to lease land to Cape and Vineyard Electric Cooperative. The rancor was fortified by news of two turbine failures in Nantucket and Marstons Mills. A broken blade was cast nearly 200 feet at Bartlett's Ocean View Farm on Nantucket in late January.
17 Mar 2010

Turbine plan sparks emotion in Harwich

About a dozen critics of the plan spoke at length, pushing the meeting past 11:15 p.m., and several pleaded with selectmen to abandon the project. Resident Alice Kuntz asked Rick Toma to show the selectmen what the impact of shadow flicker would be like in a home. Toma walked to the light switch and began to turn off half the lights every one second to demonstrate the passing shadow of the turbine blades.
17 Mar 2010

Silverleaf stalling angers residents

NEW ASHFORD -- Local residents had harsh words for representatives from Silverleaf Resorts Inc. Monday night after learning the Dallas-based corporation is holding off for another year on plans to develop the former Brodie Mountain Ski Area into a condominium resort.
17 Mar 2010

Wind project review board to visit Cape next week

A federal panel charged with assessing Cape Wind's impact on dozens of historic sites includes an architect, an anthropologist and a Texan who runs one of the nation's largest beer distributors. Last week, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation identified a five-member Cape Wind review panel, as a final federal ruling on the controversial offshore wind farm appears on the horizon.
15 Mar 2010

Mass. tribes seek separate voice

A group of Wampanoag tribes who say they've been cast aside on issues from the Nantucket Sound wind farm to the future of gaming are breaking away to create a new council to deal with state government. The state-recognized tribes are calling on Gov. Deval Patrick to disband the Massachusetts Commission on Indian Affairs, the current liaison to state tribes.
13 Mar 2010

Crosswinds buffet proposed turbine

Town officials are moving ahead with plans to place a windmill on town land a half-mile from Ocean View Drive. But opponents are organizing ...At the April 26 annual town meeting, voters have an opportunity to renew their support or openly oppose the $5.3 million turbine planned for the woods near White Crest Beach, in the Cape Cod National Seashore.
13 Mar 2010

Height of power; Planning board against taller wind turbines

The Planning Board last night voted unanimously against recommending a change to the city's zoning ordinance that would have allowed wind turbines to be up to 450 feet in height in all zoning districts. Under the provisions of zoning laws adopted by the City Council in January, wind turbines can be up to 265 feet tall, though they can be even higher through a waiver process.
11 Mar 2010

Future Generation project calls for five wind turbines on South Plymouth farmland

The Mann family, local cranberry growers for four generations, is proposing a wind turbine project on its land near Route 25 and Head of the Bay Road. Five wind turbines on 320 acres of farmland in South Plymouth are proposed, and the Manns are inviting neighbors and anyone else interested in the project to the first of three public informational meetings from 7 to 9 p.m. this Thursday, March 4, in the Community Room at the Cedarville Fire Station.
10 Mar 2010

Lynn waterfront wind turbine faces fight to fit in

Economic Development and Industrial Corporation Director James Cowdell said the turbine project will probably be reviewed by the Waterfront Site Plan Review Committee headed by City Council President Timothy Phelan. "We will be looking for how it fits into development of the waterfront: Would it adversely affect future development?" Cowdell said Friday.
8 Mar 2010

Sound objections

Supporters of the wind farm need to honestly ask themselves whether they would like to have 130 huge turbines planted on their favorite public space, whether it be a mountain ridge in Vermont, a canyon in the Southwest, or an ocean vista off Key West. With a footprint larger than Manhattan, with turbines each the size of the Statue of Liberty, this industrial project is out of place in an area that borders marine sanctuaries on all sides. Nantucket Sound is a national treasure and it must be protected at all costs.
7 Mar 2010

Fall River tribe backs wind farm

In a letter sent Wednesday to U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and John Fowler, executive director of the federal Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, Pocasset Wampanoag Chairman George Spring Buffalo questioned contentions that the project's 130 wind turbines would interfere with tribal sunrise ceremonies. "We have asked our elders and they do not know of and have never witnessed a daily ceremony on the waters of Nantucket," Buffalo wrote in the letter.
6 Mar 2010

NStar Green seeks rate hike; Premium for backing renewable energy would rise

About 8,000 NStar customers who pay a premium to ensure that a portion of their electricity is generated by wind could be hit with a rate hike that will increase their monthly bills by as much as 16 percent by next month. NStar this week informed users of its NStar Green program that it has applied for a rate increase for the service with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities because of rapidly changing energy prices.
6 Mar 2010

City airs wind turbine concerns

For the first time in a public meeting, the notion of Newburyport banning wind energy conversion facilities reared its head. Two members of the joint Planning Board and City Council meeting either skirted or stated outright in a public hearing on March 3 that a ban should be considered. The joint hearing, the ninth public meeting about turbines, was called to consider amendments to the current zoning ordinance regulating the installation of wind turbines.
5 Mar 2010

FAA tells Dartmouth to lower height of south turbine by 5 feet

The Federal Aviation Administration has ordered the town to lower the 462-foot south wind turbine by 5 feet, saying its proposed height presents a hazard to aviation from the New Bedford Regional Airport. The federal agency told officials in Dartmouth, which plans to construct two wind turbines on town-owned land off Chase Road, that the maximum allowable height for the south turbine is 457 feet.
5 Mar 2010

Barnstable OKH backed on wind turbine denial

After taking testimony for more than three hours at the West Barnstable fire station March 2, the commissioners all agreed that the Barnstable committee had acted properly in denying the certificate and that it had considered the energy advantages of the project as required by the statute. The recourse remaining for the applicant is an appeal to Barnstable Superior Court.
5 Mar 2010

Tension still churns over proposed Wellfleet wind turbine

Voters won't be asked to approve the proposed 400-foot wind turbine at the upcoming Annual Town Meeting. But the turbine issue is far from dead. That was evident Tuesday when more than 125 people filled the senior center, many forced to stand along the walls as four speakers talked about the proposed Wellfleet turbine, in particular, and the turbines operated by the towns of Brewster, Harwich and Falmouth.
4 Mar 2010

College turbine plans denied, again

Cape Cod Community College is considering another appeal to try to get plans for a wind turbine approved. On Tuesday, the regional Old King's Highway Historic District Commission denied the college's request to overturn the Barnstable Old King's Highway decision denying approval. The college had started construction of a 245-foot, 600 Kwh wind turbine on the northwest side of campus.
3 Mar 2010

Cape college fails to clear wind turbine hurdle

Historic preservation, 5, Cape Cod Community College wind turbine, 0. Following more than four hours of passionate debate and deliberation, the Old King's Highway Regional Historic District Commission voted 5-0 yesterday to uphold a denial of the college's plan to build a 243-foot-tall turbine on its West Barnstable campus.
3 Mar 2010

Proposed Harwich turbines may be moved

Barry Worth, chairman of Harwich Utility and Energy Conservation Commission, told the Oracle that the consulting engineering firm Weston and Sampson has been asked to study whether the turbines could be relocated farther away from inhabited areas such as West Tupelo Drive, Birch Road and Headwaters Road. Some residents in those neighborhoods have balked at the town placing turbines at locations they say are too close to private properties.
3 Mar 2010
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