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NStar/Northeast Utilities merger under scrutiny

"The one-time merger credit is inadequate in the context of the savings," said Robert Rio of The Energy Consortium, a group of large industrial and commercial energy users. The base-rate freeze is not a freeze at all, Rio said, adding later that the utility will be able to continue to add certain expenses, such as pension costs, to customers' bills.
22 Mar 2012

Little wind farm eyes big deal

McCauley, in a recent letter to the Department of Public Utilities, said the settlement "unfairly places the interests of one project developer before the interests of others" seeking deals with utilities. The DPU has scheduled a hearing Wednesday to review the settlement.
19 Mar 2012

Turbine done in by Quincy foes

"While there was some support [for the turbine], there wasn't enough, and the opposition to it was clearly building around the neighborhood,'' he said. "With these types of projects, you need to have a level of community support that everyone is comfortable with, and clearly that just wasn't there.''
8 Mar 2012

Gov. Patrick's wind energy subsidies are a risky bet

Locking in prices is supposedly desirable because it will protect NStar customers from price volatility. Yet we are in the midst of a natural gas boom that promises to revolutionize America's energy picture. Natural gas prices have plummeted from near $5 per MMbtu last summer to around $2.60 per MMbtu. According to the EIA, the energy equivalent of $3 natural gas is $18 oil. If our current prices are high, why would we want to lock them in?
3 Mar 2012

Dennis shellfish hatchery drops turbine suit

To the relief of some neighbors, a shellfish hatchery is dropping plans to install a wind turbine near Chapin Memorial Beach. ..."Wind turbines shouldn't be put in neighborhoods," Austin said. "None of us bear any ill will toward ARC. Industrial turbines should go in industrial areas."
1 Mar 2012

Important fishing ground removed from wind farm area

Global wind farm developer Windlab's general manager, Nathan Steggel, said the government's planning laws had gone too far and the company was moving staff to its Canberra head office. The new area under consideration “now includes more than 164,000 acres of federal water southwest of Nomans Land between Martha's Vineyard and Block Island.” While many state officials from Rhode Island and Massachusetts praised the revised plan, the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah) is questioning whether the area still comes too close to what the tribe has considered sacred views for centuries.
25 Feb 2012

Moon Island turbine plan is toppled

"Clearly, the evidence is starting to show the negative impacts of installing commercial wind turbines too close to residences ...Many cities and towns across the country are now involved in expensive litigation and are being forced to shut down these facilities.
24 Feb 2012

Another setback for wind power; Turbines, trimmed from 8 to 2, shot down

In the latest example of how alternative-energy projects are meeting with resistance, Bog Wind failed to win the support of the Wareham Zoning Board of Appeals. After seven public hearings over 16 months, the board unanimously denied a special permit for the two turbines requested by Beaufort Windpower on bogs off Charge Pond Road. Beaufort has until early next month to appeal the decision, filed Feb. 15.
23 Feb 2012

Turbine opponents file open meeting law complaint

The complainants allege that police officers prevented some people from entering a meeting because the room was full but say they have video showing empty seats. "I feel we have answered all of the accusations. The police chief interviewed the four officers and they all said it never happened," Silvia said.
17 Feb 2012

Bourne wind project voted down

ter two years and thousands of pages of public testimony, the Cape Cod Commission voted Thursday to deny without prejudice a four-turbine wind project proposed for Bournedale. ...The county regulatory board spent three hours Thursday discussing the project in front of a packed house.
17 Feb 2012
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